"Mary Jane" Ongoing Series Announced

Thu, August 25th, 2005 at 12:00am PDT

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Arune Singh, Staff Writer

Official Press Release

The new "Mary Jane Vol.2: Homecoming Digest" is teen drama at

its finest. The "Mary Jane" series have been garnering tremendous support

from fans and critics, with "Vol.1: Circle of Friends" making it onto

Entertainment Weekly's Must List. Now look for that drama to continue

this December as Mary Jane gets her own ongoing series, tentatively

titled "Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane."

"I'll tell ya, every time I sit down to write an MJ script it's a real

delight, so for Marvel to commit to an ongoing series is just about the

coolest thing," says Eisner-award-winning writer Sean McKeever. "So now

I'm back, and I get to work with Takeshi (Miyazawa) and Christina

(Strain) again! They are among the best in the comic book-making

business, hands down, and I'm geeked as can be to be working with them

on an ongoing."

"The folks at Marvel don't really have to publish comics about teenage

drama, you know?" says McKeever. "They're doing pretty well for

themselves with all the stuff that focuses on super heroics. So it means

a lot to me that they're committed to Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane as an

ongoing series, let alone putting it out there at all."

Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane will star Spider-Man's "girlfriend," Mary

Jane Watson, and will chronicle her high school escapades and

misadventures. As fans of the movies or comic series know, MJ is a big

part of Spider-Man's life.

"What you're gonna see in the first issue," says McKeever, "is the

direction I'd always intended to take after the Homecoming storyline,

but since it's a new chapter in MJ's so-called life it'll be easy to

dive into."

"I'd say more about what I have planned, but, well, I don't want to

spoil it for anyone who's waiting for the MJ Homecoming digest! That

would just be mean."

Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane will also be making a grand introduction to

the world of comics with a strong presence in newsstands as well as

being available for subscription orders.

But before that happens, don't forget "Mary Jane Vol.2: Homecoming"

Digest. Homecoming can be one of the greatest times in a young girl's

life. Unfortunately for Mary Jane, it has turned into one huge disaster.

In "Mary Jane Vol.2: Homecoming" Digest, Mary Jane's relationships with

her boyfriend Harry and her friends are stretched to their breaking

point. Will she be able to make amends or is MJ going to Homecoming


For compelling teen angst and high school romance in the mighty Marvel

manner with a guest appearance or two by Spider-Man, don't miss "Mary

Jane Vol.2: Homecoming" Digest. Look for Mary Jane's ongoing title to

debut in December.

"To the fans, critics and retailers who've been with us from the

beginning, I just want to give you all a big hug," says McKeever. "Your

support means a great deal to me and the rest of Team MJ!"

"Mary Jane Vol.2: Homecoming" Digest (JUL051925)

Written by Sean McKeever

Pencils & Cover by Takeshi Miyazawa


FOC - 8/25/05 On Sale - 9/21/05

Still available:

"Mary Jane Vol.1: Circle Of Friends" DIGEST (AUG041828)

Written by Sean McKeever

Pencils & Cover by Takeshi Miyazawa


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