Marvel's Bill Rosemann shares a 'Deadline' update

Mon, February 4th, 2002 at 12:00am PST

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Deadline #1
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Deadline #2
Hey, True Believer!

As we approach its April 3rd debut, I thought you'd appreciate an

update on DEADLINE, the 4-issue urban thriller that features the pulp noir

pencils of Guy Davis!

First, I'm happy to announce that Sr. Editor Tom Brevoort has

acquired the services of Dave Stewart to color the series! This is good news

for Guy Davis fans, because Dave supplied the stunning colors for Guy's art

on The Nevermen.

You may also be happy to hear that DEADLINE will -- barring a

natural disaster -- meet its deadlines! Issue #1 has been plotted,

illustrated, scripted, and is being lettered right now. Likewise, issue #2

has been plotted and penciled, while issue #3 has been plotted and Guy will

begin penciling it this week. And I'll be plotting the conclusion this


Finally, here are the covers to issues #1 and #2. As you'll see,

Greg Horn, as he has done on the ELEKTRA covers, has really knocked himself

out to deliver some beautiful images. The cover to issue #2 features The

Judge, the new character designed by Marvel Editor In Chief Joe Quesada!

Enjoy! And remember... chasing a killer story can be hazardous to

your health!

Bill Rosemann

Marketing Communications Manager

Marvel Comics

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