Narwain Invites you to Cross the "Threshold"

Sun, March 12th, 2006 at 12:00am PST

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Arune Singh, Staff Writer

Official Press Release

You look outside your window at the drab, mundane world, and you know-deep

inside -- there must be a larger world -- a world of mystery, a world of

adventure, a world of magic. You know the door to that world awaits you,

that calls to you in your dreams, but where is it? If you had the means to

find the door, would you cross the threshold?

After a six-year hiatus, comic-book veteran Shon C. Bury returns to ask

readers those same questions -- and to provide answers with "Threshold" a

five-issue comic book series from Narwain Publishing that explodes and

explores Joseph Campbell's Hero Cycle.

With that in mind, protagonist (and) Joey King was created. Joey King is a

comparative-mythology student. As such he's fully aware his footsteps where

mapped thousands of years before he ever read 'Hero with a Thousand Faces'.

When he receives a mysterious journal, a magickal staff, and an amulet that

is as ancient as it is strange, Joey enters a world of demons, Goddesses,

and mystical gurus, with little time to prepare before the Krill Shadow

Wraiths attack.

"'Threshold' is a road trip story," Bury said. "It's as much about the

journey as it is the destination. We've all read a million comics and seen a

thousand movies. We all know how things will end…so why not focus on the

getting to that end?"

Artist Allan Goldman, who penciled "Jalila" for the recently launched AK

Comics, joins Bury on the hero's quest. "Allan's a veteran Brazilian

penciler," says Bury. "When I saw Allan's art I knew he was perfect for this


Kubert School grad Ed Waysek provides the colors for the book.

"Threshold #1" is 32 full color pages and retails for $3.99 USD. You'll find

it on page 310 of the March Diamond Previews catalog.

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