Preview: Thrillhouse Comics' "Shark-Man"

Tue, July 11th, 2006 at 12:00am PDT

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Arune Singh, Staff Writer

Thrill House Comics has provided CBR News of their upcoming new release, "Shark-Man". The issue will also feature a cover by the legenday Gene Colan, shipping at a ratio of 1 for every 5 copies a retailer orders, though it won't be available on re-order. With a 20% free overship, plus 3 copies of the book being sent to the 200 largest accounts that didn't order the book FOC, expect to see "Shark-Man" at a comic book retailer near you.

Gene Colan's "Shark-Man" cover

Created by Michael Town, Ronald Shusett and Dave Elliott

Written by Ronald Shusett, Michael Town and Dave Elliott

Art by Steve Pugh

From Ronald Shusett, writer/producer of ALIEN, TOTAL RECALL and

executive producer of MINORITY REPORT, and Steve Pugh, artist of


Ronald Shusett and Steve Pugh's new series SHARK-MAN tells the story

of a death-row prisoner forced to protect a Utopian city from the

cancer of organized crime. Imagine 1930's Chicago crossed with a

futuristic Venice, Italy.

Tom Gaskill has been falsely convicted of murder and the theft of an

entire city's wealth. Now he must protect New Venice City, the ocean

city his father built, with the help of a submarine designed to be

the ocean's greatest weapon.

Even from the bowels of prison, Tom manages to battle the dark forces

of the outside world.

Hire a gondola (and a bodyguard) to travel through the beautiful

canals of New Venice City for only 3.99.

32 pages, full color.

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