SDCC Photo Parade 2014: Friday

Tue, August 5th, 2014 at 3:58pm PDT

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Ah, Friday -- the sun was shining, pros and fans alike were out and about and Comic-Con International was in full effect, which meant CBR photog Caitlin Holland was on the move as well. From the Gotham City skyline to the line to get into Hall H to the massive contingent of cosplayers gathering for photo ops of epic proportions, July 25, 2014 was a day to remember!

And when you're done here, take a look back at Thursday's photo parade and come back later this week -- we've got plenty more on the way!

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FriFloor 10
Time to arm yourselves for the show floor!
FriFloor 12
He puts the Male back in Maleficent.
FriFloor 15
"Mouse Guard" creator David Petersen
FriFloor 17
Classic Hawkgirl -- I can't imagine how long it takes to make those wings!
FriFloor 18
Straight from the video game "Hero's Duty" and "Fix-It Felix Jr."
FriFloor 19
Adam Hughes poses for the camera
FriFloor 2
Yes, the line to Hall H is as incredible as you've heard
FriFloor 23
Marvel, here's your next team-up!
FriFloor 25
M is for Magneto and Mystique.
FriFloor 27
Gender-swapped Shredder
FriFloor 29
Snow White meets Boba Fett -- hey, they're both Disney now, so why not?
FriFloor 3
The Red Son version of Harley Quinn invades Comic-Con.
FriFloor 30
I just -- this is too adorable
FriFloor 32
Brave con attendees could zipline along the Gotham City skyline
FriFloor 37
FriFloor 39
Yip yip, Appa!
FriFloor 44
Where are the rest of the Fire Ferrets when you need them?
FriFloor 47
The X-Men, in all their multiverse glory.
FriFloor 48
I'm going to choose to believe Gambit stole that Batphone he's using for his selfie
FriFloor 5
Cumberbatch: Immortalized!
FriFloor 56
Avengers Assemble!
FriFloor 58
A group of Deadpools walked into Comic-Con...
FriFloor 6
Classic Ant-Man
FriFloor 60
More of Earth's Mightiest Heroes
FriFloor 62
Representing the Captain America side of the Marvel U
FriFloor 63
They ARE Iron Man -- and Black Widow and Maria Hill and Nick Fury and Hawkeye and Madame Masque
FriFloor 64
Thor Versus Loki never looked so real.
FriFloor 65
FriFloor 70
Have at thee!
FriFloor 71
Remember, his board's name is "Tumi."
FriFloor 72
Psylocke and Beast pose for a photo.
FriFloor 75
Ronin defends himself against the hot San Diego sun.
FriFloor 77
One creepy Red Skull.
FriFloor 78
Hey! It's Spider-Man! Hi, Spider-Man!
FriFloor 8
The inimitable Sergio Aragonés
FriFloor 80
Harley Quinn and "Borderlands'" Mad Moxxie pose for a photo.
FriFloor 84
Plastic Man is a tough costume to pull off, but this guy makes it look easy
FriFloor 85
Plas and Zatanna -- hey, has he shown up in the New 52 yet?
FriFloor 89
Zombie Ariel wants Flounder's brainssss....
FriFloor 91
Not an Easter egg from Netflix's upcoming Marvel shows -- just a fantastic She-Hulk cosplay

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