Charest on Wildcats: "I Made A Mistake"

Thu, November 18th, 1999 at 12:00am PST

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Beau Yarbrough, Columnist

DC/Wildstorm's flagship title is about to have

a changing of the guard.

As first reported by the Comic Wire in

September, writer Scott Lobdell and Travis

Charest are leaving their writing and art

chores on "Wildcats," to be replaced by Joe

Casey and Sean Phillips respectively,

although Charest will continue to do covers

for the now-monthly book.

The reasons for the change haven't exactly

been a secret: The book had been plagued

with delays, often lain at Charest's feet, along

with some much-publicized creative disagreements between Lobdell

and Charest.

Casey, Lobdell and editor Scott Dunbier have all spoken about the

book's present and future incarnations, but the man at the eye of the

storm has remained silent. Until now.

"Obviously, everybody knows now that I am off the 'Wildcats' book,"

Charest wrote to the Official Unofficial Charest Art Gallery

on Wednesday. "I am just writing to

say that I made a mistake in thinking that I could handle the deadlines

on the book, and in the process, the book suffered. You probably

never got to see the stories as they should have been because as a

by-product of my lateness, shortcuts were constantly being made, and

compromises in the narrative and setting were the order of the day.

Everyone tried to do their best to make this book the best it could be

and I undermined all their efforts by not trying hard enough to make a

deadline. This should have been one the best comics out there and now

Sean and Joe are going to ensure that it will be. I have seen the first

Sean pages and they are incredible, and after reading Joe's first solo

script I wish that I was still drawing the book, the pacing, dialogue, and

atmosphere are perfect for the characters in this book. It's rather

embarrassing to fall on one's ass like I've done, and it's taught me a

valuable lesson, to not let my reach exceed my grasp.

"Thanks for listening and supporting the book."

"Wildcats" #8, the first with Casey and Phillips, is scheduled for a

February 2000 release.

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