'Art of the Makina' instructional video price reduced

Thu, January 24th, 2002 at 12:00am PST

Comic Books
Jonah Weiland, Founder/Former Owner

Official Press Release

[Makina]Dallas - Jan. 23, 2002- 'An American Dreams, Inc' the creators of the

'Art Of The Makina' Instructional Videos have now

Lowered the price for all of their Instructional

videos to $16.95. The price change was done to make it

affordable for Artists to experience these remarkable Instructional

Videos, which show Artists how to create Professional Quality Artwork for the Real World using Accelerated-learning Techniques. The goal of the Company from the start was to make the highest quality Instructional Videos available to all Artists at an affordable price. The successes of the Instructional Videos have now allowed the company to do this for their entire line of products.

"We can now have our products produced at a mass

quantity, basically the customer benefits. The Goal of the company is to

become the headquarters for all Instructional Videos

relating to "Comic Book Creation", "Motion Picture Illustration", "Animation",

"Fantasy Painting" and "Anatomy". This year we will

see the release of 3 new Instructional Videos from 'Comic Book Creation',

'Intense action' and 'Portraits'.

"Comic Book Creation" is due out March 1st, which will

show how to create a Comic Book from start to finish.

This includes the process of creating a story,

designing the characters, laying out each Comic Book

page, Lettering and much more. The Instructional Video

will show Artists 'How a Comic Book is put together in

the Professional World'. The first page of the Comic Book clearly demonstrates

the High the quality Artwork we are creating for the

"Comic Book Creation" video. J.Khan's Extraordinary

Artwork is truly something to see.

An American Dreams Inc, has offices in Connecticut and

Dallas (mesquite). The company was created to make

available Advance Art Instructional Videos for Artists

using Accelerated-learning Techniques at http://www.ArtOfTheMakina.com. Future company Projects

include 'Master Anatomy' Instructional videos and 'Merry Shelly's Frankenstein' Adapted & Illustrated by J.Khan. The 'Art of the Makina' Instructional Videos have appeared in 'Heavy Metal' Magazine and 'Draw!' from (Tomorrow Publishing).

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