INFOGRAPHIC: CBR's Unofficial "Arrow" Kill Count

Wed, January 15th, 2014 at 12:58pm PST

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The CW's "Arrow" isn't a show known for pulling its punches when it comes to body count. In the series' debut season, Oliver Queen snapped necks and shot arrows without remorse, racking up the kills on the vigilante's rap sheet -- but that all changed for season two as Oliver began his mission in the wake of Tommy Merlyn's death to redeem himself and become a hero.

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Researched by CBR's Brett White and designed by Sonia Harris, our unofficial "Arrow" kill count infographic shows much much Oliver has changed his approach in the second season so far -- and just how brutal his methods were during season one. Check out the top three killers on the show, the number of kills per episode over the course of season one and more, then join the conversation on the CBR forums and on Twitter with #arrowkills.

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