SDCC Photo Parade 2014: Thursday

Mon, August 4th, 2014 at 1:58pm PDT | Updated: August 4th, 2014 at 1:58pm

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Not only does CBR News still have plenty of Comic-Con International goodness on its way in the form of panel reports, interviews and more, it's time to kick off our annual tradition: the SDCC Photo Parade!

Below, find the best o Thursday, from massive booths and displays to the finest cosplay San Diego had to offer, all photographed by Caitlin Holland. And be sure to check back throughout this week for more from 2014's biggest pop culture extravaganza of them all!

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Writer/Artist Eric Shanower
Writer/Artist Walt Simonson
Max Steel armor
Note to self: Next year, ask Jonah about trading in the boat for a CBR-themed bounce house
I wonder what the "A" stands for...
Harry Potter: The College Years
Caesar Flickerman is ready to interview Comic-Con.
Likely up to no good.
Three of DC's heroes join forces to conquer the SDCC floor
Originally thought this was a take on Wonder Woman, but a commenter has informed us it's in fact Gaston from "Beauty and the Beast"!
The entire Solar System and a dragon -- all in one cosplay!
Custom-wrapped car celebrating the Sin City Experience
Poison Ivy
"Captain America 3" preview?
Loki remains a popular cosplay choice
Gamorra, rocking her current GotG armor
Kaylee, from "Firefly"
Disney villains team-up to rule San Diego
Big sis and her little bro
Spy vs. Spy, plus one
"Sharknado" may become a Comic-Con cosplay tradition
Rat Queens!
"Batman/Superman" artist Jae Lee
Marvel mega-artist Jim Cheung
Robo-Batman watches ovr the convention floor
Disney's re-imagined "Big Hero 6" was a big hit at the con
Cap won't be smiling if Loki breaks free from his bonds
The Shrek Family visits SDCC
Fly to San Diego, visit Sleepy Hollow!
Arc de Hello Kitty
Evil Knievel Fett!
That's one awesome Ewok.
Life was never the same once the Scorpion and Sub-Zero mariachis came to town.
From the "Cape/Cowl/Create" display in the DC Comics booth
More from the "Cape/Cowl/Create" display in the DC Comics booth
And more from the "Cape/Cowl/Create" display in the DC Comics booth
Catwoman's cowls
Masks from various Batman flicks
A fan looks at Hollywood's Batman masks throughout the years
Fans were allowed to look at, but not touch, Lola
Prop ship from "Guardians of the Galaxy"
The neverending variety of Wolverine cosplay

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