Fawkes, Templesmith Bring Horror to "Gotham By Midnight"

Tue, August 12th, 2014 at 10:00am PDT

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Steve Sunu, Staff Writer/Reviews Editor

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"Gotham By Midnight" is set to debut in November from DC Comics.

DC Comics is bringing a new horror/supernatural bend to Gotham City in November. Revealed by Blastr, "Gotham By Midnight" features the talents of writer Ray Fawkes and artist Ben Templesmith, and focuses on The Midnight Shift -- the Gotham City Police Department's special squad that investigates cases outside the depth of Batman. Led by Jim Corrigan -- better known as The Spectre -- The Midnight Shift also includes Corrigan's partner, Detective Lisa Drake, forensic investigator Dr. Szandor Tarr and religious consultant Sister Justine. Spinning out of "Batman Eternal," Fawkes described the series as having "a very gothic, melancholy feel to it."

"Gotham City is a pretty sick place, and also a wonderful place; one of the greatest cities in the DC Universe," Fawkes told Blastr. "The tact that some of the characters in this book take is that people like The Joker, Two-Face and Batman may be symptoms of something wrong with Gotham, and that may have a supernatural root. For me, the city is very Gothic, dark and shadowy, and it's sort of the perfect setting for things that creep in the night."

Fawkes and Templesmith are certainly no stranger to the supernatural horror genre. Fawkes has worked on "Constantine" and "Justice League Dark" for DC, while Templesmith is currently working on horror action-adventure series "The Squidder" for IDW.

"Gotham By Midnight" #1 hits stores in November.

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Ben Templesmith's designs for Batman, Jim Corrigan and Lisa Drake.

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