Man of Steel, Zombieland, The Walking Dead: January 22nd Comic Reel

Tue, January 22nd, 2013 at 8:30am PST

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt spoke with MTV and addressed the rampant rumor that he has a cameo in Zack Snyder's "Man of Steel" as the new Batman.

"I hadn't heard that one," Gordon-Levitt told MTV. "It just goes to show how much you can believe rumors. I don't think you should believe in any of them," he said. "If there's something I'm going to be in, I'm going to tell you about it."

There you go. Rumor debunked for now.

Opens June 14


Spinoff Online reports has a "Zombieland" television series in development for its instant video service. Original "Zombieland" producer Gavin Polone is still involved with the half-hour comedy series. A cast list has surfaced indicating the series would focus on the four characters from the film: Tallahassee, Columbus, Wichita and Little Rock.


A new teaser trailer for the midseason premiere of "The Walking Dead" has surfaced online with some new footage of what Rick and his group of survivors are in for when the series returns to AMC next month.

Midseason premiere airs Sunday, February 10 on AMC


Comic Book Movie has posted a round-up of footage from reshoots of "Iron Man 3" in Hollywood and Highland. No appearances by actors in the footage, it's strictly cars and explosions.

Opens May 3


Universal has released a new trailer for Joseph Kosinski's "Oblivion," starring Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman and based on the Radical Comic of the same name.

Opens April 19


Did you know Brooke Shields played Wonder Woman while at Princeton? Recent pictures posted by the school's McCarter Theatre Center show Shields as Wonder Woman in The Princeton Triangle Club's 1986 production of "Star Spangled Banner."

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