Preview: An "Emissary" Arrives at Image Comics

Thu, February 16th, 2006 at 12:00am PST

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Official Press Release

This May, Image's Shadowline imprint releases a book that poses the question of

how the real world we live in would react to an actual super-being. And what if

he were black?

Would he have been accepted, beloved by the world at large? Or would he have been

feared, rejected, even hated? Would his near omnipotence cause governments to

tremble or would they attempt to use him to advance their own agendas? Would his

mere existence send religious leaders into turmoil? Or renew their faith in God's

master plan? Or would it do BOTH?

And, what if instead of using his powers to "fight crime" or dance with

"super-villains" he used them to end hunger, disease and poverty? What if he tried

to rid the world of weapons of mass destruction?

Where is the line between helping and enabling? How far should any one individual,

regardless how powerful they are, go? How can any one person hope to cure an entire

planet…and can they?

In a universe of comic books where superpowers are commonplace, creator and Image

co-founder Jim Valentino, with the critically acclaimed creators of Image's Small

Gods, J.R. Rand (Helios) and Juan E. Ferreyra (Rex Mundi), offers a compelling

look at a world experiencing the coming of its first superhuman. In EMISSARY, the

revelation of one man's gift will show the human race at its best and at its


Emissary will examine the effects of a super-being on politics, religion and the

common man in a way never before seen in comics. Created and co-plotted by Jim

Valentino and written by J. R. Rand with art by Juan E. Ferreyra and Clayton

Brown, Emissary will be available for preordering from PREVIEWS in March. It will

be cover-featured on the March PREVIEWS for May product with 5-page previews at and in ShadowHawk #11 and Intimidators #5, with the first

issue set to hit stores May 2006.

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