WonderCon 2014 Photo Parade: Sunday

Mon, April 28th, 2014 at 2:03pm PDT

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CBR News Team, Editor

The first day of WonderCon 2014 brought with it a Clockwork Orange stormtrooper, steampunk Shredder and some candid shots of the CBR News crew. On Saturday, things got epic with some cosplayer photo shoots that would give George Pérez nightmares. Now, CBR photographer Caitlin Holland returns with her final round-up from Anaheim, featuring a plethora of Doctors Who, "Game of Thrones," geriatric Wonder Woman and more!

A dance with plush dragons
Ripley taking some widdle chestbursters for a walk
Ready, aim...
Silk Spectre and Rorschach are ready for action
If you have trouble reading the toast, it says, "PSHEW"
Creatures of the night are welcome on the show floor.
Regular Show
Somebody's hungry....for brainsssss
This is a great Bane!
Holy mirror universes, Spidey!
Classic Doc Ock
Chun-Li, ready to rumble
Bring on the steampunk!
Six-armed Spidey
Weeping Angel gently weeps
Princesses of Power
There's probably a topiary that needs to be shaped somewhere around here/
Better living through Portals is just a step away.
Who let the Pyro onto the show floor?
Momo perches on Aang's shoulder
Cats can be deadly weapons when used correctly.
There's mischief about on the show floor.
Monkeys should always dress up for conventions.
The UnBEARable Deadpool (Get it?!)
If the on-screen Ant-Man costume is half as good as this, we're in good shape
"Arrow"-inspired Deathstroke
Cap and Fury, ready for action
Sif and a Na'vi, together at last
More Whovians!
Sorcerer Surpeme
Ariel and Flounder
No one cosplays like Gaston
Pretty much the best cosplay we've seen so far this year
Stop me if you've heard this one: The Joker, Michelangelo, Deadpool and Spider-Man walk into a con...
Loki orchestrates strife between teammates as Daredevil looks on
Giving the Mad Hatter a run for his money
Daenerys and Drogo
Kara heads to the Darkseid of justice.
Wibbly wobbly, timey wimey -- cat.
Always come to conventions with bells on.

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