Vertigo's "The Unwritten" Relaunches in January with New #1

Thu, August 15th, 2013 at 5:18pm PDT | Updated: August 15th, 2013 at 5:20pm

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Albert Ching, Managing Editor

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The current volume of writer Mike Carey and artist Peter Gross' Vertigo series "The Unwritten" ends in October with issue #54, but it won't be gone for long. The series is set to relaunch in January, as first reported Thursday by Newsarama.

"Partly, I think it's a blessing for us because we just finished a 150-page 'Unwritten' graphic novel, the 'Tommy Taylor [and the Ship That Sank Twice]' book, while working on the 'Fables' arc, which opened with a double-sized issue," series artist and co-creator Gross told Newsarama of the two-month hiatus. "I think I was kind of begging them for a little time."

"The Unwritten" #54 is the finale to "The Unwritten Fables," a story intersecting the world of "Unwritten" with its fellow long-running Vertigo series, "Fables." According to the creative team, it's a natural point in the story to take a break and relaunch with a new #1.

"It felt like we reached a natural turning point in the story, particularly since the 'Fables' arc was, itself, such a big change of pace and tone," writer Carey said to Newsarama. "So there's a kind of natural rhythm to it so the break won't seem like a stop; it will feel like a breather. And it will be very short. It's only a few months."

The book's next issue, "The Unwritten" #52, is scheduled for release on Aug. 28.

Stay tuned to CBR News for more on the upcoming relaunch of "The Unwritten.

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