Viz Publishing solicitations for product shipping March, 2002

Tue, December 11th, 2001 at 12:00am PST

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Jonah Weiland, Founder/Former Owner

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - Viz Communications, Inc. today announced its March 2002 monthly comic titles. Part of the extensive Viz Comics line, the following titles are the next installments in their respective, continuing series and feature black & white art for prices ranging from $2.95 to $4.95 U.S.

BASTARD!! #4 NINJA!! PART 2 OF 3 - Dark Schneider and the Metallicanan

forces break into Ninja Master Gara's stronghold! While the knights of

Metallicana fend off a man-eating minotaur, Dark Schneider and Princess

Sheila explore the secret, dungeon entrance to the castle, becoming better

acquainted in the process. But waiting in the dungeon are terrible monsters,

which even Schneider's magic cannot defeat, and some of them are couched in

the most innocuous of forms.

Story and Art by Kazushi Hagiwara

64 pages

$3.95 USA ($6.50 CAN)

CERES, CELESTIAL LEGEND PART 2 #4 - Aya spends the night with Tya, who is

the apple of her eye. But should she really be trusting him? Then Yhi

spends the entire evening searching to find Aya and answers, and Aya winds

up in the most dangerous location in Tokyo!

Story & Art by Y Watase

32 pages

$2.95 U.S. ($4.95 CAN)

DRAGON BALL PART 4 #8 - Stronger than the Mummy, the Vampire, even the

Devil - who is Uranai Baba's fifth and final champion: the mysterious masked

martial artist (with a halo over his head)? Goku is forced to fight to the

full extent of his strength against the incredibly skilled challenger, yet

he can't shake the feeling that he knows this man from somewhere before.

Story & Art by Akira Toriyama

48 pages

$2.95 U.S. ($4.95 CAN)

DRAGON BALL Z PART 5 #3 - In his new, ten-foot-tall form, Freeza is more

than a match for Vegeta and the heroes. Only Dende's healing power can

prevent Kuririn and then Gohan from being utterly annihilated. But streaking

across the planet at bullet speed is Piccolo, the strongest Namekian ever,

with his strength now multiplied by that of the fallen warrior Nail.

Story & Art by Akira Toriyama

48 pages

$2.95 U.S. ($4.95 CAN)

INU-YASHA PART 6 #11 - Is there such a thing as a good demon? Jinenji, a demon cared for by an old woman, takes on another demon. Is one good, or are they both evil? Also, Kikyo is taken by a band of samurai to a castle where a lord with a hidden agenda has summoned her. And when flaming demon remains fall from the sky, it must be a job for Inu-Yasha.

Story & Art by Rumiko Takahashi

40 pages

$2.95 U.S ($4.95 CAN)

POKMON ADVENTURES PART 6 #4: SHADOWBOXING GENGAR - The battle between the team Lieutenant Surge and Bill vs. Bruno rages while the super nerd wakes up and becomes a threat! Meanwhile, the history between Agatha and Professor Oak is discovered.

Story & Art by MATO

48 pages, Squarebound

$4.95 U.S. ($7.95 CAN)

RANMA 1/2 PART 11 #1 - Pantyhose Taro returns with a vengeance and he's after Happosai and anyone who stands in his way. He is guarded with the water of his cursed spring, and no one wants to be cursed with that.

Story & Art by Rumiko Takahashi

32 pages

$2.95 U.S. ($4.95 CAN)

SILENT MBIUS: TURNABOUT #3 - Kiddy and Nami return from Hong Kong with Lum Cheng, the newest member of the A.M.P. Initiated by rite of fire, Lum Cheng is immediately put to the test in a no-holds-barred duel against Katsumi Liqueur at the airport.

Story and Art by Kia Asamiya

40 pages

$2.95 U.S. ($4.95 CAN)

VAGABOND #5 - Takezo, who eluded scores of armed soldiers and angry villagers, is captured by the eccentric monk Takuan and his sweet childhood friend, Otsu. The villagers rope Takezo to a tree to face the elements and starvation, leaving Takezo to deal with the most dangerous opponent of all - his own thoughts and memories.

Story and Art by Takehiko Inoue

80 pages

$4.95 USA ($7.95 CAN)

About Viz

Viz Communications, Inc., is the leading U.S. publisher of Japanese

animation and comics (anime and manga) for English-speaking audiences,

serving a growing market of dedicated fans of all ages. Founded in 1986,

Viz publishes over 20 titles every month including Ranma 1/2, Pokmon,

Gundam and Dragon Ball Z. Viz also offers an integrated product line of

consumer entertainment that includes magazines, comics, graphic novels,

videos, DVDs and audio soundtracks.

Based in San Francisco, California, Viz is one of the top five comics

publishers in the U.S. and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Shogakukan, one

of Japan's three largest publishers. With some of the most innovative

products in the industry, Viz has expanded its offerings to its loyal fans

through web sites such as,, and its corporate site,

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