PHOTO PARADE: Stan Lee's Comikaze Expo 2012

Wed, September 19th, 2012 at 5:58am PDT

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Jonah Weiland, Founder/Former Owner

Last weekend, Stan Lee's Comikaze Expo took over the Los Angeles Convention Center, and as expected, the fans turned out for a weekend of panels, presentations and, of course, cosplay. With the event now but a fond memory of those who attended, CBR presents the 2012 Comikaze Photo Parade -- photos by Caitlin Holland, commentary and gentle ribbing courtesy of CBR Executive Producer, Jonah "What Do You Mean, My Red Sonja Costume Disturbs You?'" Weiland!

I'm told, "Incredible Samus cosplay." I've no idea what a Samus is, but I'm sure it's rad.Hello Kitty/R2-D2 mash-up - Fun!
HawkeyeAdventure Time Homer
These chalk graffiti urban art figures are becoming a convention standardStar Trek meets '90s X-Men
Lord Dark Helmet!Anime Supergirl, Catwoman and a Tardis
That's not scary or creepy. No, not at all.Cassandra Cain Batgirl and Alfred
I'm in a nice mood today, so let's just say a very questionable Sonic the Hedgehog.Lockheed & Kitty
Hick anime?Poison Ivy and Lola Bunny
Asian Star Wars Elvis - Awesome!Disney princesses
Quiddich, or just another Saturday night in Los Angeles.PowerGirl rarely disappoints
Adventure Time cosplayThe force is strong in this one!
Steampunk pin-up - amazing and gorgeous. Nicely done.She looks pissed and has some sort of rainbow arrows - stay out of her way!
Not a clue!Tintin!
WomagnetoBlack Cat
Dr. Venture is cool as iceUhhhhhhhh ...
Scrawny Cap with Lady Thor and Lady Loki.Wolvie.
That's just freaky and reminds me of this very effective Venom body paint we featured last weekFantastic Lego Deadpool
MAKE UP! Poison Ivy gets a touch up.Wonderful Shazam Family Portrait!
We're still dressing up as Xena? OK, I won't complain.The height of sexy nerd couture - seriously rad!
Just Wow!It's a love connection, people!
Steampunk DC Heroes - fantastic!Is this a Bat-Mite Kermie?
Super Gonzo!Lady Predator
Uhhhh...Lou Ferrigno
Nice X-Group Shot!Amazing Sandman
Something Anime. Something I don't watch. Something I'm gonna ignore.Excellent Lady Joker. Or if you combine
the two she's a Laker. Wait, no, that's no good. A Jady? Nope. Hrmmm...
V with an excellent Riker (Hey Bill!)Harley and the Laker, I mean Jady ... oh forget it.
Dudes as Ladies. Dudies?Fun Mario World Stuffs!
One very frightening Deadpool/Phoenix mashup.The Doctor
No clue. I mean, I sorta have a clue but the next photo is so good I should just move on.Double the Vengeance of Bane - love it!

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