New "iZombie" TV Spot Introduces the Face of the Zombie Apocalypse

Fri, January 30th, 2015 at 11:29am PST

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Just because AMC's "The Walking Dead" is the best known zombie drama on television, it doesn't mean that's the only way to approach the undead in serialized form. In a new 30-second TV spot for "iZombie," The CW invites viewers to "meet the face of the zombie apocalypse" amidst ambulances, coroners and body bags -- before turning the tables and showing Rose McIver's Liv downing some Hellfire Cheesy Puffs on her bed.

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Liv then discusses via narration what her life used to be like and how things have changed now that, well, she's a zombie. Add in some requisite brain eating and the new trailer pretty much manages to check all of the familiar zombie boxes while showcasing the twist that showrunners Rob Thomas and Diane Ruggiero-Wright will bring to the show, based on Chris Roberson and Mike Allred's Vertigo comic book, when it debuts March 17 on The CW.

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