NYCC Friday Photo Parade - Bring On the Cosplayers

Thu, October 18th, 2012 at 1:58pm PDT | Updated: October 18th, 2012 at 2:14pm

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Jonah Weiland, Founder/Former Owner

If there's one thing New York City-based comic book and anime fans proved last weekend that they excel at, it's the cosplay. Those experts descended en masse on New York Comic Con at the Jacob Javits Center, and CBR photog Pete Labrozzi was on hand to capture them by the dozens!

Below, check out the best of Friday's fandom while Jonah "Can't Avoid the Con Crud" Weiland chimes in with comments, compliments and well-intentioned snark.

Fantastic female Loki costume.Not sure what she's dressed as, but that's one hell of a costume!
Willfred! Or some weird furry thing I don't want to know about.Kabuki warriors? Whatever it is, nice. Some great costumes thus far.
Batman and CatwomanThe Riddler looks a bit perplexed.
Lovely '40s era Marvel costumes.Disturbingly sexy Thor & Loki - I need to call my therapist, stat.
GambitCardboard box Deadpool - love it! Wow, some really good costumes.
Wait, what was I just saying about good costumes? You've let me down Arkham City Robin.Nick Fury & tessaract
ZatannaA papier mache zombie loses a bit of its effect.
The family that Thor's together, stays together. Love this.No clue.
Breaking Bad - easy costume, but I kinda love it.Halo
Poison Ivy. I may be in love. Fantastic and beautiful!Avatar the Last Airbender cosplay group
GhostbustersArkham Harley Quinn
McFly!!!! And in character, too! Nice!She-Hawkeye & Kid Loki
Street FighterI dunno -- some guy from Jersey Shore with a hat? Please tell me no one ever cosplays as the Jersey Shore.
PikachuNo clue, but fun!
Adventure Time!!Rogue
Supermen & Wonder WomanLoki and Sif
NightwingDunno, but I'm actually surprised by how little there is to be snarky about. These are some great costumes!
Some Deadpools and a corporate looking Hulk.I really don't know my anime at all.
Tank Girl - fantastic!Wait, is it Saturday night at Midnight? Frank N Furters
Ramona FlowersGolden Age Sandman - probably my favorite of the bunch (I'm biased - "Sandman Mystery Theatre" is one of my all time favs.)
Doctor WhoBlack Cat & Spidey
Anime. Bah.Darth Maul - I admire the work put in to this, but this one's a no starter for me.
Double Dare cosplay!Mad Hatter
Something.Lesser Something.
Faceless Joker & co. - talk about timely!Sam Axe!!
Barf the Mawg from "Spaceballs" - that's unexpected!Tony Stark and mask - weak sauce, dude.
Fantastic Ivy & HarleyJay and Silent Bob
Spider Girl takes refuge in Loki's furs - that is some Loki costume!Amazing Spidey pic
Black WidowYoung Cosplayers in Love
Seriously, this is one of the best groups of cosplayers I've seen come out of any convention.
Congrats to everyone on a job well done!

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