Fantastic Four cover art by Mike Wieringo

Thu, December 13th, 2001 at 12:00am PST

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Official Press Release

[Fantastic Four #51-#54]Hey, True Believer!

Sr. Editor Tom Brevoort gave me an early Christmas present today: this

way-cool, four-part FF cover by Mike Wieringo! This inter-locking image

forms the covers of FANTASTIC FOUR #51 - #54, a new story-arc that also

happens to feature the guest-pencils of ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN's Mark Bagley,

and guest sripting and inking by Karl Kesel!

Here's the descriptions of the first three parts!

Cover by Mike Wieringo

Carlos Pacheco, Rafael Marin & Karl Kesel (w)/Mark Bagley (P)/Karl Kesel (i)

Mister Fantastic: enemy of humanity? The royal family of the Inhumans has

returned from space (and from the events of the Carlos Pacheco/Ladronn

INHUMANS limited series) as beings without kingdom or country - and hunted

by both the Kree and the Shi'ar! With nowhere else to turn, they must

petition the United States for political asylum. Will Mr. Fantastic be

considered a traitor to the Earth for harboring them? And what part does the

alluring mystery woman Senso play in all this? Special guest-artist Mark

Bagley (ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN) will be penciling issues #51 through #54...

which will be scripted and inked by Karl Kesel! Plus, the covers for issues

#51 - #54 by Mike Wieringo (Adventures of Superman) link to form a giant


On Sale Jan. 6th (MarvelPG) $3.50

Cover by Mike Wieringo & Karl Kesel

Carlos Pacheco, Rafael Marin & Karl Kesel (w)/Mark Bagley (P)/Karl Kesel (i)

The Inhumans are welcomed... by Dr. Doom?! Is there any nation on Earth

willing to shelter the beleaguered Inhumans? The answer is yes... but it's

iron-clad monarch wins no endorsements from Marvel's First Family! Though

with Mr. Fantastic the subject of a government enquiry, will the fabulous FF

have anything to say about it? And lurking in the shadows, pulling the

strings... who are the Hidden Ones?

On Sale Feb. 6th (MarvelPG) $3.50

Cover by Mike Wieringo & Karl KeselCarlos Pacheco, Rafael Marin & Karl Kesel (w)/Mark Bagley (P)/Al Vey (i)

On all of Earth, only one nation is willing to provide sanctuary for the

Inhumans - but it's the country that's under the iron rule of Dr. Doom! And

as the plan of the Hidden Ones comes into focus, Mr. Fantastic faces the

onslaught of his own government as an enemy of the state! Plus: the

Invisible Woman's pregnancy reaches a critical turning point!

On Sale March 6th (MarvelPG) $2.25And here's Mike's inter-locking covers!

'Nuff Said!

Bill Rosemann

Marketing Communications Manager

Marvel Comics

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