Superman, Black Widow, El Muerto, Fantastic Four: January 19th Comic Reel Wrap

Wed, January 19th, 2005 at 12:00am PST

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Hannibal Tabu, Columnist


Actor Hugh Laurie seems excited about being cast as Perry White ...

despite having little idea what that will entail. He spoke to Now Playing Magazine about how secretive the

suits at Warner were about the production. "I have to read it in a

room with an armed security guard," he says. "They're terrified.

These things get on the Internet." "'Goddamn it, Clark. Where were

you?' will be my life," Laurie theorized. "That's all I know. You

know as much as I do now."


Comics Continuum talked to screenwriter David

Hayter, who said that the Black Widow movie should go into production

this year. "I am handing in my script for Black Widow to Lion's Gate

this month, and understand that they want to get into production

right away," Hayter said. "I am directing this one." Hayter also

had a hand in the latest draft of the "Iron Man" script, now

featuring Nick Cassavetes as director, and Paul Greengrass is set to

direct Hayter's script for "Watchmen."



TV actor Wilmer Valderrama spoke with Now Playing Magazine about taking on the title

role in the independent comic-book adaptation. Valderrama describes

the project as "The Crow meets Desperado meets Spawn" and said it's

unlike anything he's ever done before. "It's an odd choice for me,

but I love making those," he said. "It's presented in such an odd,

hardcore, rad way. It's very Robert Rodriguez. It's very, very hard.

It's a beautiful story told through the eyes of this young guy who's

sacrificed in the name of the Aztec gods and he comes back to be a

weapon for them. And he rebels against them and asks all these

questions about religion. It has a lot of soul and it deals a lot

with religion and it deals a lot with love. It's all of these

mixtures plus a lot of heart. It's very simple, but it's more

performance-based than action-packed."


The film's official website has launched with a Flash-based

interface, photos and various downloads. The film's trailer has been

posted at Apple Computer in glorious QuickTime.


Kryptonsite weighs in with a bunch of updates today, including a new

photo showing characters Lex Luthor and Genevieve

Teague sharing a drink. They also have a scan from a recent issue of TV Guide, showing

Clarkt checking out a new pet. They also have excerpts from an interview with Kyle Gallner, the

actor who played Bart Allen on the series, who shared what he hoped

Clark would get out of the encounter. "I think Bart helps Clark

out," Gallner said. "In the sense that he accepts his powers. He goes

with it, and doesn't think that they are a curse. Clark always seems

to think that they are a problem, and I kind of told him to lighten

up a bit!"

The site also notes that "playing brothers Zack and Josh Greenfield

will be Nolan Funk and Diego Klattenhoff, respectively."

Finally, at both Kryptonsite and Devoted to Smallville, there's spoilers galore

for the season's sixteenth episode, "Lucy."


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