"The Walking Dead" Prepaid Visa is Zombie Apocalypse-Ready

Thu, June 13th, 2013 at 11:20am PDT

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Skybound, Robert Kirkman's imprint at Image Comics, announced a strategic partnership today with Card.com, the prepaid debit card provider, to bring The Walking Dead Visa Prepaid Card to the U.S. market available today.

Robert Kirkman, creator and writer of the Eisner Award-winning The Walking Dead comic book series and graphic novels, invites you to pay for your purchases with CARD.com's  new The Walking Dead card featuring art from series' artist Charlie Adlard. Now you can personalize your purchases while showing your love of Rick Grimes and company. CARD.com created a fair, fashionable and fun modern alternative to traditional banks which can be used everywhere Visa is accepted. The growing trend in prepaid cards has been embraced by leading financial institutions from Chase to American Express and top retailers from Walmart to 7-Eleven. These bank-issued, fraud-protected, FDIC-insured debit cards provide a user-friendly online banking experience. With CARD.com’s 55,000 fee-free ATMs, free direct deposit and free check deposit via the company’s mobile app, switching to this prepaid debit Visa card won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

“Having The Walking Dead art on these credit cards will be an exciting way for fans to incorporate the series' art into their daily lives," said Kirkman.

Fans will instantly recognize scenes of Rick on horseback approaching a walker-infested Atlanta or Michonne brandishing her katana. Fans may also choose a gathering of Rick, Michonne, Andrea, Abraham and Morgan all together -- as walkers.

“This partnership gives fans of the iconic graphic novel an entirely new way to engage with and represent The Walking Dead every time they use their card. Our aim is to bring an easy-to-use and affordable banking experience that reflects the passions of our Members,” said CEO and co-founder of Card.com, Ben Katz.

The Walking Dead prepaid card can be used everywhere Visa is accepted, it’s 100% FDIC insured and offers fully-featured online banking experience with fraud liability, bill pay, cash transfers, and transaction history -- just like traditional branch banking but without overdraft or late fees. Coming soon, a mobile app will be available mid-June for both iOS and Android, which will allow cardholders to manage their money on-the-go, whether they’re in their favorite comic book store, Atlanta, Woodbury or a new safe zone.

Users can sign up for The Walking Dead prepaid card at card.com/thewalkingdead

About Robert Kirkman
Robert Kirkman's success and passionate advocacy for creator-owned comics led him to become the first person invited to become a partner at Image Comics since the company's inception twenty-one years ago. Kirkman is the creator/writer of the Eisner Award-winning The Walking Dead, long-running Invincible, all-ages Super Dinosaur and Thief of Thieves. In 2010, Kirkman formed his own Image imprint, Skybound, which publishes his own work and Clone, Ghosted, Invincible Universe and Witch Doctor. Kirkman has earned the respect of the comic, writing and television communities and topped the New York Times bestseller list for graphic novels in 2011 and 2012. In April 2012, he took the top five spots on both the hardcover and paperback lists. He's the creator/executive producer and writer of the hit Emmy®-winning television show, AMC's The Walking Dead, the highest-rated basic cable drama of all time in the U.S, also an international success in 122 countries and 37 languages. Your destinations for all news and merchandise from Robert Kirkman, The Walking Dead and all Skybound titles are www.Skybound.com and www.TheWalkingDead.com

About Skybound
Skybound is Robert Kirkman's imprint at Image Comics and home to his creator-owned works including his Eisner Award-winning comic book series, The Walking Dead, long-running Invincible, all-ages Super Dinosaur and Thief of Thieves. Skybound also develops and fosters other talented writers, creators and artists and publishes their comic book series and graphic novels: Clone, Ghosted, Invincible Universe and Witch Doctor. Since its inception, Skybound has created television shows, merchandise, games (The Walking Dead: Assault iOS app), and entertainment events (The Walking Dead Escape). Skybound's successes include the comic behind the hit Emmy®-winning television show, AMC's The Walking Dead, the highest-rated basic cable drama of all time in the U.S., where Kirkman serves as Executive Producer/writer. Kirkman is also developing a new show with FOX International Channels based on his upcoming comic book series set in the world of exorcism. Skybound/Kirkman frequently top the hardcover and paperback bestseller lists. Your destinations for all news and merchandise from Robert Kirkman, The Walking Dead and all Skybound titles are www.Skybound.com and www.TheWalkingDead.com

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About Card.com
CARD.com is on a mission to make prepaid cards simple and fun. We’re revamping personal finance with the aim of creating financial products that speak to the passions of consumers while providing a banking alternative that fits seamlessly into today’s mobile lifestyles. CARD Corporation's Board of Advisors include QED Investors' Nigel Morris (co-founder of Capital One), Sandy Grushow (past Chairman of Fox Television), and Raja Doddala (New Business Ventures at 7-Eleven).

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