Pulido to write classic Erine untold tale with 'Relenless'

Fri, January 11th, 2002 at 12:00am PST

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Jonah Weiland, Founder/Former Owner

Official Press Release

Scottsdale, AZ - He returned to comics in mad form in

Returns #1, now Evil Ernie - that anti-authoritative teenage character we

can't seem to resist - gets thrown back into a NEW, classic untold tale

April 2002 in the Untold Tales of Evil Ernie Vol. II #1: Relentless.

Since the fans demanded it, fan favorite writer and Chaos! founder

returns to tell an all-new, wicked tale of Evil Ernie, the Undead

teenaged psychopath!

Evil Ernie was a long running comic book series about an abused teen who

returned from the dead and sought revenge on the living. It was also the

top selling horror anti-hero for over eight years, selling millions of

copies and millions more in merchandise. Evil Ernie's fans were legion

because there was no other comic quite like it; anti-social, destructive,

and politically incorrect.

The story takes place at Coaster Carnival, a premiere amusement park in

Pittsburgh, PA and it is far, far away from the burgeoning

"psycho-plague" spreading on the East Coast. Alan McHenry, head of

Security at Coaster Carnival, is retiring, celebrating his last day on

the job when all Hell breaks loose. First, he has to locate a thieving

runaway kid. Then the impossible occurs as the Undead invade, led by Evil Ernie, the most

anti-authoritative character in comics history. How do the good guys get

out of this one alive or do they? It's All the OVER-THE-TOP savage action

you've come to expect from Evil Ernie - AND MORE! The comic itself

contains over 35 pages of story & art.

Evil Ernie: Relentless #1 is being penciled by Jerry Beck (ICP, Evil

Ernie: Returns #1). It is 48 black and white pages and retails for $4.99.

It's available in a premium cover by Greg Capullo (The Creech, Spawn) and

an ultra-violent super premium covered edition limited to only 500

copies. The comic makes way into comic shops on April 10, 2002.

For more information on Chaos!, visit the official newly designed website

at www.chaoscomics.com.

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