Williams/Blackman Originally Solicited for "Batwoman;" Gage on "Flash"

Mon, September 9th, 2013 at 1:58pm PDT | Updated: September 9th, 2013 at 6:21pm

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Albert Ching, Managing Editor

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UPDATED 3:15 PM PDT: DC Comics has released a new solicitation for "Batwoman" #26:

1:25 Variant cover by J.H. WILLIAMS III
On sale DECEMBER 18 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T+
Kate Kane's life has always been one of intrigue and adventure, but since she took on the mantle of Batwoman, things have been in overdrive with no sign of slowing down! Join us as Batwoman starts her next chapter and faces a threat that might just have her rethinking her career as a hero!

"Batwoman" #26 cover by J.H. Williams III

Despite confirmation earlier on Monday that Marc Andreyko will take over as the writer of "Batwoman" as of November's issue #25, DC Comics' December 2013 solicitations list J.H. Williams and W. Haden Blackman as the writer of "Batwoman" #26, with no updated information provided to press. The solicitation, offering readers a look at what Williams and Blackman had planned for what they originally announced to be their last issue of the series, reads as follows:

1:25 B&W Variant cover by J.H. WILLIAMS III
On sale DECEMBER 18 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T+
Retailers: This issue will ship with two covers. Please see the order form for more information.
Family secrets continue to threaten the recently reunited Kane family as Batwoman delves deeper into the mysteries of both friends and enemies. Guest-starring Batman and Bones!

Also in December, "Batman '66" writer Jeff Parker joins his first New 52 ongoing series as the new writer of "Aquaman," taking over for DC chief creative officer Geoff Johns, who had written the series since issue #1 of the current volume. The cover, by Paul Pelletier, shows Mera swimming away from Aquaman, and the solicitation text reads in part, "the pressures of ruling a kingdom under siege are weighing on Aquaman and Mera" -- though whether that has any correlation to recent reports that Aquaman and Mera are no longer married in the New 52 remains to be seen.

Christos Gage, a formerly Marvel exclusive writer currently on board DC's "Justice League Beyond 2.0," is writing December's "The Flash" #26, with art from Neil Googe. DC representatives confirmed to CBR News that it is a one-issue stint.

"Nightwing" #26 cover by Scott McDaniel.

Much has been recently speculated concerning the future of Nightwing, given his central role in the "Forever Evil" event. His solo series won't be quite caught up with the timeline of that story by December's "Nightwing" #26, but it does appear to be happening soon -- the text reads, "With the events of 'Forever Evil' looming, Nightwing enters the final stages of life as he knows it!" Scott McDaniel, who drew the first 40 issues of the initial "Nightwing" ongoing series starting in 1996, returned to the character to illustrate the cover of #26, featuring a bloodied but steadfast Dick Grayson.

Following the controversial allocations of DC's lenticular 3D "Villains Month" covers shipping this December, the publisher is making a complete set of second printings available in February 2014, and advanced solicited with their December slate. The set will include the motion cover editions of all 52 Villains Month one-shots, along with the "Forever Evil" #1 3D variant, for $199.99.

In something of a stealth Marvel/DC crossover, Cobie Smulders -- S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Maria Hill in "The Avengers" and "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" -- co-wrote, with her husband Taran Killam of "Saturday Night Live," the introduction to "Fables Deluxe Edition Book Eight," collecting issues #60-#63 and #65-#69 of the long-running Vertigo book. Smulders is a noted fan of the series, and contributed to 2010's "Fables" #100.

"Injustice: Gods Among Us," the digital-first comic book companion to the video game of the same name, hits the final issue of the print edition in December with issue #12, though the solicitation makes it clear that it's only temporary. Reading, "Final Issue -- for now!" the text states the story will include "the shocking turn of events that leads of the next phrase of 'Injustice.'"

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