'Savage Dragon' Strips! Chris Giarrusso signs on for all-new backup strip

Fri, January 4th, 2002 at 12:00am PST

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Jonah Weiland, Founder/Former Owner

Official Press Release

[Comic Bits]ORANGE, CA - 4 January, 2002 - Erik Larsen has announced that cartoonist

Chris Giarrusso will be doing an all-new comic strip in the back of Savage

Dragon beginning with issue #93.

Giarrusso is perhaps best known for his work on Marvel's "Bullpen Bits" and

the recent "Giant-Size Mini-Marvels" one-shot that reprinted past strips

alongside an all-new story. His new "Comic Bits" strip will be very much in

the same vein, but instead of solely poking fun at the residents of the

House of Ideas, Giarrusso will be satirizing the whole world of comics.

"Comic Bits" is the latest in a series of backup strips that has included

Chris Eliopoulos' "Desperate Times" and Don Simpson's "Megaton Man," as well

as the current ongoing strips "Savage Tales" by Brian Blake and Nick

Derington and "Savage Dragonbert and Savage Brainbert" by Karl H.

"These are the best comic strips not found in your daily newspaper," said

Larsen. "'Comic Bits' is a swell addition to the fabulous funnies section

that appears in the back of my monthly mag."

Larsen was also quick to add that the new strip isn't a substitute for an

existing strip or a feeble excuse that would allow him to goof off and

reduce the page count of his lead story. "I think it's my duty to give

readers as much as humanly possible for their hard earned money," he noted.

"Instead of cultivating an ad farm in the back of Savage Dragon, I'd just as

soon fill the book up with as much solid entertainment for your funny-book

dollar as I can manage."

There are no interior ads in a typical 32-page issue of Savage Dragon.

Savage Dragon #93 (SEP011115) goes on sale in February.

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