Prez Archives to be released at Comic-Con International: San Diego

Tue, July 17th, 2001 at 12:00am PDT

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Jonah Weiland, Founder/Former Owner

[Perez Archives]The Prez Archives, a massive collection of work by fan favorite artist George Archives, will see publication and be ready in time for sale at Comic-Con International in San Diego later this week. An ambitious on-going project, the book attempts to showcase the artwork of the prolific artist with content contributed by fans and professionals alike featuring a complete checklist of every item of artwork Prez has ever contributed to the comics field and other areas.

The archives writer, Andy Mangels, in a press release, provided more details of the book:

  • 150 black and white pages

  • 4 color pages

  • 2 color covers (front and back) with inside covers

  • Includes the most comprehensive and detailed checklist of all published work by Prez.

  • Includes 191 black-and-white images and seven color images by Prez (including unpublished work, sketches, character designs, and more).

  • Covers are a new wraparound image by Prez (see picture).

  • Printed 8.5x11" on 60# paper, with heavy stock covers, clear plastic over-cover, and black vello-binding.

    There are two versions of the book. The above version and a Deluxe version featuring 34 more pages of rare and unpublished artwork.

    All proceeds from this project will go to benefit Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. The book can also be purchased at the CBLDF Web site.

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