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Thu, January 17th, 2002 at 12:00am PST

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Like the remaking of X-FORCE, the arrival of a new creative team has readers

taking a second look at CABLE. Focusing on real-world action instead of

complex continuity, writer David Tischman and penciler Igor Kordey thrust

the time-tossed soldier into international hotspots around the globe. The

response was positive and immediate, inspiring industry reviewers such as

Randy Lander at TheFourthRail.com to say: "What we have here is the

beginning of a book about global espionage and fixing a broken world -- and

its use of Cable is far more interesting than anything we've gotten in the

past." Now the book will head into even more dangerous territory as new

writer Darko Macan joins fellow Croatian Kordey for the further adventures

of the revamped warrior.

Currently living in Zagreb, Macan entered the industry like many do, as a

fan. "I used to read some '70s Marvel titles which were regularly translated

in former Yugoslavia, stuff like John Romita's AMAZING SPIDER-MAN and John

Buscema's CONAN," Macan explained. "But my interest was rekindled with a

double whammy of Watchmen and The Dark Knight Returns. One hit to the head,

one hit in the guts."

Jumping from fan to creator, Macan also leapt into the American comics

market with his work for Dark Horse and DC, which then led to a high-profile

mini-series at Marvel. "The Grendel Tales book Devils and Deaths that I did

with late Edvin Biukovic is probably the best known and the best loved of

all the comics I've written for the U.S. market," said Macan. "I've also

written a couple of Star Wars books, some Tarzan and Hellblazer and, most

recently, a Sandman mini-series and the CAPTAIN AMERICA: DEAD MAN RUNNING

mini-series with Danijel Zezelj."

So how did he score a series at Marvel? "This past summer I decided to quit

comics and be a bum," explained Macan. "So, in September I went to visit a

friend in Belgrade because there's no better place to be a bum in. While

there, a local publisher offered us a chance to publish a series on which we

have been working for a past couple of years and when I got back home there

were a couple of phone calls from (CABLE editor) Andrew Lis waiting on my

machine. I suspect he got the number from Igor Kordey and he asked me if I'd

like to write CAPTAIN AMERICA. I postponed being a bum, and said yes."

"The first story that I read by Darko was Grendel Tales: Devils and Deaths,

which he did with Edvin Biukovic," said Lis. "I think this story was called,

by a close friend and fellow professional, 'one of the best stories ever

told in comics.'"

And what was it about Macan's writing that caught Lis's eye? "The thing I

notice first about Darko is his name. He's named 'Darko,' and that sounds so

much cooler than Andrew. Actually it's because Darko is smart, and he writes

characters first. The emotional anchors he lays for them are very solid, and

he crafts his story in a way to expose each character to its core value and

flaws. In addition, he respects his audience and his subject matter without

being overly serious. He understands the necessity of using well-placed,

subtle humor. And he's got a cool name."

As for what plans Darko has for the son of Cyclops, expect more twists on

the character some once saw as merely a muscle-bound guy with a big gun.

"Together, Darko and Igor will be taking Cable on a wild ride that will

culminate this July," stated Lis. "I don't want to say too much about the

first arc, but we will see a completely unexpected take on the Askani

religion, and a few radical changes in the status quo. All of this will

follow Darko's customary crisp scripts dealing with realistic consequences

for all involved. We'll make you think with this book."

So what feel will Macan bring to the Askani'son? "Well, I've just finished

reading the plot to CABLE #105, and I had very, very few notes. That doesn't

happen often, since I am a wordy guy," revealed Lis. "Darko's done his

homework, is respecting the groundwork set in place by Tischman, while

subtly moving the character to a different place. The stories are very

engaging, and deal with Cable's interactions with a crazy world that he's

trying to control. Ultimately, that's one of the themes we'll be dealing

with: Cable's borderline fascist take on the world, and how that forces him

to deal with the problems around him. If you're looking for something

specific, let's just say Darko's unique feel will be his unique perspective

as an Eastern European writer who still resides in Croatia. No one else

working for Marvel can make that claim. Oh, and did I mention his cool


Retailers can order CABLE #105 in next month's Diamond Previews catalog.

Readers can read the CABLE: SHINING PATH trade paperback in May -- and learn

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