Long Beach Comic & Horror Con 2013 Photo Parade

Tue, November 26th, 2013 at 11:58am PST | Updated: November 26th, 2013 at 11:58am

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CBR News Team, Editor

Last weekend saw the latest Long Beach Comic & Horror Con take place in Southern California, and CBR photog Caitlin Holland was on hand, capturing the best in cosplay, robot cars and general fan enthusiasm as attendees flooded the convention center in search of that ever-elusive perfect additions to their respective collections.

With Jonah Weiland busy answering fan mail and fielding important phone calls, Senior Editors Stephen Gerding and Albert Ching tag in to tackle the ever-important captioning duties.

LBCC Sun 1LBCC Sun 2
LBCC Sun 7LBCC Sun 8
LBCC Sun 9LBCC Sun 10
LBCC Sun 13LBCC Sun 11
LBCC Sun 14LBCC Sun 23
LBCC Sun 27LBCC Sun 35
LBCC Sun 40LBCC Sun 37
LBCC Sun 43LBCC Sun 44
LBCC Sun 46LBCC Sun 51
LBCC Sun 53LBCC Sun 56
LBCC Sun 59LBCC Sun 57
LBCC Sun 61LBCC Sun 65
LBCC Sun 68LBCC Sun 70
LBCC Sun 71LBCC Sun 77
LBCC Sun 83LBCC Sun 80
LBCC Sun 85LBCC Sun 87
LBCC Sat 3LBCC Sat 1
LBCC Sat 4LBCC Sat 16
LBCC Sat 17LBCC Sat 18
LBCC Sat 19LBCC Sat 20
LBCC Sat 27LBCC Sat 33
LBCC Sat 39LBCC Sat 21
LBCC Sat 41LBCC Sat 64
LBCC Sat 66LBCC Sat 68
LBCC Sat 78LBCC Sat 74
LBCC Sat 83LBCC Sat 84
LBCC Sat 87LBCC Sat 89
LBCC Sat 91LBCC Sat 94

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