ECCC 2013 Photo Parade

Wed, March 6th, 2013 at 5:58am PST

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The 2013 Emerald City Comic Con has come and gone, and in addition to CBR's coverage of the show's panels, creator interviews and publisher announcements, it's time for our traditional photo parade shining the spotlight on the various fans, cosplayers and talent who made the event the success it was. As always, Jonah "DIET COKE!" Weiland provides the good-natured commentary for the pic, provided by CBR contributors Ryan Ingram and George A Tramountanas.

Photos by George A. Tramountanas

Darth Vader and sexy StormtrooperDr. Who and Tardis cosplay
Brian StelfreezeSkottie Young
"The Oatmeal" creator Matthew Inman"Hero Bear" creator Mike Kunkel
LEGO Hit-Girl and Kick-AssLEGO Hogwarts, composed of over 400K pieces!
Ryan Sohmer of "The Gutters"Dan DiDio and Gross Guy, aka Manoli P. Tramountanas (that's George's son!).
Gross Guy and a female cosplayerGalactus
Adventure Time with Finn, Fionna and Gross Guy!Kinda disturbing "The Fifth Element" cosplay. Wait, no, not kinda, it's disturbing.
Batman and the Catwimmenz! Oh, man, that's a great name for a new title! Right? Hello? Hawkeye and Black Widow

Photos by Ryan Ingram

SkeletorNightcrawler and Azazel
Female Thor and Loki.Shockwave
X-Men cosplay including a less than enthused looking Archangel. Although, truth be told, when does Archangel not look less than enthused?

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