EXCLUSIVE: Bagley's Connecting "Fantastic Four" #1 & "FF" #1 Variants

Mon, August 13th, 2012 at 8:58am PDT

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Steve Sunu, Staff Writer/Reviews Editor

Last week, Marvel Comics revealed the creative lineups for a number of its upcoming titles for the Marvel NOW! publishing initiative, announcing Matt Fraction will team up with Mark Bagley for "Fantastic Four" #1 and Mike Allred for "FF" #1 post-"AvX." In anticipation of the relaunch of Marvel's first family, the publisher had provided CBR with an exclusive first look at Mark Bagley's connecting covers for the inaugural issues of "Fantastic Four" and "FF."

"It's the first family, and we're putting family first," Matt Fraction said last week. "It's very easy to say, 'I want to stay true to what Stan and Jack did.' Well, what Stan and Jack did was invent the entirety of the Marvel Universe in 104 issues...This is the place to be wildly inventive, and I would like to put as many things down on the page as humanly possible and offer up another dose next issue."

Check out Bagley's depictions of Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Human Torch, The Thing, Medusa, Ant Man, She-Hulk and Miss Thing below -- and stay tuned for more on "Fantastic Four" and "FF."

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