DC Celebrates Halloween with Horror-Themed Variant Covers

Mon, July 7th, 2014 at 8:22am PDT

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Stephen Gerding, Senior Editor

DC Comics continues its themed variant cover program in October as various artists are unleashed upon a number of titles, showing the heroes of the DCU in a variety of horrific looks and situations. Announced earlier today via Buzzfeed, Neal Adams, Rafael Albuquerque, Chris Burnham and others will depict Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and the rest of the DCU as a monstrous variety of ghoulish creatures appropriate for the Halloween holiday.

"Action Comics" #35 by Neal Adams
"Aquaman" #35 by Mark Nelson
"Batman and Robin" #35 by Chris Burnham
"Justice League" #35 by Rafael Albuquerque
"Superman" #35 by Jason Pearson
"Wonder Woman" #35 by Aaron Lopresti

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