Giffen Rumored To Have Departed "Legion of Super-Heroes"

Fri, January 25th, 2013 at 12:55pm PST

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Steve Sunu, Staff Writer/Reviews Editor

Keith Giffen is rumored to be leaving "Legion of Super-Heroes" after two issues as penciler.

While "Legion of Super-Heroes" fans were excited to see Keith Giffen return to the DC Comics' team of the future as ongoing artist, it may not be for very long. A rumor reported by Bleeding Cool states artist Keith Giffen will leave "Legion of Super-Heroes" following issue #18 in March, despite currently being solicited as the artist for April's "Legion of Super Heroes" #19. While it is posited that Giffen will no longer serve as the series artist, the source declined to give any further details on Giffen's replacement or the circumstances leading to his departure.

Both DC Comics and Keith Giffen declined to comment when contacted by CBR.

Giffen's first issue of "Legion of Super-Heroes" hits in March, and reunited the artist with "Legion" writer Paul Levitz. DC announced Giffen as ongoing penciler in November, with Levitz expressing excitement at getting to work with the artist again.

"Working with Keith is as exciting as reading his work," Levitz told CBR News at the time of the announcement. "We'll be back to changing the technology of the future, the lives (and deaths) of Legionnaires, and connecting to wonderfully obscure pieces of DC mythology. Buckle's a wild ride."

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