Alex Ross Debuts Limited Edition "Yellow Submarine" Print

Tue, February 17th, 2015 at 1:26pm PST

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Meagan Damore, Assistant Editor

Dark Hall Mansion -- a company that specializes in officially licensed posters and prints -- is set to release a limited edition "Yellow Submarine" print from renowned comic book artist Alex Ross.

In regards to the project, Ross explained, "For as long as I can remember hearing music, I have loved the Beatles. Not only do I believe they are the greatest musical group of all time, but also one of the greatest things to have happened in human history. 'Yellow Submarine' has also been one of my favorite films since I was six years old. The opportunity to work with the Beatles' likenesses in the very inspired context of the 'Yellow Submarine' film is an absolute dream come true. There is so much I love about these men, their legacy, and this film."

Ross cited surrealist Salvador Dali and Heinz Edelmann's original "Yellow Submarine" film as inspirations for this print. Beyond his work in comics, Ross' resume includes work for Hollywood studios and a print for the Academy Awards.

Coming in at a full 72 inches, the print will be distributed on paper and canvas in exact scale to the original painting. Only 295 paper editions will be available for $375 each; the canvas edition will have 125 copies available at $550 per poster.

Check out a few snapshots of Ross' process below:

FullSizeRenderIMG 9775
IMG 9777IMG 9778
IMG 9787

Ross' "Yellow Submarine" poster is available for order from Dark Hall Mansion on Thursday, February 26.

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