NYCC 2013 Photo Parade: Bring On the Cosplayers!

Wed, October 16th, 2013 at 9:58am PDT | Updated: November 5th, 2013 at 6:27pm

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Stephen Gerding, Senior Editor

If there's one thing New York Comic Con has become known for, it's the amazing variety and creativity shown by its costumed attendees. This year's batch of enthusiastic cosplayers raised the bar once again, and with CBR big wig Jonah Weiland enjoying a post-Con getaway in a far-off exotic land, Senior Editor Stephen Gerding has stepped in to comment on photographer Sheheryar Shahid's look back at the show.

Possibly the most obvious Deadpool crossover
that will never happen
Impressive V for Vendetta cosplay
I have no idea,
but I find it genuinely frightening
It's not a Comic Con without a crew
of Ghostbusters!
Perhaps the bloodiest Kitana cosplay I've ever seenI'm familiar with Blue, Black and Green Beetles,
but Yellow is a new one on me
Super Best Friends!The cutest li'l Red Lantern Mera
you'll ever see
Not only do I not know what this is (Ravage?),
I have no idea how it worked
Everyone loves a good Dr. Girlfriend cosplay
Bloody and dangerous. Seriously, how many false
alarms did the Transit Police field last weekend?
Classic Harley Quinn is always a crowd pleaser
Whoda thunk Power Rangers would be popular
for over twenty years?
Cad Bane cosplay - how do
people make these masks?
The variety of zombies throughout the weekend
was definitely impressive
Steampunk-ish Harley and a friend
New 52 Wonder Woman - Azzarello and Chiang
would likely approve
Spidey's not really taking Doc Ock seriously...
New 52 Harley was another popular cosplay choiceThe family that Hulks together
stays together
All this outfit was missing was a giant Slim Jim!Well, this could change the traditional
Brainaic/Lex Luthor dynamic
Somehow, seeing a Heath Ledger Joker smiling
makes him even scarier
A female Thor strikes a pose
Sharknado hits NYCDueling Clarks!
How could we NOT include a "Point Break" cosplay?A beautiful and dangerous couple
This is either a Día de Muertos outfit, or
a Bedazzled Joker. Either way, I dig it.
Probably the least funny Deadpool cosplay
all weekend
Ladies Love Cool VaderMost adorable Edward Scissorhands I've ever seen
Impressive Stryfe and swashbuckling NightcrawlerPower Girl continues
Weeping Angels dotted the NYCC
landscape all weekend long
For the life of me, I can't
figure out how Mysterio could see out
of his helmet
Family portrait time
This guy more than pulls off KratosYaya Han rocks a Phoenix costume
Black Cat continues to be a popular cosplay subjectThis is the first time I've seen J. Scott Campbell's
Mary Jane at a convention
Bane looks like he's ready
to bring down the Dark Knight
This Gollum probably scared more kids than
the zombies shuffling around…
…though zombie Mario might give him a run
for his Precious
Is this Frank Miller's next project?

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