EXCLUSIVE: Chris Brunner Covers "Winter Soldier" #17

Fri, January 25th, 2013 at 8:58am PST

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Kiel Phegley, Staff Writer

Since the announcement that he would take over "Winter Soldier" from co-creator Ed Brubaker, writer Jason Latour has been talking about his plans for carrying the spy action forward in the Marvel Comics series. And that tone will continue on the visual side as well as the story side.

Aside from teaming with artist Nic Klein on the monthly comic, Latour is welcoming his "Loose Ends" collaborator Chris Brunner to the series for a new cover to March's issue #17. Comic Book Resources got an exclusive first look at the image which presents a classic espionage take on Bucky Barnes.

As the writer told CBR Columnist Timothy Callahan earlier this month, "The big question I want to ask is: what will it take for Bucky to move forward? Is that even possible? As we've seen, there were a lot of ugly things waiting in the shadows that he should have addressed and now those things have destroyed a significant part of his life. In the aftermath he's going to find himself left with an overwhelming urge to do whatever it takes to prevent his sins from ever hurting someone else again. To get out ahead of this thing, and look his past in the eye."

"Winter Soldier" #17 ships on March 3 from Marvel Comics.

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