Preview: "Rocketo" Makes Its Debut At Image Comics!

Wed, March 15th, 2006 at 12:00am PST

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Arune Singh, Staff Writer

Official Press Release

BERKELEY, CA -- 15 March, 2006 -- It's finally here, a collection of

the critically acclaimed ROCKETO series by Frank Espinsoa. Lauded as

innovative and ground-breaking, with a unique style, this collection

is what you've been waiting for!


of the ROCKETO series, which is an adventurous tale of New World

mapper Rocketo Garrison and his wild band of misfits. The 256-page

book is brimming with extras including Espinosa's conceptual

sketches, background information on the New World, pin-ups by some of

today's leading comic book artists and a wonderful introduction (and

illustration) by famed artist Alex Ross.

"The trade not only collects up to the mid-way point of the first

arc, but also serves as a sneak peak into the rest of the Journeys,"

explains Espinosa. "There's a wonderful tour of Rocketo's home, Porto

Logas, and how its history touches not just this story, but the rest

of the adventures."

ROCKETO follows the adventures of Rocketo Garrison, which take place

in a mythical future 2,000 years after the world has been destroyed

in a catastrophe. The trade paperback tells the story of Rocketo's

idyllic childhood and his early training as an explorer and Mapper.

After returning from the deadly Solarium War a broken man, Rocketo

Garrison is swept away on a journey to the Hidden Sea, a fabled,

dangerous land that may hold the key to undreamed of treasure as well

as the truth about an ancient mystery.

The trade paperback also gets you primed and ready to go for the

triumphant return of ROCKETO to the shelves with issue #7 this April!

"THE JOURNEY TO THE HIDDEN SEA is just the start of his adventures

and is really more about Rocketo himself; it's his inner Hidden Sea

we are exploring," said Espinosa. "Issues seven through twelve are

much more energetic than the first six, as the bad guy and the hero

fight to the end. Mysteries are solved. Friends are made. But in the

end it's really about the legacy Rocketo leaves behind."

A 5-page preview of Rocketo #7 has been included with this release

for your preview, and you can find more about ROCKETO at Frank's



256 page full color trade paperback, on sale now. ROCKETO #7

(FEB061757) is available for advance reorder and will be in-stores in

April. Don't miss out!

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