CBR's 2012 Long Beach Comic & Horror Show Photo Parade, Part 2

Wed, November 7th, 2012 at 10:58am PST | Updated: November 7th, 2012 at 11:20am

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Last weekend saw the annual Long Beach Comics and Horror Show return for its fourth year, and southern California fans turned out in droves to celebrate their favorite past times: comics, horror flicks and cosplaying as characters from both! Photographer Caitlin Holland already shared her pictures from Saturday, and now we present her Sunday photos while CBR Producer Jonah "Did Something Happen Last Night?" Weiland provides commentary.

Spider-WomanFemale Predator
Richard Starkings' convention secretYuna from Final Fantasy X-2 and Snake Eyes
Chibi Marvel character piñatas - I want the Daredevil one bad! Awesome.Fluttershy of My Little Pony
RiddlerNot sure what this is, but it's impressive
Pokemon's Team Rocket meets Resident EvilAmazing zombies…or some sort of Two-Face cosplay
The first Doctor Who/MLB mash-up?I've no clue, but wow!
Street Fighter meets TMNTMs. Marvel and DDOM!
Viewtiful Joe!A suitably serious Raven
Mortal Kombat/Star Trek crossoverFionna and Cake from Adventure Time
Baby Batman and Joker momCasey Jones and Uncharted's Nathan Drake
Family Guy Star Wars cosplayNightcrawler & Gambit (he's there in the full sized image!)
More roller derbyJedi
Another unicornRed Hood - I've seen plenty of uncomfortable looking helmets before, but this looks unbearable!
NightwingClassic Wonder Girl - fantastic!
Gender bending Daryl Dixon from Walking DeadWolverine and the Bat-villains
Cap, diving for comicsRogue
Gender bending Adventure TimeRed Skull
Female Indiana JonesStatic Shock
Homestuck TrollsThe Baronness
Female Doctor WhoStar Wars custom car

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