EXCLUSIVE: Deadpool Photobombs More Covers For Marvel's 75th Anniversary

Wed, September 3rd, 2014 at 7:58am PDT

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Steve Sunu, Staff Writer/Reviews Editor

Deadpool is photobombing the iconic covers of Marvel's 75 year history, and the publisher has provided CBR with four more exclusive first looks at what to expect from the upcoming variants. While Deadpool has already photobombed the likes of "New Avengers" #1, "Marvel Comics" #1 and more, the new covers feature him interrupting the famous moments of covers like "Captain America" #1, "Amazing Spider-Man" #33, "Not Brand Echh" #5 (posing as Forbush Man) and "Secret Wars" #4. The new images can be found in October on variants for "Captain America" #25 by John Tyler Christopher, "Amazing Spider-Man" #7 by Michael Golden, "Winter Soldier" #1 by Dan Panosian and "Ms. Marvel" #9 by Paul Renaud, respectively.

Deadpool has been an all-star of variant covers for Marvel in the modern era, with a lenticular motion cover set for "Deadpool" #34 and other variants including a twerking variant cover, a Deadpool is Unimpressed variant cover a #SWAG variant and many more. While the photobomb variants hit shelves in October, but they're not the only ones -- another set of homage covers using Hasbro's Marvel Legends toys will also grace shelves that month.

Check out the four Deadpool photobomb variants alongside their original counterparts below.

cap 1CAPA2012025 CHRISTOPHER DP75 var
The original "Captain America" #1 cover (L) and the "Captain America" #25 Deadpool Variant by John Tyler Christopher.

Amazing Spider Man Vol 1 33ASM2014007 GOLDEN DP75 var
The original "Amazing Spider-Man" #33 cover (L) and the "Amazing Spider-Man" #7 Deadpool Variant by Michael Golden.

nbe5Winter Soldier 1 Panosian DP75
The original "Not Brand Echh" #5 cover (L) and the "Winter Soldier" #1 Deadpool Variant by Dan Panosian.

014 secret wars 4MSMARVEL2014009 RENAUD DP75 var
The original "Secret Wars" #4 cover (L) and the "Ms. Marvel" #9 Deadpool Variant by Paul Renaud.

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