Image Introduces... Crytopia, Dog Soldiers and Rex Mundi

Thu, January 17th, 2002 at 12:00am PST

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Jonah Weiland, Founder/Former Owner

Official Press Release

ORANGE, CA -- 17 January, 2002 -- Image Comics continues to firm up plans

for the next salvo of stories featured in Image Introduces... Each issue of

the bimonthly series features all-new characters and concepts in a

full-length, self-contained story, plus a five-page preview of the next

issue's main feature. The next three issues are currently set to feature

Cryptopia, Dog Soldiers and Rex Mundi.

[Cryptopia]Cryptopia is the story of Dr. Shannon Palmer -- a cryptozoologist whose

insatiable quest for hidden species jeopardizes her work, her colleagues,

and the last remaining vestiges of her self-respect. It's a high-adventure

parable about the fine line dividing Man and Beast -- the dark parallels

between us and the creatures with which we share our world -- and the tragic

realization that all that really sets us apart from the animal kingdom are a

pair of opposable thumbs. Crytopia is written by Ben Raab and features art

by Pat Quinn, John Lowe and Mostafa Moussa. Image Introduces...Cryptopia

ships in April 2002.

[Dog Soldiers]Dog Soldiers focuses on a top Navy SEAL who reluctantly leads an all-new

team of bio-engineered combat soldiers on their first (and what is hoped by

the Pentagon to be their last) mission, only to find himself championing

their cause to be treated as equal human beings. Dog Soldiers is written by

Rob Hunter, penciled by Pete Pachoumis and inked by Luke Rizzo. Image

Introduces...Dog Soldiers ships in June 2002.

[Rex Mundi]Rex Mundi is a tale of murder, blasphemy, intrigue and the occult set in

Paris during the early 1930s, but in a world that is only superficially

similar to our own. In Rex Mundi, the Catholic Church never lost its grip on

power, nor did the landed aristocracy. Magic also exists, in the form of

Cabalistic rites and rituals. Secret societies fill the political landscape,

although few are aware of the full extent of their influence. The characters

of Rex Mundi have stumbled onto a society claiming to posses the Holy Grail

itself. But as they soon discover, the Grail is not merely a cup. It is a

secret so profound it threatens to topple the monarchies of Europe and

plunge the world into a devastating war. Discovering the Grail's mystery

becomes the driving quest for the characters of Rex Mundi. Featuring story

and art by newcomers Arvid Nelson and Eric J., Image Introduces...Rex Mundi

will ship in August 2002.

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