2013 Comikaze Expo Photo Parade

Tue, November 5th, 2013 at 11:58am PST

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Stephen Gerding, Senior Editor

Last weekend, Los Angeles played host to the 2013 Comikaze Expo, and CBR photog Caitlin Holland was there for all three days, capturing the sights with her trusty camera and sharing them with CBR's readers. And with, CBR's Executive Producer, resident CBR TV star and official Clippers Fanatic™ Jonah Weiland busy celebrating his favorite team's latest victory, Senior Editor Stephen Gerding once again assumes the role of commentor and guide through a three-day tour of cosplayers' heaven.


It's always a good day for Tetris cosplayArtist Greg Horn, Devourer of Worlds!
I love the Deadpool on the right's maskA Bedazzled luchadore
Ambush Bug and Cheeks is killing meZombie Little Mermaid = the best Little Mermaid
Hit-Girl and Stitch would be a truly frightening team-upGreat Winter Soldier outfit
Gender-swapped Sherlock Holmes, ThorHeisenberg markets his blue stuff
Yep, yep yep yep yep - Muppet MartiansHunter S. Thompson
The intercompany crossovers begin with
Red Skull & Black Cat
And continue with Catwoman & Marvel Girl


Like an Alex Ross painting
come to life
Batmen (Batmans?) and Robins
Jokers and HarleysCourt of Owls and a nonplussed Batman
Armored Wonder WomanLockheed, Kitty and Rogue
LA Lakers-armored Iron ManThanos
An Asgardian family portraitAny excuse to dress as Homer in a mumu
Possibly the scariest costume of the showThis Citizen V makes me hope for
a Thunderbolts movie
Q: Does Zombie Ron Swanson eat bacon?
A: Of course he does.
Marc Silvestri (L) and Scott Lobdell
have a secret
Bruce Campbell greets fansAbby Dark-Star as Thor Bunny & Bernie
Bregman as Caesar Flickerman with cosplay contest
awards presenter WindoftheStars as Lilith
Taco Bell FIRE! SauceDark Phoenix, Mystique


Dosctor Who and an ingenious TardisHuntress and Li'l Batman is certain to
confound some fanboys
DREDDPower Ranger meets gender-swapped Daryl
The costumes are cool, but the
dragon is really impressive
The stuff of sugary sweet nightmares
Vintage WhoPaolo Rivera "Daredevil" #1 cover homage
Marvin's an unfriendly MartianThis Harley Quinn costume looks difficult
to maneuver in
Sexy Guy Fawkes celebrates the Fifth of NovemberGender-swapped Joker
Deapool and teh kitteh bazooka!More Alex Ross-looking superheroes and villains
Family Adventure Time!This little Star wars fan doesn seem
to be an Ewok fan
Female Loki......remains super popular
Classic Ms. MarvelBest Spider-Man ever!
A dynamic Thor and Captain America

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