SDCC Photo Parade 2014: Thursday

Mon, August 4th, 2014 at 1:58pm PDT | Updated: August 4th, 2014 at 1:58pm

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Not only does CBR News still have plenty of Comic-Con International goodness on its way in the form of panel reports, interviews and more, it's time to kick off our annual tradition: the SDCC Photo Parade!

Below, find the best o Thursday, from massive booths and displays to the finest cosplay San Diego had to offer, all photographed by Caitlin Holland. And be sure to check back throughout this week for more from 2014's biggest pop culture extravaganza of them all!

ThursFloor 100ThursFloor 102
ThursFloor 109ThursFloor 11
ThursFloor 110ThursFloor 113
ThursFloor 116ThursFloor 117
ThursFloor 120ThursFloor 126
ThursFloor 129ThursFloor 13
ThursFloor 132ThursFloor 133
ThursFloor 136ThursFloor 138
ThursFloor 140ThursFloor 141
ThursFloor 144ThursFloor 150
ThursFloor 151ThursFloor 155
ThursFloor 157ThursFloor 158
ThursFloor 163ThursFloor 164
ThursFloor 166ThursFloor 167
ThursFloor 173ThursFloor 179
ThursFloor 186ThursFloor 20
ThursFloor 21ThursFloor 32
ThursFloor 34ThursFloor 35
ThursFloor 36ThursFloor 58
ThursFloor 59ThursFloor 60
ThursFloor 65ThursFloor 66
ThursFloor 76ThursFloor 88
ThursFloor 93ThursFloor 94

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