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Dark Horse has provided CBR News with covers and solicit information for products shipping October 2013. When you're through checking out these solicitations, be sure to visit CBR's Indie Comics Forum and discuss these Dark Horse releases with fellow readers.

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“There is only one word in the English language that can properly relay the masterpiece that is Abe Sapien: Dark and Terrible: WOW.” –Bloody Disgusting
Abe Sapien #6
Mike Mignola (W), Scott Allie (W), Sebastián Fiumara (A), Dave Stewart (C), and Max Fiumara
On sale Oct 9
FC, 32 pages
Abe uncovers connections between the hell on earth he and the B.P.R.D. are experiencing, and blood-soaked Mayan legends of the origins of man and the end of the world.
• Picks up directly from Abe Sapien: Dark and Terrible and The New Race of Man.
• New ongoing series!

On the run at the End of the World!
Abe Sapien Volume 3: Dark &Terrible &the New Race of Man TP
Mike Mignola (W/Cover), Scott Allie (W), John Arcudi (W), Sebastian Fiumara (A), Max Fiumara (A), and Dave Stewart (C)
On sale Dec 11
FC, 144 pages
TP, 7” x 10”
On the run from the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense, a mutated Abe Sapien faces horrifying monsters, desperate madmen, and cities in ruin, on his quest to reveal his own role in the end of the world. Collects Abe Sapien #1–#5.
• The beginning of the new ongoing series!
“Fiumara’s art is gorgeous.”—Comic Book Resources

The Art of Tara McPherson Limited Edition Box Set
Tara McPherson (W/A)
On sale Oct 16
FC, 336 pages
Ltd. Ed. Set, 8 1/2" x 11”
Artist Tara McPherson has set the world of pop surrealism on its head with her striking works in paint, print, and sculpture. Now Tara’s work is showcased in an ultra-exclusive, limited-edition boxed set, featuring all three Dark Horse Books collections of her stunning oeuvre: Lonely Heart, Lost Constellations, and Bunny in the Moon. Each volume features alternate cover designs, shelved in a stunning magnetic-seal case that folds out to reveal a limited-edition silkscreen print created for this offering, signed and numbered by the artist.
• Limited to 200 sets.
“The crown princess of poster art.” —Elle

Astounding Villain House
Shannon Wheeler (W/A/Cover)
On sale Oct 30
FC, 32 pages
From the mind of Best Humor Publication Eisner winner Shannon Wheeler come four hysterical tales of failed bank robberies, bad dates, doomed team-ups, and ruined empires! Introducing a new cast of lovable loser supervillains, Wheeler reveals what evil—and laugh-out-loud pathos—lurks within the walls of the Villain House! Collecting all four hilarious stories from Dark Horse Presents!
• Too Much Coffee Man creator Shannon Wheeler!
• The funniest superhero comic on the stands!
• For fans of Milk and Cheese, The Goon, and Marvel’s Strange Tales!

#1 for $1 Baltimore: The Plague Ships
Mike Mignola (W/Cover), Christopher Golden (W), Ben Stenbeck (A) and Dave Stewart (C)
On sale Oct 30
FC, 32 pages
In time for the third hardcover collection, the very first issue of Baltimore is back in print—for $1! Months after a devastating plague ends World War I, Europe is suddenly flooded with deadly vampires. Lord Henry Baltimore, a soldier determined to wipe out the monsters, is on the hunt for the creature responsible for this chaos—and his own personal tragedy.
• First issue. value priced at $1!

From Hellboy creator Mike Mignola!
Baltimore: The Infernal Train #2 (of 3)
Mike Mignola (W), Christopher Golden (W), Ben Stenbeck (A/Cover), and Dave Stewart (C)
On sale Oct 16
FC, 32 pages
When Baltimore and Duvic find themselves fighting side by side against a plague of vampires, our hero is captured and taken to a weird ritual where a witch plans to feed him to the ancient undead.
“(Baltimore) does what many modern horror comics attempt to do and fail at, it brings a sense of wonder.”–Comic Book Resources

Mainstream meets the Underground in Comix Book!
Various (W/A)
On sale Dec 11
b&w/FC, 184 pages
HC, 9” x 12”
In 1974, Marvel publisher Stan Lee and underground pioneer Denis Kitchen collaborated on a series: Comix Book. Featuring underground comix by Joel Beck, Kim Deitch, Justin Green,Trina, Art Spiegelman (first national appearance of Maus), Skip Williamson, and S. Clay Wilson. This Best Of collects them all! Introduction by Stan Lee.
In 1974, Marvel publisher Stan Lee and underground pioneer Denis Kitchen collaborated on a series: Comix Book. Featuring underground comix by Joel Beck, Kim Deitch, Justin Green, Trina Robbins, Art Spiegelman (first national appearance of Maus), Skip Williamson, and S. Clay Wilson, this best-of collects them all! Introduction by Stan Lee.
• Hardcover collection reprinting the best of the 1970s series Comix Book!
• Introduction by the legendary Stan Lee and foreword by underground pioneer Denis Kitchen!

The long-awaited return of Dan Jolley’s Bloodhound!
Bloodhound: Crowbar Medicine #1 (of 5)
Dan Jolley (W), Leonard Kirk (A/Cover), Robin Riggs (I), Moose Baumann (C), and Cully Hamner (Variant cover)
On sale Oct 16
b&w, 32 pages
Travis Clevenger may not have superpowers, but he can put a beatdown on anyone who does! Consulting with the FBI in exchange for release from prison, Clev is getting his life together when a rogue superhuman’s destructive rampage and a scientist’s response shock the nation, leading to Clev’s biggest case yet!
• From Dan Jolley (Prototype 2) and Leonard Kirk (X-Factor)!
• Variant cover by co-creator of Red, Cully Hamner!

From the pages of Hellboy!
Mike Mignola (W), John Arcudi (W), Tyler Crook (A), Dave Stewart (C), and Rafael Albuquerque (Cover)
On sale Oct 16
FC, 32 pages
As Liz flees the monster-filled hospital, her conscience kicks in and she thinks of everyone she left behind at the mercy of the mad doctor. She has to return to save them, but what can she do when she remains powerless? Can she find the fire again?
• Cover by Rafael Albuquerque (American Vampire)!
• Art by Eisner winner Tyler Crook (The Sixth Gun).
• Liz Sherman back in action!

Superheroic psychic espionage from bestselling author
Brain Boy #2
Fred Van Lente (W), R. B. Silva (P), Rob Lean (I), Ego (C), and Ariel Olivetti (Cover)
On sale Oct 16
FC, 32 pages
Ambushed while protecting an important foreign dignitary, Matt Price, a.k.a. Brain Boy, finds himself wrapped up in political intrigue when an assassination plot that could derail a key United Nations conference sets Brain Boy on a collision course with a man whose mental powers rival his own! Get ready for a psychic smackdown over the streets of New York City!
• Written by New York Times best-selling author Fred Van Lente (Archer and Armstrong, G.I. Joe) with art by R. B. Silva (Superboy, Jimmy Olsen)!

Brothers of the Spear Archives Volume 3 HC
Gaylord DuBois (W), Russ Manning (A/Cover), and Mike Royer (A)

On sale Dec 4
FC, 264 pages
HC, 7” x 10”
Blood brothers Dan-El and Natongo’s quest comes to an end, as Russ Manning and Gaylord DuBois complete their years-long epic! Having grown together into wise leaders, the brothers of the spear fight alongside their brides and their armies to liberate Dan-El’s people from the usurper Nagopa once and for all! Completes the Brothers’ saga, with backups from Tarzan #110–#156, #160, #161, #202, and #203!
• Foreword by Stephen R. Bissette (Saga of the Swamp Thing)!
• Volumes 1 and 2 are back in print!

He’s DRUNK with POWER!
Buzzkill #2 (of 4)
Donny Cates (W), Mark Reznicek (W), Geoff Shaw (A/Cover), and Lauren Affe (C)
On sale Oct 16
FC, 32 pages
Ruben’s attempt at a twelve-step recovery stalls before it begins, as an army of supervillains, led by his old nemesis Brutal Juice, assembles against him. But the alcohol-fueled superhero won’t give up yet . . . and before this blood-soaked issue is through, one of them will recognize a HIGHER POWER.
• Featuring Henry the Teleporting Goat!
• Cowritten by Toadies drummer Mark Reznicek!
• A gorgeous new miniseries from Geoff Shaw!

"It's a kind of hero readers haven't seen in a while." - Comic Book Resources
Joshua Williamson (W), Eduardo Francisco (A), Stefani Rennee (C), and Felipe Massafera (Cover)
On sale Oct 30
FC, 32 pages
Playing catch-up on the last eighty years, Captain Midnight heads for Manhattan to get a firsthand look at how far humanity has advanced in his absence. But when our hero hears about a mysterious high-rise heist artist who appears to be using Cap’s antigravity technology, his recon mission turns into an investigation of this strange sky man . . .
• A brand-new artist! Eduardo Francisco (Mass Effect: Homeworlds)!
• Introducing Skyman!

Featuring art from comics great Jack Binder!
Captain Midnight Archives Volume 1: Battles the Nazis HC
Various (W/A)
On sale Dec 4
FC, 232 pages
HC, 7” x 10"
From the glory days of World War II comes the unstoppable patriotic superhero Captain Midnight! Volume 1 features selected tales compiled from the original 1940s-era comic book featuring the adventures of the Captain and his sidekick, Sergeant Twilight, as they battle bad guys from the Axis of Evil with art by comics greats Jack Binder, Mac Raboy, Dan Gormley, and others! Collecting selected stories from The Funnies, Popular Comics, and Captain Midnight issues.
• Reprints one of the greatest military superhero comics of the 1940s!
• Complements new Captain Midnight stories coming from Dark Horse!

Joe Casey (W), Dan McDaid (A), Ulises Farinas (A), Paul Maybury (A), Brad Simpson (C), and Rafael Grampá (Cover)
On sale Oct 2
FC, 32 pages
Dark Horse wants you to party hard! That’s why you’re invited on a galactic date with Amazing Grace! To the dance club with the Agents of Change! And on a superactivist world tour with Frank “Titan” Wells! Once again, Catalyst delivers all the super those other comics can’t handle!
• Masterminded by Joe Casey (Sex, Gødland)!
• Wraparound cover by Rafael Grampá (Mesmo Delivery)!
• Artists Dan McDaid (Doctor Who), Ulises Farinas (Gamma), and Paul Maybury (Aqua Leung)!
“Ulises Farinas draws in the neo-Moebius style with an incredible level of detail and imagination . . . We expect him to be a superstar.”—Comics Beat

manga: what you need to know . . . from those who really know it!
CBLDF Presents Manga: Introduction, Challenges and Best Practices TP
Katherine Dacey (W), Shaenon Garrity (W), Sean Gaffney (W), Ed Chavez (W), Erica Friedman (W), and Robin Brenner (W)
On sale Dec 4
b&w, 200 pages
TP, 5 1/8” x 7 3/16”
CBLDF Presents Manga: Introduction, Challenges, and Best Practices is a handbook designed to provide libraries, booksellers, and fans with a concise and informed overview of manga—its history, genres, and challenges. What sets this book apart among manga guides is its expert panel of contributors—not only scholars of the medium, but veterans of the manga industry itself who’ve worked from both the North American and Japanese sides of the field.
“Friendly, entertaining, easy to read and sure to increase any reader’s manga library. Recommended.”—Otaku USA

Brian Wood (W), Paul Azaceta (A), Dave Stewart (C), and Massimo Carnevale (Cover)
On sale Oct 16
FC, 32 pages
A twisted religious order targets the heathens Conan and Bêlit, who flee with a relic of immeasurable value. Mad warrior monks pursue the couple across a mazelike landscape, cutting off every avenue of escape. With no other options, Bêlit looks to the mysterious item, hoping to find some salvation within.
• From Brian Wood (Star Wars, The Massive), and Paul Azaceta (Amazing Spider-Man, B.P.R.D.).
• The most-talked-about Conan comic in years!
• Wood’s Star Wars was a day-one sellout!

Brian Wood’s defining run on Conan continues!
Conan Volume 14: The Death TP
Brian Wood (W), Becky Cloonan (A), Vasilis Lolos (A), Declan Shalvey (A), Dave Stewart (C), and Massimo Carnevale (Cover)
On sale Dec 18
FC, 152 pages
TP, 7” x 10”
Conan and Bêlit are the undisputed masters of the Western Ocean, their names whispered in fearful awe all along the Black Coast. But while fellow seafarers know better than to challenge their reign, other threats arrive from unexpected places. Such as when Conan returns to Cimmeria to track down an impostor destroying villages in his name, only to discover a tragic connection to his own past! Collects Conan the Barbarian #7–#12.
• From all-stars Brian Wood (Northlanders), Becky Cloonan (Batman), Vasilis Lolos (Pixu), and Declan Shalvey (Dark Avengers)!
• The most acclaimed Conan comics in years!

Hercules and Hulk team, Van Lente and Olivetti, reunite!
Conan and the People of the Black Circle #1 (of 4)
Fred Van Lente (W) and Ariel Olivetti (A/C/Cover)
On sale Oct 23
FC, 32 pages
Two of the hottest names in comics—writer Fred Van Lente and artist Ariel Olivetti—reunite for a brutal Conan epic like no other!
Assassins, dark magic, and a beautiful noblewoman mean trouble for the Cimmerian barbarian unlike he’s ever seen in this full-tilt escapade through the mountains of Afghulistan!
• Conan like you’ve never seen him—fully painted by Olivetti!
• A new miniseries set a decade after the Conan ongoing!
"Van Lente display(s)...masterful ability to write entertaining stories…Olivetti's...painterly style gives the imagery an ethereal quality that seems based in reality, but shrouded in the mystery of myth."–Comic Book Resources

IT will leave you senseless!
Creepy Comics #14
Ray Fawkes (W), Matthew Southworth (W/A), Dan Braun (W), Peter Bagge (W/A), Tomm Coker (A), Matt Wagner (A), and David Palumbo (Cover)
On sale Oct 9
b&w, 40 pages
You can’t believe how many things there are to be afraid of! First, forget black cats—Ray Fawkes (Justice League Dark) and Tomm Coker (Zombie Bomb!) will make you terrified of blackbirds! And Matthew Southworth (Stumptown) takes you further into the dark than you’ve ever imagined! Better learn to read from behind your fingers!
• Cover story written by Ray Fawkes!
• Tomm Coker and Matthew Southworth slather on the black ink!

Foreword by Goosebumps creator R.L. Stine!
CRIME Does Not Pay Archives Volume 6 HC
Robert Bernstein (W), Woody Hamilton (W), Dick Wood (W), Jack Alderman (A), Charles Biro (A), Norman Maurer (A), Rudy Palais (A), Vernon Henkel (A), Robert Siegel (A), Edd Ashe (A), Graham Hunter (A), Dan Tay (A), and Ann Brewster (A)
On sale Dec 11
FC, 248 pages
HC, 6 5/8” x 10 3/16”
Tommy-gun-toting toughs roar across the pages of Crime Does Not Pay, the sensational 1940s comic that enraptured millions with its scandalous stories of criminal scum, ripped right from the headlines! This hardcover collects issues #42–#45 of this infamous series and features a new foreword by Goosebumps author R.L. Stine! Collects Crime Does Not Pay #42–#45.
• Nearly seventy years later, CRIME still has the power to thrill and shock!

Criminal Macabre: The Eyes of Frankenstein #2 (of 4)
Steve Niles (W), Christopher Mitten (A), Michelle Madsen (C), and Justin Erickson (Cover)
On sale Oct 30
FC, 32 pages
At Mo’Lock’s suggestion, Cal visits Jason Hemlock, a flashy, rich entertainer who claims to be the world’s foremost authority on the supernatural. Cal thinks he’s a fake, but Hemlock can help them. He’s a surgeon who can fix the Frankenstein monster’s eyes and possibly solve the exodus of the ghoul population.
• A perfect starting point for new readers!
• Directly picks up from the Criminal Macabre/30 Days of Night crossover!
• Cal has to save the life of Frankenstein’s monster!
“If you like horror stories that don’t just rely on gross-outs and shock value, pick up any of the Dark Horse horror comics. Criminal Macabre is, I think, the most easily accessible and the most immediately rewarding of the pack.”—Comics Bulletin

Eisner and Harvey Award Winner!
David Lapham (W/A), Andrew MacLean (W/A), Caitlín R. Kiernan (W), Mike Baron (W), Ron Randall (W/A), Steve Niles (W), Michael T. Gilbert (W/A), Dara Naraghi (W), Patrick Alexander (W/A), Neal Adams (W/A/Cover), Steve Lieber (A), Steve Rude (A), menton3 (A), Richard Corben (W/A), and Tom Williams (A)
On sale Oct 23
FC, 80 pages
Read the epic and action-packed thirteen-page final chapter of Neal Adams’s Blood! Meet Mindy and her cartoon sidekick in a world of gang warfare and haircuts in Andrew MacLean’s Snip Snip!
Plus, new installments of The Strain: The Fall, Mr. Monster, Alabaster, Trekker, Nexus, Nosferatu Wars, and a Poe story from Richard Corben!
• Featuring a story from the world of Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan’s The Strain: The Fall!
• The thrilling conclusion to Neal Adams’s Blood!
“Arguably the best showcase for writers and artists of its kind, it’s not only a great collection of short and ongoing comic work, but of the quality of the artists and writers that Dark Horse has managed to attract.” —Newsarama

Richard Corben adapts Poe!
Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven and the Red Death
Richard Corben (W/A/Cover)
On sale Oct 30
FC, 32 pages
Unwelcome and bloodthirsty guests are on the move in these two terrifying Poe stories presented by Eisner Hall of Fame inductee Richard Corben.
• Adaptations of “The Raven” and “The Masque of the Red Death” by horror comics legend Richard Corben.

all-new ELFQUEST!
Elfquest Special: The Final Quest
Wendy Pini (W/A/Cover) and Richard Pini (W)
On sale Oct 9
FC, 64 pages
For generations, the elves sought a safe haven against all who would do them harm. But the dream that Chief Cutter and his Wolfriders fought and died for may be the very thing destroying them. The skills that helped them survive the harsh world are fading, and the growing threat of a tyrant obsessed with exterminating all elves makes for a disastrous brew that must surely boil over.
• Winner of the Golden Pen Award from the Young Adult Advisory Committee!
• An oversized prologue to the Elfquest: The Final Quest series!
• Marking thirty years of Elfquest action and adventure!
“One of the most important works in American Fantasy.” —American Library Association
“Wendy Pini is probably the most influential female cartoonist of a generation.” —Ninth Art

Empowered Volume 8 TP
Adam Warren (W/A/Cover)
On sale Dec 18
b&w, 208 pages
TP, 6 1/2" x 9
Costumed crime fighter Empowered, already reeling from “The Worst Book Proposal Ever,” finds herself roped into a desperate scheme by her grief-stricken teammate, Sistah Spooky. Journeying from a terrifying alien arsenal to the even-more-terrifying depths of hell itself, can the mismatched superheroines free the soul of Spooky’s lover from eternal damnation?
Over 100,000 copies of Empowered volumes in print!
“Adam Warren continues to beat the odds and persists in getting better and better with his spicy superhero romp.”—Johnny Bacardi, Popdose.com
“A sort of R-rated sitcom exploring geek culture from the inside out . . . It’s full of exploitative, titillating imagery.”—J. Caleb Mozzocco, Las Vegas Weekly

On sale Oct 16
Game of Thrones Pint Glass: Stannis
Game of Thrones Pint Glass: Tyrell
Game of Thrones Coffee Mug: Stannis
Game of Thrones Coffee Mug: Tyrell
On sale Sept 18
Game of Thrones Character Magnet Set 2
Game of Thrones Shield Magnet Set
On sale Aug 21
Game of Thrones Stannis Baratheon Shield Pin
2.5" pin
As Game of Thrones grows in popularity, so does interest in the houses introduced on the show. We are continuing our line of glassware with mugs and pint glasses featuring the sigils of Stannis and Tyrell. This month we also introduce two new magnet sets. The all-new Game of Thrones Character Magnet Set 2 features Arya Stark, a White Walker, Jaime Lannister, Cersei Baratheon, and Brienne of Tarth. The shield set features the shields of the armies of the Lannisters, Starks, Greyjoys, Stannis Baratheon, and Renly Baratheon. And lastly, we add a new shield pin replica to our popular line with the Stannis Baratheon shield pin.

The finale to the Eisner Award-winning series!
Grendel Omnibus Volume 4: Prime TP
Matt Wagner (W/A), Greg Rucka (W), Patrick McEown (P), Monty Sheldon (I), Bernie Mireault (C), Kathryn Delaney (C), and Simon Bisley (Cover)
On sale Dec 4
FC, 542 pages
TP, 6˝ x 9˝
The world belongs to Grendel-Khan Orion Assante and his elite warrior caste of Grendels, but when Orion dies, the world is thrown back into chaos. To protect young Jupiter Assante, rightful heir to the throne, those still loyal to the Grendel-Khan must turn to a new power, the terrifying Grendel Prime! The story of Orion’s cyborg paladin unfolds in War Child, Devil Quest, and Past Prime, three tales that form the apotheosis of Wagner’s groundbreaking, centuries-spanning epic!
• War Child won the Eisner Award for Best Limited Series!
• Includes the Past Prime novel written by Greg Rucka and illustrated by Wagner!

On sale Sept 25
Grimm Shot Glass
Grimm Playing cards
This month we add two new items to our line of Grimm products—a shot glass and a set of playing cards.
Like our Grimm Pint Glass, this shot glass has the Grimm skull on one side and the Grimm logo on the other. The playing cards are a deluxe deck of cards showing your favorite characters and monsters.

Eisner nominee Alex de Campi brings Grindhouse Cinema to comics!
Grindhouse: Doors Open at Midnight #1 (of 8)
Alex de Campi (W), Chris Peterson (A), Nolan Woodard (C), Francesco Francavilla (Cover), and Coop (Variant cover)
On sale Oct 2
FC, 32 pages
Literature: overrated. Morality: expendable. Tonight is right for some over-the-top sex and violence! Bringing the flavor of midnight exploitation flicks to comics, Grindhouse delivers four two-issue gore operas, starting with “Bee Vixens from Mars,” pitting a one-eyed southern Latina deputy against lusty alien chicks bent on laying eggs in the entire male population!
• Covers by superstar artists Francesco Francavilla and Coop!
• First issue in a brand-new series of B-movie masterpieces!
• Eisner nominee Alex de Campi (Smoke, Ashes) is a writer to watch in 2013!
• Future arcs feature art from Simon Fraser (2000 AD), Federica Manfredi (True Blood, Hack/Slash), and Gary Erskine (The Mask)!

Brian Reed (W), Marco Castiello (A), Michael Atiyeh (C), and Kenneth Scott (Cover)
On sale Oct 9
FC, 32 pages
The conclusion of this three-part series reveals the story of how Commander Sarah Palmer became a Spartan-IV and leads directly into the exciting new mobile game from 343 Industries, Halo: Spartan Assault.
Sarah Palmer and her new comrade Spartans are thrust into action when a violent insurgent group attempts to seize the UNSC flagship Infinity. Is their Spartan cunning a match for the insurgents’ brilliant guerrilla tactics?
• Halo®—one of the largest video games franchises—comes to Dark Horse!

Art Baltazar (W/A/Cover) and Franco (W)
On sale Oct 30
FC, 32 pages
It had to happen! Because you demanded it! Hellboy and the gang go to the fiery pits of HELL! How did they get there anyway? ALSO, our B.P.R.D. heroes’ search for Sasquatch continues! But what does Rasputin have to do with all this? OOOOH! Is he just trying to scare us? You WILL find out in this exciting issue!!!
• Highly recommended by Franco’s mom.

Timothy Truman (W), Tomás Giorello (P), José Villarrubia (C), and Gerald Parel (Cover)
On sale Oct 30
FC, 32 pages
Conan’s only hope to defeat the vile wizard Xaltotun and reclaim his throne is to find and recover the Heart of Ahriman, but he isn’t the only one seeking this magical jewel! Conniving thieves stay a step ahead—and in dark forests, beings fouler still stand in the barbarian’s way!
• Howard’s only Conan novel—adapted by the creators who know the barbarian best!
• Concluding the first half of the massive Hour of the Dragon adaptation!

From the writer of Spike the artist of Colder!
KISS ME, SATAN #2 (of 5)
Victor Gischler (W), Juan Ferreyra (A), and Dave Johnson (Cover)
On sale Oct 23
FC, 32 pages
After an attack from a vampire maid, Barnabus Black and the witches flee their hiding spot in a cheap Big Easy motel. Barnabus says he knows a safe place, and as they cross the historic Garden District Cemetery, zombies erupt from their graves and attack the group. A new hit man arrives who is known as THE BONE WRANGLER, and his power is control of the undead.
• Featuring covers by Dave Johnson!
• By Victor Gischler (Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Spike—A Dark Place) and Juan Ferreyra (Colder, Rex Mundi)!

On sale Jan 8
Limited to 950 numbered pieces. Packaged in its own tin box, with a pin-back button and character booklet

Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, our first X-Men series concludes with none other then arch-villain Magneto who encountered the teenage mutants in The Uncanny X-Men #1.
The sculpting team at Yoe! Studio has captured both the look of the original Marvel characters as well as the funky, distressed look that has made this series a collector favorite.

All-new 13-issue maxiseries!
Mac Walters (W), Tony Parker (A), Michael Atiyeh (C), and Benjamin Carré (Cover)
On sale Oct 23
FC, 32 pages
Far away from Earth, on Gagarin Station—or “Brain Camp,” as its students call it—a young Kaidan Alenko undergoes his biotic training. During an exceptionally grueling lesson, Kaidan steps in to defend the lovely Rahna from the brutal Commander Vyrnnu—but his rash actions have tragic consequences!
• Written by Mac Walters, lead writer of Mass Effect 2 and 3!
• A canonical entry in the Mass Effect series!
• Ties in to the Mass Effect 3: Citadel DLC pack!

A New York Times best-selling series!
Matt Kindt (W/A)
On sale Oct 23
FC, 24 pages
Matt Kindt’s latest self-contained issue delves into the history of the woman at the center of the Mind Management conspiracy! What was the Eraser’s role at MIND MGMT, and why is she intent on bringing it back?
Comics mastermind Matt Kindt delivers a self-contained story from the world of MIND MGMT!
“There’s a reason Mind MGMT Volume 1 appeared on Amazon.com’s best comics of the year so far. Anyone looking for something a little different, but still in the realm of fantasy and science fiction look no further. “—Adventures in Poor Taste

An alternate take on the Evangelion series!
Neon Genesis Evangelion: The Shinji Ikari Raising Project Volume 13 TP
Osamu Takahashi (W/A/Cover)
On sale Dec 18
b&w, 192 pages
TP, 5 1/8" x 7 1/4" 
Plot development? In MY The Shinji Ikari Raising Project? It’s more likely than you think! SEELE’s frustrations with Gendo’s plans leads their agent inside the school to abduct Shinji and place him under their mental control . . . which means Rei and Asuka must put aside their own rivalry long enough to join forces and rescue him!
• The most famous anime franchise of the last twenty years.
• The new movie, 3.0, is coming soon from Funimation.

comics great hero . . .
Nexus Omnibus Volume 4 TP
Mike Baron (W), Steve Rude (P/Cover), Paul Smith (P), John Nyberg (I), Les Dorscheid (C), and others
On sale Dec 11
FC, 424 pages
TP, 6” x 9”
With all of space his jurisdiction, Horatio Hellpop battles tyranny across the galaxy, but in the fallout of his now-notorious massacre on Mars, Nexus is forced to validate his performance as interstellar champion and executioner. However, tragedy threatens to strike again, as the artificial black hole known as the Gravity Well approaches collapse, endangering the entire solar system! Collects Nexus Volume 2 issues #40–#52 and The Next Nexus #1.
• Don’t miss original Nexus stories in Dark Horse Presents!
• The thrilling conclusion to a pivotal chapter of the Nexus saga!
• Over 400 pages!

The acclaimed creative team of Revival!
The Occultist #1 (of 5)
Tim Seeley (W), Mike Norton (A), Allen Passalaqua (C), and Steve Morris (Cover)
On sale Oct 2
FC, 32 pages
An evil witch doctor needs the book of spells known as the Sword to reject the Occultist. He needs the weapon itself to decide that he is a bad host in the ongoing war against the realm of the dead. The solution lies in a Catholic schoolgirl who dabbles in death for a quick high.
Art by Mike Norton (Battlepug, The Answer!, Revival).
Written by Hack/Slash creator Tim Seeley!
Variant cover by Eisner winner Paolo Rivera.
“The Occultist is a comic you should be checking out.”—Comic Book Resources

On sale Feb 5
Retro Girl Statue
Measures a super 14” tall
Powers Figure Set
Set of four figures
Dark Horse has licensed rights to create figures based on Powers, the creator-owned series of comics and graphic novels by writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Michael Avon Oeming.
The Retro Girl statue will be sculpted by Tony Cipriano, working in concert with Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming, who created special art for the statue. The statue will capture the stylized nature of Oeming’s style, while anchoring the figure in realism.
We will also be producing a set of Powers 4”–5” vinyl figures, which will include protagonists Walker and Pilgrim as centerpieces of the ensemble. They are joined by Retro Girl and Triphammer.

Peter Hogan (W), Steve Parkhouse (A/C/Cover)
On sale Oct 9
FC, 32 pages
Dr. Harry is a friendly, small-town doctor who’s really a stranded alien hiding among us. Trying to help one of his only human friends beat a murder rap, Harry and Nurse Asta spend time in Seattle gathering information—possibly putting Harry right in the crosshairs of the federal agents on his trail!
• From the writer of Tom Strong and the artist of the classic Bojeffries Saga!
“For an ‘alien hiding on Earth’ story, it feels just original and intriguing enough that it stands out and needs to be read.”—Comic Book Resources
If you haven’t been reading Resident Alien, start. This is a great finale to the first volume of the series that I hope to see more of very soon.”—Comicosity

The Savage Sword of Conan Volume 15 TP
Chuck Dixon (W), Don Kraar (W), Gary Kwapisz (A), Ernie Chan (A), Andy Kubert (A), Joe Jusko (Cover), and others
On sale Dec 4
b&w, 544 pages
TP, 7” x 10”
“Crom count the dead!” Conan’s wanderings bring him to the desert kingdom of Stygia, whose mad queen seeks to perform a dark ritual that will bridge universes and draw an ancient, malefic god back into this world, and with it an eternity of death, horror, and chaos! Showcasing stories from Marvel’s Savage Sword of Conan the Barbarian #151–#160.
• Over 500 pages, value priced.
• Check out the Conan monthly series, written by superstar scribe Brian Wood!

Shaolin Cowboy #1
Geof Darrow (W/A/Cover), Peter Doherty (C), and Walter Simonson (Variant cover)
On sale Oct 9
FC, 32 pages
The Shaolin Cowboy returns, but nowhere in sight is there a dead Robin, any infinity gauntlets, or a single conquering Ultron—just flat-out action, intrigue, and plenty of roadkill. Geof Darrow’s slow-talkin’, kung-fu-gripping hero proves once again, in this brand-new new series, that the only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a chainsaw!
• From writer/artist Geof Darrow (Hard Boiled, The Matrix)!
• More action than the rest of your pull list combined!
• All-new story! Start reading here!
• Covers by Darrow and Walter Simonson!
“…Everything fans of the original books had grown to love.”—Comics Alliance
“…The intricacies of carnage is one of Darrow’s specialties…” —io9
there has never been a man like the shaolin cowboy!

S.H.O.O.T. FIRST #1 (of 4)
Justin Aclin (W), Nicolas Daniel Selma (A/Cover), and Marlac (C)
On sale Oct 16
FC, 32 pages
The Secular Humanist Occult Obliteration Taskforce—defending humanity from angels, demons, and a bunch of other crap S.H.O.O.T. doesn’t believe in.
Justin Aclin (Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Twisted ToyFare Theatre) and Nicolás Daniel Selma (Tomb Raider: The Beginning) take aim at the supernatural in an all-new big-action, big-ideas sci-fi adventure!
• Original, irreverent, and controversial!
• Aclin and Selma are the next “it” team in comics!
“Is S.H.O.O.T. First Dark Horse’s Next Big Hit?” —Newsarama

A Gaiman/McKean masterpiece back in print!
Signal to Noise HC
Neil Gaiman (W) and Dave McKean (A/Cover)
On sale Dec 11
FC, 96 pages
HC, 8 3/4” x 11 1/2”
A film director is dying of cancer. His greatest film would have told the story of a European village as the last hour of 999 AD approached—bringing Armageddon. Now that story will never be told. But he’s still working it out in his head, making a film that no one will ever see.
• A great partner to the Violent Cases hardcover!
• Dave McKean’s acclaimed Cages now back in print!

#1 for $1 Star Wars
Brian Wood (W), Carlos D’Anda (A), Gabe Eltaeb (C), and Alex Ross (Cover)
On sale Oct 2
FC, 32 pages
Relive the blockbuster first issue that launched Brian Wood’s Star Wars—for only $1! We take you back to those heady, adventure-filled days when the Empire ruled, the Rebels were on the run, and the galaxy was a dangerous place where anything might happen!
If you like this issue, pick up the trade paperback collection, currently on sale!
• First issue, value priced at $1.00!
• Look for more #1 for $1 issues in the coming months.

Brian Wood (W), Carlos D’Anda (A), Gabe Eltaeb (C), and Hugh Fleming (Cover)
On sale Oct 9
FC, 32 pages
Luke Skywalker and Wedge Antilles have infiltrated an Imperial Destroyer. But now nine thousand stormtroopers are searching for them, and Darth Vader is aware of their presence. Completing their mission and escaping with their lives may be an either/or proposition!
Meanwhile, the Rebel fleet prepares for an Imperial assault!
• Artist Carlos D’Anda returns!
• Legendary Star Wars cover artist Hugh Fleming!

The “Death Star” battle you didn’t see!
The Star Wars #2 (of 8)
Jonathan Rinzler (W), Mike Mayhew (A), Rain Beredo (C), Nick Runge (Cover), and Ralph McQuarrie (Variant cover)
On sale Oct 2
FC, 32 pages
The Empire is poised for an attack on the peaceful world of Aquilae, and only Jedi General Luke Skywalker seems concerned. When King Kayos is killed, Jedi in training Annikin Starkiller is ordered to find Princess Leia, while Skywalker sends his only squadron against the Empire’s powerful new battle station!
• Official eight-issue adaptation of George Lucas’s original rough-draft screenplay for Star Wars!
what if george lucas had written another version of star wars?
he did!

Randy Stradley (W), Douglas Wheatley (A), Dan Jackson (C), and Benjamin Carré (Cover)
On sale Oct 16
FC, 32 pages
Darth Vader is on the trail of one Jedi—little does he know that even more Jedi are aware of his search and his impending arrival on their planet. The Jedi and their friends are waiting with a trap to end Vader for good. But this is a dark lord of the Sith they will be battling—and nothing is certain!
Darth Vader is on the trail of one Jedi—little does he know that even more Jedi are aware of his search and his impending arrival on their planet. The Jedi and their friends are waiting with a trap to end Vader for good. But this is a dark lord of the Sith they will be battling—and nothing is certain!
A few of the last surviving Jedi plant a trap for Darth Vader!
“This Star Wars series puts me through the wringer like no other, and it never disappoints. May the Dark Times never end!”—SciFi Pulse

“Hardman's artwork is drool worthy. Mix in some stunning color work by Rachelle Rosenberg and you have everything one could possibly want in a Star Wars book.”–IGN
Corinna Bechko (W), Gabriel Hardman (W), Brian Thies (A), Rachelle Rosenberg (C), Augustin Alessio (Cover)
On sale Oct 23
FC, 32 pages
Ania Solo and Imperial Knight Jao’s search for Sith leads to the poisoned Mon Calamari homeworld of Dac—where their ship is boarded by pirates who have taken over the planet’s orbiting shipyards.
Jao senses the dark side at work—especially when he and Ania are marked for death!
• Sith, pirates, and the planet of the dead!
“Star Wars: Legacy is another excellent extension of this universe, as it does just enough right for both fanboys and fangirls to be worthy of the heritage it now represents. “ —Unleash the Fanboy

Star Wars Omnibus: Knights of the Old Republic Volume 2 TP
John Jackson Miller (W), Brian Ching (P), Bong Dazo (P), Scott Hepburn (P), Alan Robinson (P), Dustin Weaver (P), Dan Parsons (I), Joe Pimentel (I), Michael Atiyeh (C), and Colin Wilson (Cover)
On sale Dec 18
FC, 440 pages
TP, 6” x 9”
After Zayne Carrick is framed for the murder of his fellow Jedi in training, his poor luck prevents him from clearing his name and throws him into dangerous situations all over the galaxy, leading to his final confrontation with the Jedi Masters who massacred their own Padawans!
• Expands the story of the smash-hit Knights of the Old Republic video games!
• From the New York Times best-selling novelist John Jackson Miller!

Guillermo Del Toro’s hit vampire trilogy!
David Lapham (W), Mike Huddleston (W), Dan Jackson (C), and E. M. Gist (Cover)
On sale Oct 16
FC, 32 pages
As a full-fledged war breaks out in Harlem, Gus’s heavily armed gang and an old luchador let the Master know they won’t give up their city without one helluva fight! It’s an all-out vampire brawl! Elsewhere, Fet makes a groundbreaking discovery about the vampires as Eph makes a fateful decision about his role in the ongoing battle for survival.
Coming to the FX Network in 2014!
“The subtle build of tension and terror still peppers every page.”—IGN

Written by horror movie icon, Lance Henriksen!
To Hell You Ride HC & Ltd. HC
Lance Henriksen (W), Joseph Maddrey (W), Tom Mandrake (A/Cover), and Cris Peter (C)
On sale Dec 4
FC, 136 pages
HC, 7” x 10”
On sale Dec 4
FC, 152 pages
Ltd. HC, 7” x 10”
A deadly curse plagues a small Colorado town, melting the flesh from its victims—the violent revenge that four warriors set in motion when their sacred burial grounds were disturbed for the sake of gold miners’ greed! One self-destructive hero holds the fate of the town in his hands. Collects the entire miniseries.
The limited edition is signed and limited to 100 copies!
“Mandrake is an artist who deserves to be a superstar.” —Comic Book Resources
“Henriksen’s undeniable talents as a storyteller are on full display here.” —Rue Morgue
“With the body horror and suspense ramped up to full effect, readers should definitely pick up “To Hell You Ride.” —Bloody Disgusting

Gerard Way (W), Shaun Simon (W), Becky Cloonan (A/Cover), Dan Jackson (C), and Gabriel Bá (Variant cover)
On sale Oct 9
FC, 32 pages
“To put it as clearly as possible . . . there is something wrong with you and we are going to fix it.”
Better Living Industries works to reeducate Korse and is met with deadly consequences just as the Girl learns lessons from her forgotten past. The big battle is brewing in the sands of the desert as the Killjoys march on Battery City!
• From Gerard Way, creator of The Umbrella Academy!
• One of Wired magazine’s and IGN’s Most Anticipated Comics of 2013!
“Buy into the hype. Killjoys . . . is killin’ it.”—Newsarama

D battles the Black Death!
Vampire Hunter D Volume 20: Scenes of an Unholy War TP
Hideyuki Kikuchi (W) and Yoshitaka Amano (A/W)
On sale Dec 11
b&w, 180 pages
TP, 5 1/8" x 7 1/4"
In a village on the edge of the Frontier, D is among the warriors and mercenaries hired to defend the village from the Black Death, a notorious bandit gang. But the bandits don’t arrive, and the village mayor dismisses the mercenaries. As D leaves the scene, he’s struck by “sunlight syndrome”—the deadly ailment unique to dhampirs!
• The twentieth volume of the series.
• Features gorgeous black-and-white line illustrations by Yoshitaka Amano.
• Presented in English for the first time!

powers co-creator Michael Avon Oeming!
Michael Avon Oeming (W/A/Cover and Nick Filardi (C)
On sale Dec 11
FC, 160 pages
TP, 7” x 10”
Following the Jackal’s face-off with Faustus and an attack on the US infrastructure, the Victories face a plague of new evils. Can the Victories overcome their own spiritual demons to keep the team together and save the world? Collects issues #1–#5 of the ongoing series and DHP installments.
• Metatron and DD Mau’s secrets unveiled!
• A dark world of paranoid conspiracy!
“He transitions from one area to another of the city; histories between teammates, and motivations are executed masterfully.”—Bloody Disgusting

X #6
Duane Swierczynski (W), Eric Nguyen (A), Michelle Madsen (C), and Eric Nguyen (Cover)
On sale Oct 9
FC, 32 pages
The city of Arcadia has a cancer of crime, and X is the surgeon. Now he’s turned his scalpel to the Dogs of War, a corrupt unit of violent narcotics officers . . . but when a lone good cop stands in his way, can X remove the tumor without killing the patient?
• Comics’ fiercest ongoing series!
“X is almost certainly not for those who want something tame . . . If you’re ready to take a bit of gore, definitely take a look.”—Comic Book Resources

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