NYCC Saturday Photo Parade - Deadpool, Harley and Marty McFly

Sat, October 20th, 2012 at 8:41am PDT

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Jonah Weiland, Founder/Former Owner

Throughout the entire weekend, con-goers poured in and out of the Jacob Javits Center, with the cosplayers proving as fascinatingly interesting as anything on the New York Comic Con floor. Luckily for us, CBR photog Pete Labrozzi was on hand to capture them by the dozens hundreds!!

We went through Friday's best of the best earlier in the week, and today we present the cream of Saturday's costumed crop while Jonah "Can't Stop Believin'" Weiland chimes in with comments, compliments and well-intentioned snark.

OK, here's something I actually don't understand about Cosplaying -- does dragging around a giant sword all day get old? I get the appeal of cosplaying, but the accessories are killer!Pretty fantastic Scarecrow - showing off his crazy eyes!
LovelyClassic Vigilante! Pretty certain this is the first time we've seen this at a convention.
Doctor HorribleClearly it's Grimes from the TWD TV show and not the comic - the clue is in his hands!
Photojournalist SpideyKiller Green Goblin
The MonarchRobin
Click this photo and get ready to go "Awwwww." Adorable.Gender-swapped Cap & Bucky - gotta say these gender swapped costumes we've been seeing are often more succesful than the non-gender swapped costumes.
Russell from "Up" - gotta be honest, seeing grown adults dress up like this sorta creeps me out.No idea, but wow.
Cobra Commander needs love!Cap
Harley & Mr. JCorporate Vader - Vader head plus black suit does not a costume make. You just look like any other jackass on Wall St.! See what I did there?
MagnetoNot sure, but wowzers. Great costume, great look.
Green Hornet & Katos - idea, gender swapped Katos would kick butt!Scariest costume of the weekend - click to embiggen at your own peril.
Batman, Catwoman and a Nightwing that needs to eat a salad.Gender swapped Thor - see what I'm saying? Often better than the original version!
No clue, but great costumes.This is a real costume and every time I saw this guy he attracted a crowd -- which considering how tight the halls and aisles are at the show, that's not necessarily a good thing.
X-MenShe-Cap and Loki
Corporate Vader is definitely helped by Sexy Stormtroopers.Mister Freeze - it must suck if this guy has to sneeze.
WTH? Warning, sharp edges!Not a clue.
Again, not a clue, but woah mama!Neverending Story Cosplay? Wow, costumers are really pulling from deep now.
There's something about a pink haired girl with a gun that makes me go, "Don't hurt me."Nice shot, Pete!
Ash, coming strappedX-23
HawkmanRobin and Huntress
MST3KShiny Aquaman
Hello Kitty GhostbusterOld school Bane and kinda crappy Batman
I got nothing.Why does Batman look so stern? Dude, you're standing next to Wonder Woman - you could be standing next to Bane. Get over it!
Doctor Who cosplaySinger-style X-Men - love this.
Uhhhhhh...Deadpool Batman - now that's winning!
Skeletor macking on the SorceressI guess this is what you'd call a Sexy Predator. Or the nightmare I had two nights after after 15 shots of Tequila.
Marty and DocBFFs
Tron - and old school Tron at that. Love it!Young Justice cosplay
Dunno.Hands down my favorite of this bunch. WOWZERS. Hi. Hello. Let's be friends.
Grown-up AshDisney Princesses
Poison Ivy and Mister FreezeAvatar the Last Airbender cosplay troupe

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