Preview: Top Cow's "Witchblade #100" and "Cyberforce" #4

Tue, June 20th, 2006 at 12:00am PDT

Comic Books
Arune Singh, Staff Writer

Top Cow Productions has provided CBR News with previews of "Witchblade" #100 and "Cyberforce" #4, both arriving in stores this July.

Witchblade #100

(W) Ron Marz (P) Mike Choi, Adriana Melo (Col) Sonia Oback (Cov) Marc Silvestri, Michael Turner/ Keu Cha, Mike Choi, Animated

Witchblade reaches its 100th issue with a milestone story that will shake the book to its very core! New York City Police detective Sara Pezzini has been the wielder of the mystic weapon known as the Witchblade since issue #1. But Sara realizes nothing lasts forever as she faces a friend turned deadly enemy ... and only one of them will survive! Writer Ron Marz has been building to this story since the beginning of his acclaimed run, bringing closure to the past and setting the stage for the future. Outgoing penciler Mike Choi pulls out all the stops in his Witchblade swansong, joined by new regular artist Adriana Melo. Plus, a shocking ending you have to read to believe! The winds of change are blowing, bringing in a new era of Witchblade greatness!

Full Color 48 Pages $4.99 Ongoing Series

Cyberforce #4

(W) Ron Marz (P) Pat Lee (Col) Dream Engine (Cov) Pat Lee

Cyberforce was born thanks to having the DNA of an alien race spliced

into their genes. Now the team may very well die at the hands of those

same god-like aliens! As the alien mothership nears earth, Cyberforce

must be at full strength to have any chance of winning the coming

battle, and that means finding powerhouse Impact and convincing him to

rejoin the team. Of course, first Ripclaw and his teammates must survive

an aerial dogfight, and face off against deadly mechanized warriors. Ron

Marz and Pat Lee continue the rebirth of Top Cow's team supreme!

Full Color 32 Pages $2.99 Ongoing Series

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