EXCLUSIVE: Hopeless & Larroca Are "Wanted" For Marvel NOW!

Fri, September 7th, 2012 at 8:58am PDT

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Steve Sunu, Staff Writer/Reviews Editor

Marvel Comics wraps up a full week of teasers for the second round of Marvel NOW! titles that began with Dustin Weaver's interlocking "Avengers" covers depicting Jonathan Hickman's roster for Earth's Mightiest Heroes in a post-"AvX" world. Weaver's covers were followed by two traditional Marvel NOW! one-word teasers revealing Daniel Way and Steve Dillon above a targeted "Lightning" and Dennis Hopeless and Kev Walker above a blood-spattered "Survive."

Marvel has provided CBR with an exclusive one-word teaser image with the creative team Dennis Hopeless and Salvador Larroca over the word "Wanted." Much like Hopeless' previous Marvel NOW! teaser ("Survive"), it's difficult to guess exactly what the content of this book could be. It seems likely that the creative team will deal with some kind of secret organization, but whether that organization is an established group of clandestine outlaws -- like "Secret Avengers" or a revival of "Secret Warriors" -- or brand new for a post-"AvX" Marvel U remains to be seen. No doubt more details on who is "Wanted" will surface by the conclusion of "Avengers Vs. X-Men" later this month.

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