Sales Report: Crime Pays for DC Comics in September, "East of West" Rides High

Tue, October 8th, 2013 at 8:58am PDT

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John Mayo, Staff Writer

The villains rose to the top of the charts in September

Below you'll find the sales estimates for comics and trade paperbacks sold in the direct market for September, 2013. The sales numbers below are estimates based on the information provided by Diamond Comics Distributors earlier this month. Sales estimates for August, 2013 can be found here.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind when reading this data. These numbers are just estimates for the sales through Diamond to direct market retailers. It does not include any sales outside of the Diamond channel such as newstands, book stores or overseas markets. Since the majority of habitual comic book readers are served through this sales channel, these numbers are a good indicator of the core sales trends at the retail level. While not all copies will sell to readers, each retailer is buying what they think they can sell so the trends at the retail level should be a close enough reflection of the sales trends at the reader level for the purposes of discussion.

The breakdowns are for just the top comics and top trades listed below. These are not the overall market share. I only deal with numbers that I can see and kick around in my ever evolving number crunching system. Sometimes the numbers get a bit battered and bruised in the process.

The estimated total sales for the 400 comics was 8,577,889 comics which is up by 2,213,833 units from August and up by 2,065,933 units from September 2012. DC Comics had the largest percentage of the top 400 comics with 46.50% of the total units sold followed by Marvel Comics with 31.03%.

The top selling comic from DC Comics was "Forever Evil (2013)" #1 in slot 1 with an estimated 139,971 units and for Marvel Comics was "Infinity (2013)" #2 in rank 2 with an estimated 125,980 units.

The estimated total sales for the 300 trades was 334,578 trades which is up by 37,946 units from August and down by 10,432 units from September 2012.

Topping the trades list in September was "East of West v1: The Promise" by Image Comics with 9,258 units.

I've got bar charts of this data over on my website: Every month I discuss the comic book and collected editions sales estimates on my Comic Book Page podcast.

I'll be back later with an analysis of the numbers below.


PublisherMarket Share
By Units
Market Share
By Dollars
DC COMICS45.17%40.39%
MARVEL COMICS29.83%28.49%
IMAGE COMICS7.00%6.87%
VIZ LLC0.25%0.72%
RANDOM HOUSE0.17%0.63%
GENESIS WEST0.01%0.49%
ONI PRESS INC.0.15%0.42%
ASPEN MLT INC0.50%0.27%
OTHER NON-TOP 201.67%3.31%


Percent of
Top Comics
By Units
Percent of
Top Comics
By Dollars
DC Comics1287135$2.99$4.99$3.533,988,489$14,667,877.1146.50%46.36%
Marvel Comics67370$1.95$4.99$3.602,662,019$9,997,413.3331.03%31.60%
Image Comics38240$2.99$4.99$3.25598,391$1,901,055.836.98%6.01%
IDW Publishing29332$1.00$7.99$4.02335,684$1,392,301.033.91%4.40%
Dark Horse27027$2.99$7.99$3.75316,863$1,150,568.983.69%3.64%
Dynamite Entertainment31031$3.99$4.99$4.05194,360$785,884.402.27%2.48%
Boom! Studios17017$3.99$4.99$4.11131,996$534,393.041.54%1.69%
Zenescope Entertainment10010$2.99$3.99$3.0960,092$184,622.080.70%0.58%
Archie Comics404$2.99$2.99$2.9932,339$96,693.610.38%0.31%
Bongo Comics202$2.99$4.99$3.9913,359$55,949.410.16%0.18%
Archaia Studios Press202$3.50$3.50$3.5012,626$44,191.000.15%0.14%
Abstract Studios101$3.99$3.99$3.998,348$33,308.520.10%0.11%
Black Bull202$3.50$3.50$3.507,527$26,344.500.09%0.08%
Broadsword Comics101$2.95$2.95$2.956,400$18,880.000.07%0.06%
ONI Press202$3.99$3.99$3.996,346$25,320.540.07%0.08%
Big Dog Ink101$1.99$1.99$1.995,781$11,504.190.07%0.04%
Red 5 Comics101$2.75$2.75$2.753,352$9,218.000.04%0.03%
New England101$2.99$2.99$2.992,937$8,781.630.03%0.03%
Kenzer and Company101$5.99$5.99$5.992,899$17,365.010.03%0.05%

Legend: NI = New Items, RI = Reorder Items, TI = Total Items


Percent of
Top Trades
By Units
Percent of
Top Trades
By Dollars
DC Comics226991$4.99$49.99$20.71108,623$2,220,751.0132.47%29.36%
Marvel Comics324072$3.99$125.00$36.3874,679$2,509,290.4022.32%33.17%
Image Comics142640$7.99$59.99$16.2961,820$940,618.8018.48%12.44%
Dark Horse17320$9.99$49.99$21.5924,637$503,085.637.36%6.65%
IDW Publishing10717$6.99$49.99$21.8716,695$335,564.054.99%4.44%
Random House909$9.99$17.95$12.428,323$103,540.292.49%1.37%
Boom! Studios538$14.99$34.99$18.746,449$136,615.511.93%1.81%
ONI Press314$19.99$29.99$23.743,928$93,265.721.17%1.23%
Archie Comics202$11.99$14.99$13.492,563$34,450.370.77%0.46%
Arcana Studio213$24.95$29.95$26.622,375$62,331.250.71%0.82%
Dynamite Entertainment303$19.99$19.99$19.991,596$31,904.040.48%0.42%
Udon Entertainment202$34.95$49.99$42.471,565$63,269.550.47%0.84%
Bongo Comics101$16.99$16.99$16.991,295$22,002.050.39%0.29%
Cartoon Books101$39.95$39.95$39.951,211$48,379.450.36%0.64%
Hachette Book Group/Yen Press101$11.99$11.99$11.991,063$12,745.370.32%0.17%
Th3rd World Studios101$16.95$16.95$16.951,036$17,560.200.31%0.23%
Fantagraphics Books202$24.99$39.99$32.49935$29,725.650.28%0.39%
Genesis West101$120.00$120.00$120.00855$102,600.000.26%1.36%
Top Shelf011$14.95$14.95$14.95724$10,823.800.22%0.14%
Drawn and Quarterly101$39.95$39.95$39.95554$22,132.300.17%0.29%
First Second101$34.99$34.99$34.99515$18,019.850.15%0.24%


DeltaDelta %WL
1129.99$3.99DCForever Evil (2013)1 139,971 0
2117.00$3.99MARInfinity (2013)2 125,9801209,210-83,230-39.78%0
3114.49$3.99MARInfinity (2013)3 123,2802125,980-2,700-2.14%0
4105.80$3.99MARX-Men: Battle of the Atom (2013)1 113,924 0
5100.00$3.99DCBatman (2011)23.1 Joker (3D Cover) 107,676
699.75$3.99DCBatman (2011)23.2 Riddler (3D Cover) 107,409
794.65$3.99MARMighty Avengers (2013)1 101,917 0
888.50$3.99DCBatman (2011)23.4 Bane (3D Cover) 95,294
985.89$3.99MARAvengers (2012)19 92,4861874,69717,78923.81%0
1083.44$3.99DCBatman (2011)23.3 Penguin (3D Cover) 89,847
1182.76$3.99MARSuperior Spider-Man (2013)17 89,1151678,08711,02814.12%0
1278.21$3.99MARAll New X-Men (2012)16 84,2151573,03511,18015.31%0
1374.46$3.99MARSuperior Spider-Man (2013)18 80,1751789,115-8,940-10.03%0
1472.87$3.99DARStar Wars [Lucas Draft] (2013)1 78,464 0
1572.62$3.99DCJustice League (2011)23.1 Darkseid (3D Cover) 78,197
1671.31$3.99MARUncanny X-Men (2013)12 76,7871165,70011,08716.88%0
1769.08$3.99MARAvengers (2012)20 74,3851992,486-18,101-19.57%0
1868.13$3.99MARX-Men (2013)5 73,354464,0109,34414.60%0
1965.42$2.99IMAWalking Dead (2003)114 70,43711370,2731640.23%0
2064.11$3.99MARGuardians of Galaxy (2013)6 69,0275110,372-41,345-37.46%4
2163.29$3.99DCBatman/Superman (2013)3.1 Doomsday (3D Cover) 68,147
2261.62$3.99MARUncanny Avengers (2012)12 66,3501165,4479031.38%0
2360.38$4.99DCBatman: Black and White (2013)1 65,016 0
2456.35$3.99MARNew Avengers (2013)10 60,680960,5341460.24%0
2555.43$3.99MARWolverine and X-Men (2011)36 59,6823538,04621,63656.87%0
2651.62$2.99IMASaga (2012)14 55,5831360,451-4,868-8.05%1
2746.57$3.99DCAction Comics (2011)23.1 Cyborg Superman (3D Cover) 50,144
2846.36$3.99DCBatman and Robin (2011)23.1 Two Face (3D Cover) 49,915
2946.09$3.99DCJustice League of America (2013)7.4 Black Adam (3D Cover) 49,623
3046.02$3.99DCAction Comics (2011)23.2 Zod (3D Cover) 49,555
3145.93$3.99DCBatman and Robin (2011)23.3 Ras Al Ghul (3D Cover) 49,450
3245.79$3.99DCAction Comics (2011)23.3 Lex Luthor (3D Cover) 49,308
3345.70$3.99DCBatman and Robin (2011)23.2 Court of Owls (3D Cover) 49,203
3445.69$3.99DCDetective Comics (2011)23.1 Poison Ivy (3D Cover) 49,198
3545.30$3.99DCDetective Comics (2011)23.2 Harley Quinn (3D Cover) 48,774
3645.20$3.99DCDetective Comics (2011)23.3 Scarecrow (3D Cover) 48,669
3744.82$3.99DCGreen Lantern (2011)23.4 Sinestro (3D Cover) 48,261
3844.72$3.99DCBatman and Robin (2011)23.4 Killer Croc (3D Cover) 48,150
3944.58$3.99MARThor God of Thunder (2012)13 48,0051244,8653,1407.00%1
4043.27$3.99DCDetective Comics (2011)23.4 Man Bat (3D Cover) 46,588
4142.42$2.99MARDeadpool (2012)16 45,6731546,169-496-1.07%0
4242.11$2.99MARDeadpool (2012)17 45,3461645,673-327-0.72%0
4341.36$2.99MARKick Ass 3 (2013)3 44,538250,102-5,564-11.11%8
4440.87$3.99DCJustice League (2011)23.4 Secret Society (3D Cover) 44,006
4540.64$2.99IMAJupiters Legacy (2013)3 43,764248,224-4,460-9.25%4
4640.52$3.99DCSuperman (2011)23.4 Parasite (3D Cover) 43,629
4738.82$3.99MARIndestructible Hulk (2012)13 41,8031243,673-1,870-4.28%0
4838.10$2.99MARDeadpool Kills Deadpool (2013)3 41,021241,960-939-2.24%0
4936.50$2.99DCBatman (2011)23.1 Joker (2D Cover) 39,302
5036.21$3.99IDWPowerpuff Girls (2013)1 38,991 1
5135.94$2.99DCJustice League (2011)23.2 Lobo (2D Cover) 38,703
5235.77$3.99MARCaptain America (2012)11 38,5201039,356-836-2.12%1
5335.48$3.99MARSavage Wolverine (2013)8 38,207740,946-2,739-6.69%4
5435.19$3.50IMASex Criminals (2013)1 37,892 3
5535.07$3.99MARNova (2013)8 37,766731,9375,82918.25%0
5634.83$2.99DARStar Wars (2013)9 37,501838,792-1,291-3.33%0
5734.70$3.99MARSuperior Spider-Man Team Up (2013)3 37,362241,155-3,793-9.22%2
5834.33$3.99DCGreen Lantern (2011)23.1 Relic (3D Cover) 36,964
5934.15$2.99DCDetective Comics (2011)23.2 Harley Quinn (2D Cover) 36,773
6034.05$2.99MARDaredevil (2011)31 36,6653035,2401,4254.04%0
6133.95$3.99DCAquaman (2011)23.1 Black Manta (3D Cover) 36,554
6233.87$3.99DCSuperman (2011)23.2 Brainiac (3D Cover) 36,474
6333.75$3.99MARIron Man (2012)15 36,3451438,137-1,792-4.70%0
6433.69$3.99DCGreen Lantern (2011)23.2 Mongul (3D Cover) 36,280
6533.69$3.99DCGreen Lantern (2011)23.3 Black Hand (3D Cover) 36,280
6633.66$3.99DCJustice League (2011)23.2 Lobo (3D Cover) 36,239
6733.61$3.99MARUncanny X-Force (2013)11 36,1851035,3298562.42%0
6833.47$3.99DCSuperman (2011)23.1 Bizarro (3D Cover) 36,038
6933.45$3.99MARSuperior Carnage (2013)3 36,021240,864-4,843-11.85%0
7033.36$3.99MARWolverine (2012)9 35,919839,830-3,911-9.82%0
7133.33$3.99DCAquaman (2011)23.2 Ocean Master (3D Cover) 35,892
7233.11$3.99DCSuperman (2011)23.3 H'El (3D Cover) 35,651
7333.03$3.99MARInfinity: the Hunt (2013)1 35,561 0
7432.75$2.99DCDC vs Masters of the Universe (2013)1 35,268 1
7531.97$3.99DCAction Comics (2011)23.4 Metallo (3D Cover) 34,426
7631.37$2.99DCJustice League (2011)23.3 Dial E (2D Cover) 33,782
7731.00$3.50IMAEast of West (2013)6 33,380536,345-2,965-8.16%1
7830.60$3.99DCBatman 66 (2013)3 32,953237,113-4,160-11.21%0
7930.45$3.99IDWMy Little Pony Friendship Is Magic (2012)11 32,7831031,8609232.90%0
8030.14$3.99MARInfinity: Heist (2013)1 32,452 0
8129.90$3.99MARUltimate Comics: Spider-Man (2011)27 32,1992632,932-733-2.23%0
8229.86$3.99DCJustice League of America (2013)7.1 Deadshot (3D Cover) 32,156
8329.84$3.99DCEarth 2 (2012)15.1 Desaad (3D Cover) 32,130
8429.57$3.99DCFlash (2011)23.1 Grodd (3D Cover) 31,837
8529.56$3.99DCEarth 2 (2012)15.2 Solomon Grundy (3D Cover) 31,828
8629.49$3.99DCJustice League of America (2013)7.2 Killer Frost (3D Cover) 31,755
8729.46$3.99DCJustice League of America (2013)7.3 Shadow Thief (3D Cover) 31,719
8829.41$2.99DCWake (2013)4 31,673327,5604,11314.92%0
8929.40$3.99DCBatman: The Dark Knight (2011)23.1 Ventriloquist (3D Cover) 31,652
9029.38$3.99DCTeen Titans (2011)23.1 Trigon (3D Cover) 31,632
9129.27$2.99DCBatman: The Dark Knight (2011)23.4 Jokers Daughter (2D Cover) 31,517
9229.20$3.99DCFlash (2011)23.3 Rogues (3D Cover) 31,441
9329.19$3.99DCTeen Titans (2011)23.2 Deathstroke (3D Cover) 31,433
9429.18$2.99MARFantastic Four (2012)12 31,4251132,665-1,240-3.80%0
9529.13$3.99DCWonder Woman (2011)23.1 Cheetah (3D Cover) 31,366
9629.01$3.99DCFlash (2011)23.2 Reverse Flash (3D Cover) 31,236
9728.97$2.99DCJustice League of America (2013)7.1 Deadshot (2D Cover) 31,191
9828.84$3.99DCBatman: The Dark Knight (2011)23.2 Mr Freeze (3D Cover) 31,052
9928.84$3.99MARCable and X-Force (2012)14 31,0521332,104-1,052-3.28%0
10028.60$3.99DCBatman: The Dark Knight (2011)23.3 Clayface (3D Cover) 30,793
10128.42$2.99DCJustice League (2011)23.4 Secret Society (2D Cover) 30,604
10227.94$2.99MARSuperior Foes of Spider-Man (2013)3 30,080234,300-4,220-12.30%0
10327.80$3.99DCBatman: The Dark Knight (2011)23.4 Jokers Daughter (3D Cover) 29,931
10427.65$2.99MARAvengers AI (2013)3 29,775237,079-7,304-19.70%0
10527.58$2.99MARThunderbolts (2012)15 29,7021430,620-918-3.00%0
10627.53$2.99DCJustice League (2011)23.1 Darkseid (2D Cover) 29,647
10727.46$3.99MARAvengers Assemble (2012)19 29,5631830,597-1,034-3.38%0
10827.29$2.99DCBatman (2011)23.2 Riddler (2D Cover) 29,386
10925.87$2.99DCJustice League of America (2013)7.2 Killer Frost (2D Cover) 27,854
11025.63$3.99BOOSons of Anarchy (2013)1 27,600 1
11125.22$2.99DCBatman (2011)23.3 Penguin (2D Cover) 27,157
11224.94$3.99DCGreen Arrow (2011)23.1 Count Vertigo (3D Cover) 26,854
11324.88$3.99DCJustice League Dark (2011)23.1 Creeper (3D Cover) 26,785
11424.74$3.99AVAGod Is Dead (2013)1 26,643 -3
11524.69$3.99DCJustice League (2011)23.3 Dial E (3D Cover) 26,581
11624.68$2.99DCGreen Lantern (2011)23.1 Relic (2D Cover) 26,576
11724.67$3.99DCJustice League Dark (2011)23.2 Eclipso (3D Cover) 26,560
11824.56$3.99DCWonder Woman (2011)23.2 First Born (3D Cover) 26,447
11924.51$2.99DCDetective Comics (2011)23.1 Poison Ivy (2D Cover) 26,389
12024.31$2.99DCBatman (2011)23.4 Bane (2D Cover) 26,175
12124.03$2.99MARYoung Avengers (2013)10 25,873926,720-847-3.17%0
12223.99$3.99DCSwamp Thing (2011)23.1 Arcane (3D Cover) 25,830
12323.97$2.99DCJustice League of America (2013)7.3 Shadow Thief (2D Cover) 25,808
12423.63$2.99MARFF (2012)12 25,4421126,243-801-3.05%0
12523.60$1.00ASPAll New Executive Assistant: Iris (2013)1 25,414 2
12623.10$3.99MARSecret Avengers (2013)9 24,869826,150-1,281-4.90%0
12722.94$2.99DCGreen Lantern (2011)23.2 Mongul (2D Cover) 24,704
12822.70$2.99DCBatman and Robin (2011)23.1 Two Face (2D Cover) 24,439
12922.60$3.99DCInjustice Gods Among Us (2013)9 24,332825,223-891-3.53%0
13022.13$2.99DCGreen Lantern (2011)23.3 Black Hand (2D Cover) 23,824
13122.02$2.99DCBatman and Robin (2011)23.2 Court of Owls (2D Cover) 23,706
13221.98$2.99DCBatman: The Dark Knight (2011)23.2 Mr Freeze (2D Cover) 23,665
13321.49$2.99DCBatman: The Dark Knight (2011)23.1 Ventriloquist (2D Cover) 23,138
13421.22$2.99MARCaptain Marvel (2012)16 22,8441523,511-667-2.84%0
13521.10$2.99DCJustice League of America (2013)7.4 Black Adam (2D Cover) 22,724
13621.04$3.99IDWMy Little Pony Micro Series (2012)8 22,655720,8681,7878.56%0
13721.02$2.99MARScarlet Spider (2012)22 22,6302123,830-1,200-5.04%0
13821.01$3.99MARPunisher: the Trial of Punisher (2013)1 22,625 0
13920.60$2.99MARAvengers Arena (2012)15 22,1791423,204-1,025-4.42%0
14020.46$2.99DCTrillium (2013)2 22,033127,641-5,608-20.29%0
14120.37$2.99DCDetective Comics (2011)23.3 Scarecrow (2D Cover) 21,934
14220.31$2.99DCBatman and Robin (2011)23.3 Ras Al Ghul (2D Cover) 21,864
14320.30$2.99DCBatman: The Dark Knight (2011)23.3 Clayface (2D Cover) 21,860
14420.19$3.50IMARat Queens (2013)1 21,744 0
14520.18$2.99DCBatman/Superman (2013)3.1 Doomsday (2D Cover) 21,725
14619.76$3.99MARA Plus X (2012)12 21,2811123,222-1,941-8.36%1
14719.68$2.99DCSuperman (2011)23.1 Bizarro (2D Cover) 21,194
14819.54$3.99MARAstonishing X-Men (2004)67 21,0436621,757-714-3.28%0
14919.50$2.99MARX-Men Legacy (2012)16 20,9941521,599-605-2.80%0
15019.30$2.99MARVenom (2011)40 20,7803920,2125682.81%0
15118.94$2.99DARBuffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 9 (2011)25 20,3912420,584-193-0.94%0
15218.93$2.99MARX-Factor (1986)262 20,38126119,7816003.03%0
15318.93$2.99MARX-Men Legacy (2012)17 20,3811620,994-613-2.92%0
15418.91$2.99DCGreen Lantern (2011)23.4 Sinestro (2D Cover) 20,366
15518.90$2.99IMAZero (2013)1 20,351 0
15618.75$2.99MARVenom (2011)41 20,1884020,780-592-2.85%0
15718.49$2.99DCFlash (2011)23.2 Reverse Flash (2D Cover) 19,909
15818.16$2.99DCSuperman (2011)23.2 Brainiac (2D Cover) 19,549
15918.10$2.99DCAquaman (2011)23.1 Black Manta (2D Cover) 19,486
16018.03$3.99MARUltimate Comics: Ultimates (2011)30 19,4192919,657-238-1.21%0
16117.99$2.99DCDetective Comics (2011)23.4 Man Bat (2D Cover) 19,367
16217.98$2.99MARDaredevil Dark Nights (2013)4 19,363320,659-1,296-6.27%0
16317.78$2.99DCBatman and Robin (2011)23.4 Killer Croc (2D Cover) 19,147
16417.60$2.99DCFlash (2011)23.1 Grodd (2D Cover) 18,956
16517.48$3.99BOOAdventure Time (2012)20 18,8211919,852-1,031-5.19%0
16617.17$2.99DCEarth 2 (2012)15.2 Solomon Grundy (2D Cover) 18,485
16717.02$3.99DCBatman Beyond Universe (2013)2 18,331123,358-5,027-21.52%0
16816.92$3.99MARUltimate Comics: X-Men (2011)31 18,2193018,634-415-2.23%0
16916.65$7.99IDWLocke and Key: Alpha (2013)1 17,930 2
17016.55$2.99DCAction Comics (2011)23.2 Zod (2D Cover) 17,818
17116.48$2.99DCEarth 2 (2012)15.1 Desaad (2D Cover) 17,746
17216.45$3.99DARTrue Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys (2013)4 17,712319,091-1,379-7.22%0
17316.42$2.99DCAction Comics (2011)23.1 Cyborg Superman (2D Cover) 17,684
17416.41$2.99DCFlash (2011)23.3 Rogues (2D Cover) 17,666
17516.38$3.99DCAstro City (2013)4 17,640318,802-1,162-6.18%0
17616.33$2.99DCJustice League Dark (2011)23.1 Creeper (2D Cover) 17,585
17716.33$3.99MARDexter3 17,585217,3042811.62%0
17816.23$2.99DCSuperman (2011)23.3 H'El (2D Cover) 17,474
17916.09$3.99IDWTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ongoing26 17,3212517,833-512-2.87%0
18016.00$3.99VALEternal Warrior (2013)1 17,223 0
18115.79$3.99IDWX Files Season 10 (2013)4 16,998317,557-559-3.18%0
18215.70$3.50IMASatellite Sam (2013)3 16,908220,752-3,844-18.52%0
18315.68$3.50IMAManhattan Projects14 16,8801317,556-676-3.85%16
18415.53$2.99DCJustice League Dark (2011)23.2 Eclipso (2D Cover) 16,718
18515.45$2.99DCTeen Titans (2011)23.2 Deathstroke (2D Cover) 16,636
18615.39$3.50IMAFatale (2013)17 16,5701617,045-475-2.79%6
18715.30$2.99DCAction Comics (2011)23.3 Lex Luthor (2D Cover) 16,479
18815.03$2.99MARGambit (2012)17 16,1861616,753-567-3.38%0
18914.99$2.99DCWonder Woman (2011)23.1 Cheetah (2D Cover) 16,136
19014.87$3.99DCAdventures of Superman (2013)5 16,010417,370-1,360-7.83%0
19114.87$2.99DCAquaman (2011)23.2 Ocean Master (2D Cover) 16,006
19214.80$2.99DCWonder Woman (2011)23.2 First Born (2D Cover) 15,934
19314.79$3.99DERed Sonja (2013)3 15,927218,327-2,400-13.10%0
19414.71$3.99MARFearless Defenders (2013)9 15,840816,653-813-4.88%0
19514.59$3.99MARWolverine Max (2012)11 15,7061016,057-351-2.19%0
19614.53$2.99DCAction Comics (2011)23.4 Metallo (2D Cover) 15,641
19714.49$2.99DCTeen Titans (2011)23.1 Trigon (2D Cover) 15,606
19814.48$3.99BOOAdventure Time Candy Capers3 15,586217,050-1,464-8.59%0
19914.08$3.99DCLegends of the Dark Knight (2012)12 15,1651115,546-381-2.45%0
20014.01$2.99IMASpawn235 15,08023415,930-850-5.34%0
20113.86$2.99DARStar Wars Legacy II7 14,923615,394-471-3.06%0
20213.69$2.99DCGreen Arrow (2011)23.1 Count Vertigo (2D Cover) 14,740
20313.59$2.99DCFables (2002)133 14,63813214,893-255-1.71%0
20413.52$2.99DCSuperman (2011)23.4 Parasite (2D Cover) 14,561
20513.50$2.99IMASidekick (2013)2 14,532127,832-13,300-47.79%1
20613.46$3.99IDWDoctor Who (2012) v313 14,4981210,2204,27841.86%-1
20713.41$2.99IMAInvincible (2003)105 14,43610414,733-297-2.02%7
20813.14$3.99DCSmallville Season 1117 14,1531614,640-487-3.33%0
20912.68$2.99DCBatman Lil Gotham6 13,654514,696-1,042-7.09%0
21012.33$2.99DCFairest (2012)19 13,2781813,511-233-1.72%0
21112.17$2.99DCSwamp Thing (2011)23.1 Arcane (2D Cover) 13,103
21212.14$2.99IMASex7 13,073614,488-1,415-9.77%0
21312.06$3.99DCBatman Arkham Unhinged18 12,9831713,360-377-2.82%0
21411.68$2.99DCFederal Bureau of Physics (2013)3 12,580212,661-81-0.64%0
21511.52$2.99IMAChew36 12,4023512,818-416-3.25%3
21611.48$3.50DARStar Wars Dark Times Spark Remains3 12,358212,559-201-1.60%0
21711.38$2.99IMARevival14 12,2541312,549-295-2.35%1
21811.07$2.99DARItty Bitty Hellboy2 11,916115,545-3,629-23.35%0
21911.00$2.99IMACyber Force6 11,843 9
22010.98$3.50DARConan the Barbarian20 11,8281912,105-277-2.29%0
22110.77$3.99AVAUber5 11,598412,030-432-3.59%-3
22210.66$3.99DEShadow Year One5 11,476412,352-876-7.09%10
22310.58$3.99IDWStar Trek Ongoing25 11,3882410,8865024.61%1
22410.36$2.99IMAReality Check (2013)1 11,152 0
22510.19$2.99ARCSonic the Hedgehog252 10,96825112,782-1,814-14.19%0
22610.08$3.99VALX-O Manowar (2012)17 10,8591611,019-160-1.45%0
2279.97$3.99VALQuantum and Woody (2013)3 10,734212,818-2,084-16.26%0
2289.91$2.99MARMorbius the Living Vampire (2013)9 10,675811,390-715-6.28%0
2299.57$3.95MARPowers: Bureau (2013)7 10,306610,883-577-5.30%4
2309.52$3.99IDWTransformers: Regeneration One (2013)0 10,249 1
2319.50$3.99VALBloodshot and Hard Corps (2013)14 10,225 0
2329.47$3.99VALHarbinger (2012)16 10,1991512,086-1,887-15.61%0
2339.45$3.99IDWDanger Girl: the Chase (2013)1 10,180 -3
2349.35$3.99VALShadowman (2012)10 10,06499,8951691.71%0
2359.27$3.99IDWTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Villain Microseries6 9,977510,343-366-3.54%-1
2369.20$3.99VALArcher and Armstrong (2012)13 9,910129,971-61-0.61%0
2379.18$3.99DEShadow17 9,880169,4843964.18%3
2388.93$3.99DCAme Comi Girls (2013)7 9,61669,979-363-3.64%0
2398.90$3.50DARBPRD Hell On Earth111 9,5871109,842-255-2.59%0
2408.80$3.99DEKings Watch (2013)1 9,471 0
2418.73$2.99IMASheltered (2013)3 9,40029,836-436-4.43%0
2428.70$2.99IMAGhosted3 9,373210,414-1,041-10.00%0
2438.69$3.50DARKing Conan Hour of the Dragon5 9,35849,492-134-1.41%0
2448.68$3.99IDWOther Dead (2013)1 9,346 2
2458.60$3.99IDWTransformers More Than Meets Eye21 9,258209,402-144-1.53%0
2468.59$2.99ARCSonic Universe56 9,253559,239140.15%0
2478.55$4.99DCDjango Unchained7 9,20369,938-735-7.40%2
2488.34$2.99DCUnwritten (2009)53 8,982529,033-51-0.56%0
2498.26$2.99DC100 Bullets Brother Lono4 8,891310,051-1,160-11.54%0
2508.15$3.99DARHalo Initiation (2013)2 8,771112,584-3,813-30.30%0
2518.12$3.99IDWTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles New Animated Adventures3 8,744210,304-1,560-15.14%1
2528.08$3.99DEArmy of Darkness vs Hack Slash2 8,702110,923-2,221-20.33%2
2538.04$3.99IDWMars Attacks Judge Dredd (2013)1 8,657 -2
2548.01$3.99DCArrow (2012)11 8,621109,028-407-4.51%0
2557.75$3.99ABSRachel Rising19 8,348188,504-156-1.83%2
2567.69$3.50DARBaltimore: the Infernal Train (2013)1 8,280 0
2577.68$3.99IDWGI Joe (2011)8 8,26678,644-378-4.37%0
2587.62$3.99DEMocking Dead (2013)1 8,208 0
2597.47$2.99ARCMega Man29 8,042288,404-362-4.31%1
2607.43$4.99BONSimpsons Treehouse of Horror19 8,003187,7452583.33%1
2617.41$2.99IMABounce (2013)5 7,98149,326-1,345-14.42%0
2627.39$3.99DEBattlestar Galactica4 7,95539,200-1,245-13.53%6
2637.33$2.99DCCatwoman (2011)23*7,896 0
2647.29$3.99MAREmerald City of Oz3 7,84728,487-640-7.54%0
2657.20$3.99DECodename: Action (2013)1 7,752 0
2667.18$3.99BOOHit (2013)1 7,729 -1
2677.16$3.50IMAPeter Panzerfaust14 7,714138,419-705-8.37%0
2687.13$2.99IMAInvincible Universe6 7,67558,154-479-5.87%0
2697.07$2.99IMATodd the Ugliest Kid On Earth5 7,61847,1135057.10%3
2707.00$3.50IMAMorning Glories31 7,538307,883-345-4.38%1
2716.94$3.99BOORobocop Last Stand2 7,47619,959-2,483-24.93%1
2726.92$3.99DEShadow/Green Hornet: Dark Nights (2013)3 7,45428,756-1,302-14.87%0
2736.89$2.99ZENGrimm Fairy Tales Grimm Fairy Tales89 7,423886,0231,40023.24%-2
2746.86$3.99IDWMy Little Pony Friendship Is Magic (2012)10*7,385 1
2756.78$3.99DARKiss Me Satan (2013)1 7,305 0
2766.78$2.99ZENGrimm Fairy Tales Wonderland Down Rabbit Hole4 7,29936,1871,11217.97%1
2776.75$2.99IMAWitchblade169 7,2711687,176951.32%3
2786.67$3.99DELords of Mars (2013)2 7,179 0
2796.60$3.99IDWTransformers Monstrosity4 7,10937,361-252-3.42%1
2806.59$3.99IDWGhostbusters7 7,09767,253-156-2.15%6
2816.53$2.99ZENGrimm Fairy Tales Wonderland14 7,034137,253-219-3.02%2
2826.53$3.99DEMiss Fury6 7,02957,639-610-7.99%3
2836.49$3.99AVACrossed Badlands36 6,990356,7372533.76%4
2846.47$2.99UNISpongebob Comics24 6,965237,001-36-0.51%0
2856.46$3.99IDWGI Joe Special Missions7 6,95767,493-536-7.15%2
2866.44$3.99DEDejah Thoris and Green Men of Mars6 6,93157,009-78-1.11%8
2876.41$3.99BOOBravest Warriors12 6,898117,049-151-2.14%0
2886.36$3.99DARMass Effect Foundation3 6,84927,310-461-6.31%0
2896.33$3.99IDWGodzilla Rulers of the Earth4 6,82037,080-260-3.67%0
2906.26$2.99DCTom Strong and the Planet of Peril (2013)3 6,74627,593-847-11.16%0
2916.26$3.99DEGarth Ennis Red Team5 6,73647,562-826-10.92%11
2926.22$3.99DEGrimm5 6,69547,413-718-9.69%0
2936.17$2.99DARBrain Boy (2013)1 6,639 0
2946.12$3.99IDWGI Joe Cobra Files6 6,59556,901-306-4.43%-2
2956.11$2.99ZENHit List (2013)1 6,581 -2
2966.09$2.99ZENGrimm Fairy Tales Wonderland15 6,558147,034-476-6.77%0
2976.03$4.99DEShadow 2013 Annual 6,497 1
2986.01$5.99AVACrossed Special 2013 6,472 -1
2996.00$3.50ARAMouse Guard Legends of the Guard (2010) v22 6,464 5
3005.99$3.50IMAHoax Hunters10 6,44834,4042,04446.41%0
3015.94$2.95BROTarot Witch of the Black Rose82 6,400816,707-307-4.58%0
3025.90$2.99IMAMind the Gap14 6,350136,872-522-7.60%5
3035.84$3.99DEWarlord of Mars Dejah Thoris29 6,293286,366-73-1.15%8
3045.84$1.00IDW100 Penny Press Locke and Key1 6,287 2
3055.77$3.99BOOHerobear and the Kid Inheritance2 6,20818,188-1,980-24.18%0
3065.75$2.99IMAClone10 6,18795,9542333.91%3
3075.72$3.50ARAMouse Guard Legends of the Guard (2010) v23 6,16226,464-302-4.67%4
3085.67$2.99IMAAphrodite Ix5 6,10549,186-3,081-33.54%1
3095.53$3.99DARBuzzkill (2013)1 5,951 0
3105.51$2.99DARX5 5,93646,471-535-8.27%0
3115.41$3.99IDWTransformers Prime Beast Hunters5 5,82746,691-864-12.91%1
3125.37$1.99BIGShahrazad Prologue 5,781 1
3135.24$3.99IDWThunder Agents (2013)2 5,644110,737-5,093-47.43%-1
3145.09$2.99ZENGrimm Fairy Tales No Tomorrow2 5,48617,880-2,394-30.38%0
3154.97$2.99BONBart Simpson Comics86 5,356855,317390.73%0
3164.95$3.99BOOSix Gun Gorilla4 5,33235,751-419-7.29%1
3174.94$3.99BOOSuicide Risk5 5,32045,962-642-10.77%0
3184.88$2.99ZENGrimm Fairy Tales Hunters Shadowlands4 5,25924,69956011.92%1
3194.87$3.99DARMind Mgmt15 5,242145,320-78-1.47%0
3204.86$3.99IMAProphet39 5,231385,366-135-2.52%7
3214.85$2.99DARCaptain Midnight (2013)3 5,22525,988-763-12.74%0
3224.81$3.99DEVampirella34 5,175335,445-270-4.96%2
3234.72$2.99IMASaga (2012)13*5,079
3244.68$3.99BOOClive Barker Next Testament4 5,03726,832-1,795-26.27%4
3254.67$3.99IDWMy Little Pony Friendship Is Magic (2012)9*5,030 2
3264.65$3.99DEPathfinder Goblins2 5,00216,609-1,607-24.32%0
3274.60$3.99IDWHalf Past Danger5 4,95545,164-209-4.05%-1
3284.59$3.99ZENGrimm Fairy Tales Zombies Cursed3 4,94725,580-633-11.34%-2
3294.58$2.99MARMarvel Universe Ultimate Spider Man18 4,937174,999-62-1.24%0
3304.57$3.99DEVampirella Southern Gothic2 4,91715,836-919-15.75%0
3314.53$2.99ZENGrimm Fairy Tales Realm Knights2 4,87516,550-1,675-25.57%0
3324.49$2.99DCScooby Doo Where Are You37 4,840364,903-63-1.28%0
3334.47$3.99DEBlack Bat5 4,81545,541-726-13.10%0
3344.42$3.99DARStrain the Fall3 4,76325,324-561-10.54%0
3354.41$3.99BOOPeanuts v212 4,752114,833-81-1.68%1
3364.33$7.99DARDark Horse Presents28 4,666274,673-7-0.15%0
3374.32$2.99DARCatalyst Comix (2013)3 4,65625,784-1,128-19.50%0
3384.32$4.99IMALove Stories to Die for1 4,649 0
3394.30$2.99ZENScrewed4 4,63034,4381924.33%-3
3404.30$3.99DCJustice League Dark (2011)23*4,625 0
3414.25$3.99IMAArtifacts31 4,579304,880-301-6.17%3
3424.24$2.99MARMarvel Universe Avengers Earths Heroes18 4,568174,636-68-1.47%0
3434.21$3.99DEThe Lone Ranger18 4,537174,650-113-2.43%15
3444.21$4.99BOOAdventure Time Summer Special 2013 4,531
3454.13$1.95MARDeadpool Kills Deadpool (2013)1*4,452
3464.13$2.99IMAGreat Pacific10 4,44694,721-275-5.83%2
3474.09$3.99IMADarkness115 4,4091134,577-168-3.67%12
3484.05$3.99ASPBubblegun (2013)3 4,36625,681-1,315-23.15%5
3494.04$3.99DAREmpowered Special5 4,34544,721-376-7.96%0
3504.00$3.99DEOwl3 4,30725,114-807-15.78%0
3513.88$3.99IDWDoctor Who Classics4*4,178
3523.87$3.99IMASavage Dragon191 4,1621905,078-916-18.04%4
3533.81$3.99IDWJudge Dredd Classics3 4,10124,419-318-7.20%1
3543.79$2.99ARCArchie647 4,0766424,812-736-15.30%0
3553.77$3.99DARCriminal Macabre: Eyes of Frankenstein (2013)1 4,062 0
3563.69$3.99AVAAbsolution Rubicon3 3,97015,631-1,661-29.50%-3
3573.65$3.99DEJennifer Blood31 3,934284,343-409-9.42%0
3583.64$3.99BOODeathmatch9 3,92455,222-1,298-24.86%1
3593.61$4.99DEThe Lone Ranger 2013 Annual 3,891 0
3603.59$3.99DARResident Alien: Suicide Blonde (2013)1 3,863 0
3613.57$3.99IDWDungeons and Dragons Cutter5 3,84234,445-603-13.57%2
3623.55$3.50BLABallistic2 3,82116,048-2,227-36.82%6
3633.53$3.99DEThe Spider14 3,799104,504-705-15.65%8
3643.48$3.99ASPSoulfire v47 3,74734,763-1,016-21.33%17
3653.47$3.99DCJustice League Dark (2011)22*3,732
3663.47$3.99DEBionic Man23 3,732185,058-1,326-26.22%6
3673.44$3.50BLA12 Reasons to Die3 3,706111,834-8,128-68.68%6
3683.41$3.99IDWHaunted Horror6 3,672 1
3693.39$3.99DARDream Thief5 3,65224,985-1,333-26.74%0
3703.38$3.99MARWolverine in Flesh (2013)1 3,644
3713.37$3.99ONISixth Gun34 3,633324,278-645-15.08%0
3723.36$2.99IMAWalking Dead the Governor Special *3,616
3733.34$3.99DEBionic Man24 3,594233,732-138-3.70%7
3743.32$3.99DCJustice League of America (2013)6*3,579 1
3753.24$3.99BOOHellraiser Dark Watch8 3,48934,592-1,103-24.02%0
3763.15$4.99MARInfinity (2013)1*3,391
3773.11$2.75REDAtomic Robo Real Science Adventures11 3,35233,843-491-12.78%10
3783.11$3.99ASPExecutive Assistant Iris v35 3,350 20
3793.05$3.99DEGreen Hornet Legacy41 3,289 1
3802.99$2.99DCTrinity of Sin: Pandora (2013)2*3,215
3812.97$3.99ASPExecutive Assistant Assassins15 3,20134,584-1,383-30.17%0
3822.97$4.99BOOPlanet of the Apes Giant (2013)1 3,198 0
3832.92$3.99DCBatman/Superman (2013)2*3,143 3
3842.91$3.99DEDamsels Mermaids5 3,13316,564-3,431-52.27%1
3852.90$3.99BOOGarfield17 3,11854,844-1,726-35.63%0
3862.89$3.99AVAStitched16 3,11384,888-1,775-36.31%4
3872.85$4.99DCForever Evil (2013)1 3,072 0
3882.85$3.99DEDark Shadows20 3,071114,661-1,590-34.11%6
3892.82$3.99ASPCharismagic (2013) v25 3,03824,446-1,408-31.67%0
3902.81$1.95MARSuperior Foes of Spider-Man (2013)1*3,030
3912.81$2.99DCFederal Bureau of Physics (2013)1*3,025
3922.77$3.99DEDark Shadows Year One6 2,97915,270-2,291-43.47%2
3932.76$3.99BOO3 Guns2 2,977 0
3942.73$3.99IDWDinosaurs Attack3 2,944 1
3952.73$2.99NEWWatson and Holmes3 2,937 0
3962.69$5.99KENKnights of the Dinner Table201 2,899 6
3972.60$3.95MARTakio4 2,79925,338-2,539-47.56%42
3982.52$3.99ONIMysterious Strangers4 2,71329,805-7,092-72.33%0
3992.43$3.99DARMichael Avon Oemings Victories5 2,620 0
4002.42$2.99IMABlackacre10 2,60644,253-1,647-38.73%0

Legend: Qty Rank = Quantity Rank, Index = Diamond Order Index, Pub = Publisher, # = Issue Number, R = Reorder, Est Sales = Estimated Sales, Prev Issue = Previous Issue, Prev Issue Est Sales = Previous Issue Estimated Sales, WL = Weeks Late


18.60$9.99IMAEast of West v1: The Promise9,2589,258
24.85$24.99DCJustice League v3: Throne of Atlantis (N52)5,2265,226
34.82$19.99DARStar Wars v1: In the Shadow of Yavin5,1935,193
44.66$34.99IMAWalking Dead v95,0155,015
54.42$12.99IMAWalking Dead 100 Project4,7644,764
64.26$16.99DCJustice League v2: The Villains Journey (N52)4,5894,589
74.00$9.99IMASaga v14,30370,950
83.96$14.99IMASaga v24,26334,149
93.87$17.99IDWMy Little Pony Friendship Is Magic v24,1694,169
103.72$34.99MARSuperior Spider Man v14,0024,002
113.55$22.99DCUnwritten Tommy Taylor and the Ship That Sank Twice3,8233,823
123.25$7.99IMACentury West Ogn3,5033,503
133.11$29.99DCGreen Lantern Rise of the Third Army (N52)3,3443,344
143.07$16.99DCAnimal Man v3: Rotworld the Red Kingdom (N52)3,3066,718
153.03$12.99IMAMorning Glories v53,2603,260
163.03$14.99DCWonder Woman v2: Guts (N52)3,2593,259
173.01$24.99DCShazam v1: (N52)3,2393,239
182.92$16.99DCAmerican Vampire v43,1443,144
192.79$75.00MARAge of Ultron3,0073,007
202.71$24.99DCWonder Woman v3: Iron (N52)2,9142,914
212.52$17.99DARBPRD 19482,7092,709
222.50$24.99MARAll New X Men v3: Out of Their Depth (Now)2,6962,696
232.46$14.99DCBatman Legends of the Dark Knight v12,6472,647
242.34$14.99DCBatwoman v2: To Drown the World (N52)2,5202,520
252.33$22.99DCBatwoman v3: Worlds Finest (N52)2,5052,505
262.28$9.99IMAFive Ghosts v1: Haunting of Fabian Gray2,4532,453
272.20$10.99RANSailor Moon Short Stories v12,3722,372
282.19$19.99MAROnce Upon a Time Shadow of the Queen2,3612,361
292.12$19.99MARX Men Days of Future Past2,27911,395
302.06$14.99IMAWalking Dead v1: Days Gone Bye2,220296,086
311.98$17.99IMALegend of Luther Strode v22,1322,132
321.92$14.99DCGreen Arrow v3: Harrow (N52)2,0702,070
331.90$17.99MARWolverine and X Men By Jason Aaron v62,0472,047
341.89$24.99DCBatman the Long Halloween2,03360,556
351.88$17.99DCBatman the Killing Joke2,025106,642
361.80$16.99DCArrow v11,9391,939
371.79$24.99MARNova Origin (Now)1,9301,930
381.77$15.99MARAvengers Arena v2: Game On (Now)1,9071,907
391.74$24.99MARYoung Marvel Little X Men Little Avengers Big Trouble1,8691,869
401.73$34.99MARShield By Steranko Complete Collection1,8671,867
411.73$17.99IDWDoctor Who Prisoners of Time v21,8601,860
421.68$14.99DCY the Last Man v1: Unmanned1,80983,596
431.64$24.99MARIndestructible Hulk v2: Gods and Monster (Now)1,7651,765
441.61$15.99MARThunderbolts v2: Red Scare (Now)1,7351,735
451.61$19.99DARBlade of the Immortal v27: Mist Spiders Web1,7331,733
461.58$14.99DCAme Comi Girls v11,7041,704
471.55$19.99ONISixth Gun v51,6691,669
481.53$19.99DCSandman v3: Dream Country1,6437,516
491.51$17.99DARAngel and Faith v4: Death and Consequences1,6211,621
501.50$16.99DCBatman v1: The Court of Owls (N52)1,61518,829
511.48$16.99DCNecessary Evil the Villains of the DC Universe1,5971,597
521.45$34.99MARInfinity Gauntlet Aftermath1,5621,562
531.45$18.99DARStar Wars Dark Times v6: Fire Carrier1,5561,556
541.42$34.99BOOAdventure Time Mathematical Ed v21,5271,527
551.40$14.99IMAWalking Dead v18: What Comes After1,50834,967
561.36$14.99VALHarbinger Wars1,4621,462
571.36$16.99MARHawkeye v1: My Life As Weapon (Now)1,46121,185
591.33$19.99DCPreacher v21,43616,485
601.32$19.99DCSecret Society of Super Villains v11,4181,418
611.31$9.99VIZOne Piece v681,4141,414
621.30$15.99MARUltimate Comics X Men By Brian Wood v21,4011,401
631.30$19.99DCSandman v2: The Dolls House1,39918,322
641.26$19.99MAREssential Avengers v91,3521,352
651.25$24.99MAREnders Game Graphic Novel1,3481,348
661.25$19.99DCSandman v5: A Game of You1,3443,851
671.24$99.99MARUncanny X Men Omnibus v11,3351,335
681.24$39.99MARInhumans By Paul Jenkins and Jae Lee1,3311,331
691.23$11.99ARCSonic the Hedgehog Select v81,3231,323
701.20$16.99BONSimpsons Comics Colossal Compendium v11,2951,295
711.19$19.99DCBatman Dark Knight Returns1,28691,992
721.18$24.99DCBatman Death By Design Deluxe Ed1,2669,461
731.18$14.99VALHarbinger v3: Harbinger Wars1,2661,266
741.16$15.99IMAFive Weapons Making the Grade1,2511,251
751.16$9.99DARNg Evangelion Shinji Detective Diary v11,2491,249
761.15$14.99ARCArchie 1000 Pg Comics Extravaganza1,2401,240
771.15$16.99DCStormwatch v3: Betrayal (N52)1,2371,237
781.14$29.99MARSpider Man 2099 v21,2291,229
791.13$15.99MARDeadpool v1: Dead Presidents (Now)1,22129,095
801.13$17.95RANLenore Purple Nurples1,2211,221
811.13$16.99MARHawkeye v2: Little Hits (Now)1,21912,036
821.13$29.99ONIStumptown v21,2161,216
831.12$19.99DCSandman v6: Fables and Reflections1,2113,677
841.12$39.95PUBRasl Comp1,2111,211
851.10$69.99MARMarvel Masterworks Daredevil v71,1851,185
861.08$19.99DCSandman v1: Preludes and Nocturnes1,16829,517
871.07$34.99MARUltimate Comics Divided We Fall United We Stand1,1571,157
881.07$24.99DCBatman Hush Complete1,15556,186
891.06$24.99DCBatman Bruce Wayne the Road Home1,1454,070
901.06$14.99IMAWalking Dead v2: Miles Behind Us1,140169,159
911.04$17.99IDWMy Little Pony Friendship Is Magic v11,1218,069
921.03$49.99DCLegends of the Dark Knight Jim Aparo v21,1141,114
931.03$14.99MARDeadpool Kills Marvel Universe1,10516,424
941.02$19.99MARKick Ass1,09911,199
951.01$39.99MARInhumans Origin of Inhumans1,0841,084
961.00$12.99DCFables v1: Legends in Exile1,08013,470
970.99$16.99DCJustice League v1: Origin (N52)1,07114,018
980.99$11.99HACSoul Eater v161,0631,063
990.97$19.99DARConan Phenomenon1,0451,045
1000.96$16.95TH3Stuff of Legend v4: Toy Collector1,0361,036
1010.96$19.99IDWLocke and Key v1: Welcome to Lovecraft1,03420,212
1020.94$19.99DCSandman v7: Brief Lives1,0163,469
1040.93$22.99DCBatman Eye of the Beholder9972,971
1050.92$34.95UDOStreet Fighter Origins Akuma995995
1060.92$9.99IMACyber Force Rebirth v1989989
1070.91$10.99RANAttack On Titan v6976976
1080.90$19.99MARKick Ass 29689,756
1090.90$24.99DARBest of Milligan and Mccarthy966966
1100.88$14.99DCAquaman v1: The Trench (N52)9496,966
1110.88$14.99DCBatman Year One94860,053
1120.87$6.99IDWMy Little Pony Digest v19415,008
1130.87$14.99IMASpawn Origins v19937937
1140.86$19.99IDWTransformers Robots in Disguise v4927927
1150.86$15.99MARRed She Hulk v2: Route 616 (Now)923923
1160.85$22.99DCBatman Through the Looking Glass9197,780
1170.85$14.99IMAWalking Dead Spanish Language Ed v1918918
1180.85$10.99DAROreimo v4916916
1190.85$19.99DARSin Titulo914914
1200.83$17.99IDWJudge Dredd v2897897
1210.83$14.99IMALost Vegas893893
1220.82$29.99DARSmoke Ashes883883
1230.82$24.95ARACyborg 009882882
1240.82$24.95ARAClassic Space 1999 Everything That Was878878
1250.82$34.99DARStar Wars Legacy v2878878
1260.82$3.99MARMarvel Universe Thor Comic Reader #1878878
1270.81$9.99VIZPokemon Adventures v18875875
1280.81$14.99DARHalloween Legion Great Goblin Invasion868868
1290.80$39.99MARIron Man Epic Collection Enemy Within864864
1300.79$120.00GENConan Red Nails Original Art Archives855855
1310.78$16.99DCWorld of Warcraft Pearl of Pandaria837837
1320.76$14.99IMAWalking Dead v3: Safety Behind Bars822132,323
1330.76$19.99IDWTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Classics v6817817
1340.76$34.99MARAvengers vs X Men Avx8135,125
1350.75$19.99DCBatman the Greatest Stories Ever Told v2812812
1360.75$29.99MARMarvel Masterworks Atlas Era Tales to Astonish v1812812
1370.75$16.99MARWhat If Avx806806
1380.74$12.99IMARevival v1: You'Re Among Friends8009,836
1390.74$17.99DCSuperman Red Son79645,450
1400.74$19.99DCV for Vendetta New Edition79627,040
1410.74$14.99IMAWalking Dead v17: Something to Fear79448,103
1420.73$17.99MARSuperior Spider Man v1: My Own Worst Enemy (Now)7817,616
1430.72$17.99DCArkham Asylum Anniversary Ed77938,405
1440.72$44.99MARWolverine Return of Weapon X773773
1450.72$9.99RANDmc Devil May Cry Chronicles of Vergil770770
1470.70$14.99DCNeil Youngs Greendale755755
1480.70$24.99DCBatman v2: The City of Owls (N52)75115,794
1490.70$14.99BOOAdventure Time v175025,144
1500.69$14.99DCBatman Rip74618,496
1510.69$24.99MARCivil War746102,108
1520.69$19.99DEDanger Girl Army of Darkness744744
1530.69$9.99IMAChew v174147,505
1540.69$29.99MARWolverine Old Man Logan74126,583
1560.68$19.99DCWonder Woman the Greatest Stories Ever Told730730
1570.67$10.99DARAvatar Last Airbender v5: Search Part 27249,422
1580.67$14.95TOPMarch v17242,865
1590.67$17.99DARCriminal Macabre Final Night 30 Days Night Xover722722
1600.67$39.99IMAMorning Glories Dlx v2721721
1610.67$10.99RANFairy Tail v29718718
1620.66$15.99MARDeadpool v2: Soul Hunter (Now)70612,706
1630.65$29.99MARShield Nick Fury vs Shield704704
1640.65$14.99IMAWalking Dead v4: Hearts Desire697111,333
1650.64$14.99VIZDragonball 3 in 1 Ed v2694694
1660.64$17.99MARSuperior Spider Man v2: Troubled Mind (Now)6904,194
1670.62$13.95RANChi Sweet Home v10671671
1680.62$19.99MARKick Ass 2 Prelude Hit Girl6655,391
1690.62$47.99DIARoy Thomas Presents Phantom Lady Coll Works v2664664
1700.61$54.99MARMarvel Masterworks Incredible Hulk v46623,185
1710.61$54.99MARMarvel Masterworks Uncanny X Men v66622,741
1720.61$9.99VIZMidnight Secretary v1661661
1730.61$49.99MARMarvel Masterworks Human Torch v16581,745
1740.61$19.99DCBlackest Night65324,828
1750.60$16.99DCBatman and Son6518,761
1760.60$54.99MARMarvel Masterworks Sub Mariner v2651651
1770.60$9.99MARMarvel Universe Ultimate Spider Man Digest v4650650
1780.60$9.99VIZLegend of Zelda v16484,455
1790.60$14.99BOOSupurbia v2645645
1800.59$14.99BOOHellraiser Dark Watch v1636636
1810.59$19.99DCSuperman Batman the Greatest Stories Ever Told6351,220
1820.59$24.99MARPacific Rim Tales From Year Zero6345,072
1830.59$19.99DCJLA the Greatest Stories Ever Told633633
1840.58$54.99MARMarvel Masterworks Warlock v1629629
1850.58$19.99IDWLocke and Key v2: Head Games6288,332
1860.58$49.99DAREerie Archives v14620620
1870.57$14.99IMAManhattan Projects v1: Science Bad61917,576
1880.57$54.99MARMarvel Masterworks Captain Marvel v2619619
1890.57$16.99DCBatman the Black Mirror6176,748
1900.57$29.95ARAA Tale of Sand6153,450
1910.57$54.99MARMarvel Masterworks Mighty Thor v66143,152
1920.57$125.00MARIron Man By Kurt Busiek and Sean Chen Omnibus612612
1930.57$14.99DCNightwing v1: Traps and Trapezes (N52)61110,096
1940.56$14.99IMAWalking Dead v5: Best Defense60892,754
1950.56$24.99MARInfinity Gauntlet60616,490
1960.56$54.99MARMarvel Masterworks Fantastic Four v65991,133
1970.56$69.99VIZLegend of Zelda Box Set5991,186
1980.55$19.99MARDark Tower Gunslinger Last Shots595595
1990.55$14.95RANTropic of the Sea595595
2000.55$12.95DCBatman Detective #275923,338
2010.55$17.99IDWGI Joe Cobra Files v1591591
2020.55$29.95HUMMadwoman of the Sacred Heart590590
2030.55$24.99DCNew Teen Titans Games58910,120
2040.54$14.99MARDeadpool Killustrated5866,813
2050.54$14.99VIZNaruto 3in1 Ed v6582582
2060.54$49.99IDWStar Trek Newspaper Strip v2577577
2070.53$39.99IDWJoe Hill the Cape Deluxe Ed574574
2080.53$10.99RANGenshiken Second Season v3573573
2090.53$49.99UDOStreet Fighter Classic v1: Hadoken570570
2100.53$49.99DARKorak Son of Tarzan Archives v2568568
2110.52$19.99AVAStitched v2564564
2120.52$14.99DCWonder Woman v1: Blood (N52)5626,865
2130.52$17.99DCBatwoman v1: Elegy55811,577
2140.52$16.99DCFlash v1: Move Forward (N52)5585,677
2150.52$12.99IMAChew v7: Bad Apples5566,014
2160.51$39.95DRAComix Retrospective Spiegelman554554
2170.51$12.99DARBlood Blockade Battlefront v4553553
2180.51$19.99IDWTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures v15531,912
2190.51$19.99DCSandman v4: Season of Mists5523,312
2200.51$14.99IMAWalking Dead v6: Sorrowful Life55086,489
2210.51$34.99DCCamelot 3000 Deluxe Edition5483,473
2220.51$16.99DCBatman Detective Comics v1: Faces of Death (N52)5462,084
2230.50$22.99DCSuperman Grounded v15392,516
2240.50$14.99IMARevival v2: Live Like You Mean It5344,352
2250.50$34.99MARAvengers Iron Man First Sign534534
2260.49$19.99IDWLocke and Key v3: Crown of Shadows5276,719
2270.49$14.99MARDeadpool v1: Secret Invasion52729,095
2280.49$19.99ONIDiesel Sweeties v1: Im a Rocker I Rock Out526526
2290.49$14.99BOOAdventure Time v252513,380
2300.48$14.99IMAFatale v1: Death Chases Me52114,056
2310.48$29.99MARDeadpool Classic v151711,626
2320.48$24.99ONIScott Pilgrim Color v15178,562
2330.48$49.99MARMarvel Masterworks Ant Man Giant Man v15151,834
2340.48$34.99ST.Boxers and Saints Boxed Set515515
2350.47$24.99FANEverybody Is Stupid Except for Me Expanded Ed511511
2360.47$24.99IDWStar Trek Best of Klingons510510
2370.47$39.99DCDC Universe Secret Origins5071,513
2380.47$14.99IMAManhattan Projects v25049,323
2390.47$17.99DARUmbrella Academy v1: Apocalypse Suite50215,926
2400.47$19.99IDWLocke and Key v4: Keys to the Kingdom5024,069
2410.47$12.99DCSuperman Shazam First Thunder5013,891
2420.46$54.99MARMarvel Masterworks Avengers v85002,453
2430.46$24.99DCJustice League the Rise and Fall4982,043
2440.46$29.99DCDeath the Deluxe Edition4952,886
2450.46$39.95DCSandman v6: Fables and Reflections492492
2460.45$19.99DCTales of the Batman Tim Sale4893,293
2470.45$14.99DCNightwing v2: Night of the Owls (N52)4885,178
2480.45$14.99IMAWalking Dead v9: Here We Remain48880,566
2490.45$54.99MARMarvel Masterworks Defenders v14882,440
2500.45$19.99DCBatman Incorporated4863,669
2510.45$17.99DCKingdom Come48645,839
2520.45$14.99BOOAdventure Time v34858,448
2530.45$39.95DCSandman v5: A Game of You485485
2540.45$54.99MARMarvel Masterworks Fantastic Four v114842,539
2550.45$34.99DCDC Universe Legacies4831,943
2560.45$12.99IMAWalking Dead Survivors Guide4817,213
2570.45$16.99DCShowcase Presents Batgirl v14805,641
2580.44$14.99IMAWalking Dead v16: A Larger World47851,497
2590.44$12.99IMAChew v2: International Flavor47725,135
2600.44$22.99DCGreen Lantern Corps the Weaponer4732,460
2610.43$59.99IMAWalking Dead Compendium v146844,326
2620.43$19.99IDWKiss Greatest Hits v4467467
2630.43$19.99DCSandman v8: Worlds End466466
2640.43$19.99AVADan the Unharmable v2465465
2650.43$49.99MARMarvel Masterworks Rawhide Kid v1462462
2660.43$14.99VIZBleach 3in1 Ed v6462462
2670.43$24.99DCBatman v1: The Court of Owls (N52)46133,113
2680.43$34.99MARDeadpool By Daniel Way Complete Coll v14603,760
2690.43$54.99MARMarvel Masterworks Uncanny X Men v24601,866
2700.42$14.99IMAWalking Dead v7: The Calm Before45578,706
2710.42$22.99DCBatman Earth One45252,442
2720.42$22.99DCSuperman Grounded v24511,975
2730.42$14.99DCTransmetropolitan v1: Back On the Street44828,371
2740.42$9.99VIZLegend of Zelda v24482,742
2750.42$27.99DIAJudge Dredd Day of Chaos Endgame447447
2760.41$9.99VIZPsyren v12445445
2770.41$19.99BOOHypernaturals v2437437
2780.41$14.99IMAWalking Dead v8: Made to Suffer43777,408
2790.40$7.99VIZBen 10 Omniverse v1: Ghost Ship435435
2800.40$54.99MARMarvel Masterworks Avengers v94322,290
2810.40$14.99IMAFatale v34315,695
2820.40$19.99DELone Ranger v6: Native Ground427427
2830.40$54.99MARMarvel Masterworks Captain America v44272,483
2840.40$54.99MARMarvel Masterworks Daredevil v4427427
2850.40$10.99RANSankarea v2: Undying Love427427
2860.39$19.99DELord of the Jungle v2425425
2870.39$29.99DCBatman Knightfall v142413,307
2880.39$39.99FANBill Everett Archives v2: Heroic Tales424424
2890.39$16.99DCShowcase Presents Aquaman v14224,761
2900.39$22.99DCSuperman Batman Sorcerer Kings4211,653
2910.39$14.99IMAWalking Dead v14: No Way Out42056,210
2920.39$16.99DCShowcase Presents Justice League of America v14197,440
2930.39$4.99DCVertigo First Offenses4197,259
2940.39$10.99DARAvatar Last Airbender v1: Promise Part 141721,678
2950.39$59.99MARMarvel Masterworks Golden Age Daring Mystery v14172,707
2960.39$22.99DCGreen Arrow Salvation4161,308
2970.39$12.99SCHLost Boy416416
2980.38$54.99MARMarvel Masterworks Avengers v74143,367
2990.38$54.99MARMarvel Masterworks Doctor Strange v3414414
3000.38$16.99IMAHip Flask Unnatural Selection 10th Anniversary Elephantmen Ed411411

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