Superman Returns, Spawn, X-Men 3, V For Vendetta: November 18th Comic Reel Wrap

Fri, November 18th, 2005 at 12:00am PST

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Hannibal Tabu, Columnist


The teaser trailer is out on the official site in Windows Media, Real, QuickTime or specific for PSP or video iPod.


There's two new images from the upcoming animated series over at Comics Continuum, with no official word on release dates.

X-MEN 3 has posted a new image gallery on their site (or in their Yahoo! Group if you're in the mood to become a member).


The final two poster images are up over at IGN and UGO (where, apparently, fresh comics reviews will go online today, despite being ready yesterday).


Kryptonsite has screen captures of the next new episode, "Lexmas," scheduled for December.


Speaking of Kryptonsite, there's a roundup of all the relevant alleged spoilers at their sister site, AquamanTV. Really, that's what it's called. There's a better look at it courtesy of our friend Rich Johnston, right here at CBR.


Composer Christopher Young's fan site has confirmation on the rumor we reported yesterday, that Young will replace Danny Elfman scoring the next web-spinning sequel.


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