Thrill House & Weta Team Up For "Cryptid"

Fri, July 14th, 2006 at 12:00am PDT

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Arune Singh, Staff Writer

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Official Press Release

Secret Lab Studios, in association with Thrill House Comics, and the

world renowned award winning Weta Workshop Design Team of New Zealand

have announced that they are currently collaborating on designs for

CRYPTID, a new and original intellectual property that is currently in

development as a feature film, video game, graphic novel and toy line.

Richard Taylor, one of the original founders of Weta, has personally

overseen the initial designs for the environments, creatures,

characters, armor and weapons involved in CRYPTID.

"Working with Richard Taylor and his Oscar winning design team is a

dream come true for all of us involved in CRYPTID. Their conceptual

designs have a breathtaking style and aesthetic quality that bring a

sense of gritty realism to the project while retaining the romantic

elements of fantasy" said Michael Todd, Creator of CRYPTID and President

of Secret Lab Studios. "Obviously these artists are the best in the

film industry and I feel honored that they have joined us as part of the

CRYPTID team".

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CRYPTID is an intellectual property created in the spirit of the classic

pulp fiction action adventures of Tarzan, The Shadow, Doc Savage and The

Phantom. KIPLING MCKAY is a soldier/safari hunter who is recruited by a

secret society of CRYPTOZOOLOGISTS to hunt down and capture creatures

not yet known to science, also known as CRYPTIDS. The Brainchild of

Michael Todd, CRYPTID has been in development for over a decade with

some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. But the

project has picked up a tremendous momentum with the completion of the

graphic novel script and Weta completing the initial phase of their

production designs. The CRYPTID license is a universe of stories to be

told across multiple forms of media developed by Michael Todd and Ronald

Shusett, co-Creator of the "ALIEN" franchise. The saga begins with a

six issue graphic novel, Co-Written by Michael Todd, Ronald Shusett,

Michael Town and David Elliott, utilizing the designs produced by Weta.

As well as Weta, Secret Lab Studios also boasts the talents of Frank

Frazetta, Simon Bisley, Mike Mignola and Alex Horley to the team of

artists and designers working on CRYPTID.

Thrill House Comics will be showcasing Weta's designs at this years San

Diego Comic Con, July 20-23. Thrill House will also be giving away

5,000 copies of a Cryptid preview book highlighting the comic artwork

from the graphic novel, sculptures, computer game renderings and a

selection of Weta's production designs. The 5,000 are part of a print

run of 10,000 with half of those going directly to comic store retailers

through Diamond Comics Distributors. Thrill-House Comics can be found

at booth number 2103 in the main hall at San Diego Comicon.

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