Your Journey Into Hysteria Begins with "World of Quest" from Komikwerks

Fri, April 28th, 2006 at 12:00am PDT

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If it's fun comics that you seek than Jason Kruse's "World of Quest"

from Komikwerks, LLC has what you're after.

In the land of Odyssia, former hero Quest unwillingly becomes the

bodyguard to Prince Nestor a young smart-alec who knows the

whereabouts of a mystic dagger that is the key to ultimate power.

Together, they'll face creatures, bounty hunters and other evils vying

for the weapon. In the meantime, they'll have to deal with each other!

Fans of "Bone" want to miss this graphic novel full of adventure,

humor and excitement.

Keith Giffen, Eisner-Award Winning writer of "Hero Squared" and

"Formerly Known As The Justice League" said this of Kruse's book:

"It's 'Conan the Barbarian' by way of 'Calvin and Hobbes'. Doesn't

sound like it should work, does it? It does. Wonderfully. Do the

comicbook market a favor and support this book."

Michael Ryan, artist on New X-Men, Excalibur, and Spider-Man adds,

"Check it out. It's smart, funny, and definitely worth it... plus

there's mucus, lots and lots of mucus!"

So if put-upon heroes, wiseacre Princes and mucus are your thing, then

seek out "Quest" in the current (May) issue of Diamond Previews. The

128 page, full color book is on page 322, under Komikwerks, LLC.


Komikwerks is a leader in digital publishing of comics online.

Komikwerks is partnered with Stan Lee's POW! Entertainment to publish

a line of premiere Internet comics called Stan Lee's Sunday Comics on and provides exclusive content to the AOL: RED website.

Komikwerks also publishes ebook versions of creator owned graphic

novels and has published a variety of projects in print and digital

formats featuring Joe Kubert, Ray Bradbury, Bernie Wrightson, Keith

Giffen, Raymond Chandler, Dave Gibbons, Mike Mignola, Michael Lark, P.

Craig Russel, and many more. Komikwerks has been featured in many news

and entertainment periodicals including Variety, USA Today, and Wizard


Komikwerks recently signed an exclusive worldwide distribution

agreement with Publishers Group West, one of the top ten vendors of

books in the country. Publishers Group West represents over 150

independent publishers, who together are publishing some of the most

topical, innovative, literary, and award-winning books available


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