'Incredible Hulk #34 - #36' collected edition coming soon

Wed, January 30th, 2002 at 12:00am PST

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Jonah Weiland, Founder/Former Owner

Official Press Release

When J. Michael Straczynski & John Romita, Jr. took the creative reins of

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, issues of the book sold so quickly that Marvel helped

retailers bring prospective new readers up to speed with the AMAZING

SPIDER-MAN #30 - #32 COLLECTED EDITION. Now, that pattern is repeating

itself with another Marvel title, and retailers will soon be able to bring

the first sold-out issues of its latest incarnation to consumers with THE

INCREDIBLE HULK # 34 - #36 COLLECTED EDITION, solicited in this week's

Diamond Previews Update!

Since the arrival of writer Bruce Jones, penciler John Romita, Jr., inker

Tom Palmer, and cover artist Kaare Andrews on INCREDIBLE HULK in November of

2001, the book has been applauded by critics and readers alike for its more

dramatic, edgier tone. Augie De Blieck Jr. of ComicBookResources.com, for

example, said "I don't need to add another title to my monthly pull list. I

really don't. Bruce Jones, however, has other plans. He's dragging me

kicking and screaming back to THE INCREDIBLE HULK." This new direction has

also ignited the book's rumble up Diamond's Top 100 Comics Charts. And since

consumers have expressed interest in reading the now sold-out early issues

of the team's run, and this new edition will enable retailers to turn those

new fans into monthly readers.

For only $3.99 ($2.76 cheaper than it would cost you to purchase the

individual issues at cover price -- that is, if you could still find them at

cover price), the collection will reprint INCREDIBLE HULK #34 - #36, which

establishes what Jones described as, "a story about one man up against the

wall whose worst enemy is himself... You may love the Hulk, or hate him, or

admire him, or whatever, but at the end of the day, he's in a class by

himself; it's Banner who's most like the rest of us, and it's his psyche

I'll be probing."

Please Note: To ensure that retailers will have enough time to anticipate

consumer demand and place their orders, Diamond will accept retailer orders

placed from Previews Update #513 for this collection until February 14th at

5:00 p.m.

Complete ordering details are located on page 3, and on the Dateline Stock

Tips Order Form (page 6) of the Feb. 6th Diamond Dateline. Retailers should

also direct their Hulk readers to INCREDIBLE HULK #38 (JAN021911D4, $2.25),

which is open for Order Increases until March 1st.

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