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Sat, June 21st, 2014 at 10:58am PDT

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TJ Dietsch, Staff Writer

Batman is everywhere these days! That might be because he's one of the most famous fiction characters on the planet or because the DC Comics mainstay is celebrating his 75th anniversary this year. Either way, we're glad to see the Dark Knight get a new batch of Retro figures based on the '60s "Batman" TV series, "The Dark Knight" and the upcoming "Arkham Knight" video game. Meanhwhile, Diamond Select Toys showed off their Comic-Con International exclusives, Funko revealed "The Terminator" and "The Nightmare Before Christmas" ReAction figures and plenty of other statues and action figures were unveiled.

DST BD Excelsior1
DST BloodyMarv1DST BurningGodzilla1DST Cocknocker1

DIAMOND SELECT TOYS SDCC EXCLUSIVES | Diamond Select Toys dropped their full batch of Comic-Con International: San Diego exclusives recently. The crop includes a battle damaged USS Excelsior from Star Trek, a Retro Cocknocker figure from Kevin Smith's "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back," a burning Godzilla vinyl bank, a "Walking Dead" MiniMates set called Days Gone By featuring Rick, Shane, Glenn and a zombie, a "Days of Future Past" MiniMates 4-pack with Wolverine, Kate Pryde, Mystique and a Sentinel, a black, white and red Marvel from Sin City with blood splatter and a Spirit Yoda vinyl bank. Each one is limited, so make a break for Booth 2607 if you're interested.


MATTEL SDCC | A few weeks back, Mattel unveiled their "Batman: Arkham Knight" Batmobile SDCC exclusive, but that was only part of the story. As you can see in this new image, the vehicle packs some secret firepower revealed when you press down on the top. It's also tricked out with various sounds and light effects based on the game that debuts next year.

walter white

BREAKING BAD | Speaking of exclusives, Mezco has another "Breaking Bad" summer exclusive. This 6-inch figure comes with the iconic hat and glasses as well as a bag of "blue crystals" and a moneybag.

DCFigures Wonder Woman hero headsDCFigures Wonder Woman siloDCFigures batman 66 series 2

DC HEROES | DC's premier female superhero will make her way into the world of Figure Toy Company's Retro 8-inch line of Mego-like figures. The same figure is available on two different cards, one featuring a full image of Wonder Woman, while the other features a quartet of hero heads. Meanwhile, the second series based on the classic '60s "Batman" TV show will hit in September. This one features Adam West's Bruce Wayne, Burt Ward's Dick Grayson, Burgess Meredith's Penguin and Vincent Price's Egghead.

Maleficent 1Maleficent 2Maleficent 3

MALEFICENT | Disney's "Maleficent" stars Angelina Jolie as the famous villain with from their classic animated film, "Sleeping Beauty," but attempts to round out the character and her own journey. So visually striking is the character that she makes a perfect fit in Big Chief Studios is offering a Commemorative Edition of their 1:6 scale First Doctor figure. Based on the likeness of William Hartnell who played the icon from 1963-1966, the piece comes with a tailored outfit. The Commemorative Edition is limited to 500 pieces and includes stand with a laser-etched plaque and other items. The item can be pre-ordered now.

kratoskratos exclusive

GOD OF WAR | Kratos, star of the "God of War" video game franchise, makes quite an impression in the recently announced statue from Gaming Heads. This 1/4 scale, 19-inch tall piece shows him rushing into a battle. The GH exclusive, which is limited to 500 pieces, comes with light-up Swords of Exile that switch from red to yellow while switched on. Both versions ship early next year.

TERMINATOR kyle reeseTERMINATOR sarah connorTERMINATOR T800 Endoskeleton matte
TERMINATOR T800 Endoskeleton shinyTERMINATOR T800 TerminatorTERMINATOR the terminator

TERMINATOR | James Cameron's 1984 sci-fi classic "The Terminator" not only kicked off what would become one of the more confusing film chronologies of all time, but also introduced the world to Skynet, T-800s and the Connor family. Funko celebrates all of that with a new wave of ReAction figures consisting of Sarah Connor, Kyle Reese and several variations of Arnold Schwarzenegger's killer robot ranging from two different versions of the T-800 Endoskeletons, T-800 Terminator and The Terminator. The figures debut in August.

the dark knight 1the dark knight 2

THE DARK KNIGHT | Warner Bros. and DC Comics might be moving along with a brand new, big screen Batman, but the Christopher Nolan's trilogy will always have its fans. Sideshow Collectibles is banking on that with its upcoming "The Dark Knight" Life-Size Bust. The piece ships in April and stands 29 inches tall while recreating Christian Bale's iconic portrayal of the character.

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