WonderCon 2014 Photo Parade: Saturday Got EPIC!

Wed, April 23rd, 2014 at 9:58am PDT | Updated: April 23rd, 2014 at 9:58am

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The cosplayer contingent was out in full force for WonderCon in Anaheim, with both solo acts and groups patrolling the aisles and gathering for a few you-have-to-see-this group shots that would make George Pérez's head swim and drawing hand ache! CBR's roving photographer Caitlin Holland was on the scene, documenting Saturday's good, bad and certifiably epic!

Lando's not a system, he's a man.
Indiana Jones/Wonder Woman/Rick Grimes mash-up?
Ursula on the prowl for some poor, unfortunate souls.
Tinkerbell arrives at WonderCon, across the street from Disneyland.
That's some mighty comfortable crimefighting footwear, Cap!
What did we say? EPIC PHOTO!!
These folks look pretty nonplussed to be hanging out with an ape.
I'm guessing this is a Boba Fett/GWAR tribute
Darkstalkers cosplay
We really hope that these arms were retractable/foldable, or there's no way Doc Ock was walking through the convention aisles
Two DC characters, one working eye
Raven stays on the lookout for Trigon on the show floor.
Attack of the alliterative s-characters: Sue Storm and Silver Surfer!
Best Golden Age Red Tornado cosplay EVER
Someone's finally had enough of SoCal traffic!
Rubik, the Amazing Cube!
Pretty impressive Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver
Loki will take you onto a Journey Into Mystery.
Doctor Strange's latest journey to an alternate dimension.
No matter who holds the rights to the characters, Steampunk Spawn and Steampunk Angela are still friends.
Mistah J and Harley, post-'cosmetic' surgery
Superman and Superboys.
Ekat noitnevnoc otohp!
There she is, Miss Zombie Queen. There she is, your ideal. There she is, Miss Zombie Queen. She'll totally make you a meal.
Steampunked Harley!
40 of Joker Juice
The Winter Soldier on an undercover mission in the DC Universe.
HYDRA's evil machinations know no boundaries!!
Deadpool Photobomb!
Marceline throws up the horns.
Set phaser to fierce!
Pirate - not to be confused with 'pirated' - versions of Harley, Catwoman and Wonder Woman
Walker out for a walk.
Duel around the fountain
Another costume making it tricky to navigate through narrow spaces
We expect to see many more "LEGO Movie" cosplayers in San Diego
These Doc and Marty costumes prove that good parenting is a real thing
Mighty Marvel copslayers - and a Ted bear - unite in Anaheim!
Lots of Lokis (and other Asgardians)
Belle, and a rather fuzzy Beast
The Winter Soldier Corps, united under the banner of HYDRA
The Star-Spangled women and men with a plan.
The Tony Starks and Black Widows of the cosplay multiverse.
Marvelous group shot
Emma Frost's telepathy at work
That's six - SIX! - Infinity Gems! Ah ha ha ha ha ha!!
Little known fact: Peter Pan and Tink's sister Periwinkle are mortal enemies. WERE mortal enemies.
The House of M prepares their takeover of WonderCon.
Carol Corps represent!
"That'll teach you not to give me my solo film!!"
You can't see him, but Paul Rudd is totally photobombing this pic
Robin and Batgirl don't appeared too concerned about Professor Pyg.
The Doctor and this Dalek seem surprisingly chummy
Don't blink.
Yip yip, Aapa!
Keep hope alive, Young Justice!
Alternate take on Ariel
The tiniest defender of the universe.
The littlest Nova
Another crossover to file in the "Never Gonna Happen" bin
Lady Lobo poses while Oni Press' John Schork rings up a sale

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